Birds in and around MtLawleyShire

Working & my eyes means I can’t take advantage of the flowering trees at the moment, which is a great sadness.  But on my walks, I’ve managed to catch a few:

A cuckoo shrike – famed for swooping upon cats (though my own beloved Fattee Cattee hasn’t had the pleasure of that)


the colourful, lively and very feral, invasive rainbow lorikeet at Matilda Bay.  When they are around, the native birds with their wonderful songs, are in very short supply.

matilda bay_port lincoln_2  matilda bay_port lincoln_1

a seagull at Matilda Bay:

matilda bay_6

a wee New Holland honey eater.  They have the sweetest song, these little things, are so fast and flighty!  It always feels very special when I manage to catch one:

new holland_2  new holland_1

the red wattle bird in the flame tree – it’s been so difficult to catch them recently:

matilda bay_wattle bird_1  wattle bird_matilda bay

now for the singing honey eaters over various days:

wind ruffled on a wire just outside my house:

honey eater_1

in the flame tree:

singing honey eater_1  honey eater_3

honey eater_2  singing honey eater_2

& these 2 photos are my favourites:

singing honey eater_3  singing honey eater_4

There have been more birds since I took these.  I shall include them in another post 🙂

Trees in and around MtLawleyShire

I haven’t been to Hyde Park since they mutilated all the plane trees – I can’t bear the thought of knowing it’s spring and not being able to see the buds coming on the brnaches, or see the gracious gorgeous sweep of new green leaves almost down to the ground.

I might go down in a month or so, but it will be to see the wildflowers.  I won’t go to the sadness of the ponds.

But, despite a lack of time & my eyes, I have been photgraphing trees

The sheoaks are in flower – this is one on the edge of MtLawleyShire.  I must photograph the ones outside the post office.  They are looking glorious at the moment.


This tall young thing is on the edge of a carpark – & can’t you just tell our summer is just around the corner but the blue of that sky.


details of wonderful branches in a park on teh edg of MtLawleyShire:

trees_5  trees_3

Branches from the same place, and in the second, a wattle bird in silhouette:

trees_4  trees_1

A view of all the trees in this park, which is on the intersection of two major arterial roads:


a close-up of bark:


A strangely bent peppermint tree at Matilda Bay:

matilda bay_3

on the edge of the Swan River & over the road in the University of Western Australiua’ carpark:

matilda bay_1  matilda bay_2

not a huge post, but I know there is at least one who will appreciate them 🙂

Flowers in and around MtLawleyShire

It has been a while since I have posted – several problems.  One is the workload – I just run out of time. The other is my eyes and my ability to focus.

Yes, I have my new glasses, but they are multi-focals, and it could take up to 3 months to become accustomed to them.  My eyes get very tired with all the reading and writing I’m doing, and I am not able to use the zoom lens at all.  I am having trouble focusing on things even using my little point and shoot.

It is very frustrating.

However, in this post, you will see what I’ve done with some of those badly focused photos.

But, this post is mostly flowers I have taken over the last week.  It is moving towards Spring – early, perhaps, but what else can we expect in this era of unstable climate.  And though I dread the approach of summer, Spring is always beautiful.

A golden banksia and a yellow daisy taken on a dull day and filling the lens with captured sunshine:

banksia bright

a ref hibiscus small with winter & a bottlebrush flower – with bee!

little hibiscus  bottlebrush


Purple daisies & a red gerbera


purple  gerbera

a little pink flower & freesas – I must go walking to find more beds.  I love the perfume of freesas.  The ones in my garden aren’t out yet.

little flower  freesas


a clump of everlastings


A hibiscus from another bush & a Grevillea:

hibiscus  grevillea


Now – blossoms – they are getting thinner and in some trees, there are more green leaves than delicate flowers.

Almost blossom, some lit by sunset:

almond blossom_1  almond blossom_3

almond blossom_2  almond blossom_4



almond blossom_5  blossom_1



blossom_2  blossom_5




plum & other pink blossom:

plum blossom  blossom_3


pink blossom_1  pink blossom_2


This is a variety of jasmine.  This is the first year it has glowered this way, all over the gate to my little courtyard.  It will also be the last year as I either have to leave it behind or pull it up from the ground and hope to transplant it – wherever I end up…


little yellow jasmine_3  little yellow jasmine_4

little yellow jasmine_5  little yellow jasmine_2

little yellow jasmine_1

A native plant of some kind with clouds of wonderful tiny white flowers:

sunlit_2  sunlit_1

flame tree flowers.  These are also getting thin.

flame tree_2  flame tree_1

matilda bay_flame tree


But also it is coming close to Spring, there are not many roses.

This is a tiny white rose.  It was a dark day and the photo was very grainy.  So I played.  I cropped and darkened at first, then looked at the full sized photo and decided I liked the effect where the rose is almost the only colour.  I hadn’t intended the effect, but I kinda like it.

rose         rose_2

This rose was very washed out so I played with the light, and again, like the effect.


Some black and whites

black and white_1  black and white_2


But, after playing with the rose, I decided to try the same effect with other photos that didn’t work because of lack of light.  in some, I used a softening filter because of lack of focus, in others, I didn’t.  Some I might try again – what do you think?

singing honey eater_play



painting_5  painting_2




matilda bay_4  painting_4


painting_7  painting_9


And here are the first of the wildflowers for which Western Australia is famous:

wildflower_1  wildflower_2




No, not a flower, but isn’t she gorgeous 🙂

girgeous girl

A brief sunset in MtLawleyShire

Only a brief walk this afternoon – rain & going out, but there was enough time to catch momentary lowering sunlight on the almond blossom:

sunlit  sunlit_2


This photo works better in black & white – it suffered from low light:

black and white


almond blossom


I love teh way sunlight catches the flowers – especially against the grey sky:

almond blossom_2

almond blossom_3  almond blossom_4

A tree striped with rain

rain striped


Early evening moon, in clouds & then momentarily in the clear:


evening moon in cloud  evening moon


Sunset – it started watery gold

sunset_1  sunset_6

sunset_9  sunset_10


& ended with a brief magnificence:

sunset_4  sunset_2


before fading to barely a glow:



Then I went to dinner with some friends & played with the light: picture of a water feature in their back garden and a close-up of the water.  Not something my little camera does awfully well, but it came up OK-ish 🙂

night garden  water


& here, the moon in her proper dark:


tonight's moon

Finally – sleeping earlier in the afternoon, my lovely Fattee Cattee 🙂

bloody camera again_2

I will post some more of other shots taken out & about in MtLawleyShire

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Now this was a hard WEekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.  So, it’s a bit late – just sneaking in, I think!

Yes, I have lots of shots of sunsets and the moon and birds and flame trees and flowers – but to get the one shot from 2 different perspectives isn’t something I normally do.  Sunset timing doesn’t allow for it, moon shots tend to look exactly the same (difficult to get another perspective from here of the moon), flowers are usually taken over people’s fences and it would be rude to actually invade people’s gardens….you see my problem.

So, below are some offerings.  I don’t really have that many, but here is a scattering of some that I think fit the bill.

Two shots of a flower – one in with its fellow, the other on its own (& the perfume was heavenly):

one shot_1  one shot_2

The moon – two shots about half an hour apart:

one shot_5  one shot_6

A singing honey eater on a wire: calm one minute, wind ruffled the next:

one shot_3  one shot_4

Two shots of the one flower drenched in sunset light:

one shot_7  one shot_8

Two shots of a rainbow over MtLawleyShire:

one shot_13  one shot_14
Does this count? A photo of Fattee Cattee taken in low light and then played with in black and white:

one shot_9  one shot_10

Almond blossom: the top of the tree against a grey sky, but touched with sunset light:

one shot_12  one shot_11

Clouds on a stormy sunset:

one shot_15      one shot_16


singing honey eater in the flame tree – feeding one minute, sitting thinking of flitting the next:

one shot_17  one shot_18

en fin: two shots of the same view/moment of sunset, looking like something out of Dante’s Inferno:

one shot_20  one shot_19

I hope you enjoyed them, and thanks, Madhu from

for convincing me to enter this Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.  Oddly, I didn’t find many other entries to link.

International Cat Day in MtLawleyShire

Oh dear – I didn’t even know this day existed.  I have missed it in my own hemisphere – but it is still the 8th of August in the Northern hemisphere.

We are both, Fattee Cattee & I – having an after midnight snack: me with (slightly burned) raisin toast & her munching biccies as I prepare this post.  Many photos you will probably have seen before, but maybe not all.

I don’t have photos of Dara, the first cat I ever knew, a Siamese; or Ryn, who followed her – another Seal Point Siamese who taught me about cats, or Boris.  Ah Boris.  My old Black Girl.  Soul Mates we were and I miss her terribly, even know, many years after she died.  Or little Harimou Betina (it means ‘tiger the girl, or tigress, in Indonesian and she was a stripey faced, astonishingly beautiful little cat with abyssinian-like fur, ticked like a rabbit’s, and GT racing stripes and a jacked-up arse. Very oriental in build), usually called Hari – the wee Burmese-cross who taught me to laugh again after Boris died, who taught me play and was killed when barely 4 by a car.

Then there was little ShortBlack, who I took in when he owner went to England.  I have photos of her.  These were taken when I got my first digital camera, in 2007.  I don’t have many, but these two, taken when she was already very ill, are my favourites.

sleeping girl_20070814_001  ShortBlack_Sept2009


I love this one too.





Cats I meet on my walks:

This little shy person you might’ve seen in a recent post



& you are probably familiar with the playful young Charlie from my sunset photos

a cat called Charlie_2  a cat named Charlie


As you might be with this stripey – and very affectionate companion to my sunset photography:

a very friendly cat_1  a very friendly cat_2

but the rest are all Fattee Cattee:

Yes, you’ve seen them before, but I just love these two 🙂

Foreshadowing_17  foreshadowing_2


gorgeous girl_4


I love this windblown photo:

a trifle wind-blown

Favourite chair:

girl  washing

sleepy girl:



pyramid plushie_June2011  pretty fattee cattee_11Feb2012


In this, she seems annoyed I chopped her ear off.  I don’t blame her, and I was annoyed too!


you chopped off me ear!  young pretty plushie Dec 2008


wot was that


An early photo of Fattee Cattee: Yummy tummy slothy Plushie:

yummy tummy slothie plushie


at ease in the courtyard:



phat cat  what


She can be soooooo cute!

tummy scratch please_new camera_no flash_april2011


cheeky & playful:


tinsel attack  thinking about it


On (one of) her favourite chair:


something startled the little Plushi  wot a gorgeous sleeping girl


Taking up all the space on my bed!


sprawled on mah bed

Pretty Plushie amongst the garden flowers (most of which she squashed – she was so fat!)

sitting phat & pretty  pretty girl


phat pensive puss

On the roof of the little shed caught in sunlight:

soft cat on a cool tin roof

Potted kitty

Potted Plushie


she was fill of purrs when I took this_April 2011


The reason she is called Fattee Cattee: she got rather fat due to scavenging around the neighbourhood for a few months after she moved in:

phat but pretty

Always gorgeous

phatty catty

The reason she got her name: sleeping with the plush toys:


First photo of the new member of my grieving household (a week after little ShortBlack died):

A very young Fattee Cattee, before she had moved in, and probably barely 1 year old.

Pets_first photo of Plushie


And now, she’s trying to get on my lap or is actually telling me it’s time for bed – which it is.

I hope you forgive this indulgence, a celebration of the felines that share my life, especially little ShortBlack & Plushie.


Sonel’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Textures

THis was a difficult challenge and I’m not sure I’ve done all that well. I might try again later as I’m sure there are some I could’ve included but haven’t.




The texture of the underneath of a mushroom:


The texture of pattern made by flowers:

a Banksia


the centre of a daisy:



A rose petal:


The texture of bricks in a fence – or is it the texture of play? Charlie the cat lurks in the gaps, waiting



This really is the texture of bricks on a pavement outside a cafe in Beaufort Street, there’s the texture of teh individual bricks and the texture they make of pavement:


The texture of light and shadow on trees:

textures_6  textures_8


The texture of light and shadow of a tree against the sky:


The texture of buildings against a clouded sky, or is it the texture of Perth – all soaring buildings as it strives to make itself feel important?

textures_17  textures_18


The texture of delicate light and dark and patterns made  from a close-cropped pic of a bird’s feathers:


The texture of light on water:

textures_9  textures_10


The texture of light and dark with light on water and in reflections:



the texture created on the sandy bottom of the Swan River made from water movements, and the delicate tracery of leaves and other dragged objects:

textures_12 textures_13 textures_14

Then, there is the texture of friendship, but that would blow this post out to infinity, so I will stick to this one photo:


I hope you enjoyed them 🙂




MtLawleyShire sunshine while it lasts

Of course I love winter, but the sunshine this weekend has been a boon in regards to catching honey eaters in the flame trees (& getting the washing dry) although my eyes didn’t help – many a photo on today’s little walk was out of focus.  But not all.

A red wattle bird and a singing honey eater – the only honey eater I managed to catch this afternoon.

flame tree_1  flame tree_2

striped in shadow:

flame tree_3  flame tree_4


2 wattle birds in the one frame (one photo more successful than the other):


flame tree_5   flame tree_7


In the east, clouds were building along with a thick warm wind:


cloud_1  cloud_2


The difference in the sky was notable, but the light on the flame tree flowers was lovely:


flame tree_6  flame tree_9

flame tree_8


As I walked down the street, I took some photos of a bottlebrush bush – it is made of all the spent flower spaces.  They probably have a technical term, but I don’t 🙂  They add a fascinating personality to the tree and wonderful patterns against emptiness.  I will try photographing them again when I have my new glasses.  Focusing was difficult here.

bottlebrush_1  tree_3


To trees – a pied lovely on the corner of William Street and a tall tree in the ground of an apartment block.  Not the prettiest photo, but it is a lovely tree:


tree_1  tree_4


Down a lane, another flame tree, but it was too windy to try catching teh flighty singing honey eaters who were everywhere, teasing me 🙂


down a lane


Over a high brick fence, I saw a bud bigger than my hand and the flower.  The photos don’t really give you an idea of the size, but it’s very large!

down a lane_2  down a lane_3


Two galahs in bright sunlight, grazing on a street verge:

galah_2  galah_1


Brilliant colour in a garden in heavy shadow:




Sweet peas that were teh only grace in a new house for which they tore down something old and graceful with a garden & trees and erected a grey and white box that they will have to make livable with air-conditioning.


sweet pea_2  sweet pea_1


The almond tree blossom: this photo was too dark so I made it darker 🙂



Pink & white beauty in one photo and a snatched glimpse of a honey eater at dusk in the other – they do love the almond tree:

blossom_2  blossom_3

Some black and whites:

Black and white_1   black and white_4

black and white_2  black and white_3


Then it was suddenly sunset:



sunset_4  sunset_2


But the aftermath were the best of it, I think:


sunset_8    sunset_9

sunset_6  sunset_7


I go for my eye test tomorrow.  I am looking forward to being able to focus when I am trying to take photos!  And to the rain (‘heavy at times’ say the forecasters) that will last a whole working week.  So, there won’t be many photos, which with my eyes, is probably a good thing 🙂

& as I get ready to publish this, the wind is howling outside my windows, making the night restless…


A short walk in MtLawleyShire

It’s a while since I’ve bene walking – the damn flu really knocked me about and it will take a while, I think, before I’m properly back on my feet.  That plus the need for glasses is somewhat curtailing my photo-expeditions, and means I can’t keep experimenting & learning with the new dSLR.

But today was a sunny day, and warm enough for a T-shirt and a light jacket rather than being rugged up.  It is forecast to rain next week, so I thought I should take the opportunity.

First, I visited the flame trees, but they were full of parrots, which meant there weren’t going to be many honey eaters or wattle birds.

flame tree_3  flame tree_7

The parrots are feral – non-natives that were released from an  aviary and now they out-compete all the native species.  They are quite  aggressive to the honey eaters.  But I got a wattle bird & some honey eaters.  Two singing honey eaters:

flame tree_4  flame tree_5


flame tree_2

a red wattle bird:

flame tree_1

But the flame trees are beautiful in the sun, the way the scarlet reflects the light into gold:

flame tree_8  flame tree_11


flame tree_6  Flame tree_9

& the trees themselves are quite glorious, though this photo does it no justice:

flame tree_10

It is a strange time of year – a lot of flowers considering it is supposed to be the depths of winter, but here and there, spring-like flowers are in evidence. A bottlebrush flower on a tree that was covered with older flowers, and the beginnings of the flowers on this orange vine:

flower_1  flower_5

Lantana flowers coming through a fence, though they seem to flower all year round, & I don’t know what the yellow one is, but it’s pretty:

flower_2   flower_9


These daisies are normally more evident in Spring:

flower_3  flower_4


This white is a largish bush with long spines for leaves and it is covered in tiny white flowers – very ethereal looking:

flower_10    flower_11


A Grevillea – they seem to flower all year:


and I found some unpruned roses:

rose_1  rose_3

rose_2  rose_4

Then there were all the trees in the neighbourhood.

Trees are disappearing as people get rid of back yards to put up more houses, or tear down older houses and use all the land for units with no room for gardens.  We are lucky that not all the trees are gone yet.

A huge paperbark:



Sunlight through the leaves of a large Jacaranda street tree:


Trees growing along the driveway of a house,and behind someone’s back fence:

tree_9  tree_7

Seen from a distance over the roofs:

tree_5  tree_6


& this is the same type of tree as grow in West Perth: tall and straight, this is older than the West Perth street trees, & so beautiful:

tree_1 tree_2


And then there is this tree with a wonderful story-book like quality of illustrated complexity.  It should be in a wild wood and huge instead of merely medium size and against a wide empty blue sky (no – there was no sunset tonight):


tree_14  tree_12

Yes, I did do black and whites, but they are for another post.

And finally, 2 more photos – one a nervous little person beneath the wonderful, story-book tree, and the other?



A sun-drenched Fattee Cattee waiting for me when I got home 🙂




I am looking forward to my eye test & then getting real new proper glasses to replace the readers I have been using for years.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing presented quite a challenge.  What, I thought, amongst my recent photos of cats, clouds, sunsets & flowers intimated foreshadowing?

Then I had a thought – all things imply action and even inaction foreshadows a counter-action – so…

Fattee Cattee’s expression, her position on the floor looking up at me at my desk foreshadows her leap up onto my lap & then the desk to interfere with my typing:


It is Winter in the Southern hemisphere, and if we’re lucky, we get rain.

A definite foreshadowing of a wet night on the way


Foreshadowing storm and wind – an afternoon at Matilda Bay before a wonderful storm:

Foreshadowing_14  Foreshadowing_13

Foreshadowing rain and storms in MtLawleyShire:

foreshadowing_5  foreshadowing_6



The last of leaves foreshadowing the coming of deepest (& sadly all too brief) Winter:

foreshadowing_8  Foreshadowing_20

A new moon foreshadows teh coming of the full moon:



These guys – ravens – foreshadow many things:



Whether fiery or quiet, a sunset foreshadows the coming night:

Foreshadowing_21  Foreshadowing_12

Foreshadowing the arrival of midwinter: flame tree buds:

Foreshadowing_16  Foreshadowing_15


And here, just into August, flower buds foreshadowing the end of winter:

jasmine buds & lavender flowers with a bee:

foreshadowing_1  foreshadowing_4

And – shock horror – just last night: buds on a MtLawleyShire almond tree:


And finally – how could I resist:

Foreshadowing a leap off the compost bin in disgust because there is no lemon grass (she’s addicted)


Foreshadowing purrs:


& this final photo, titled: A Portrait in Darkness’ foreshadows the kiss I am about to drop onto her furry delightful head:



I have enjoyed this challenge, and while some of the photos may be familiar, I think many of them will be new to you.  I am looking forward to seeing other interpretations.

& please forgive the appearance of the Fattee Cattee:-)

(For some reason I can only ever link to 10 posts – I know there are more…)