A short walk in MtLawleyShire

It’s a while since I’ve bene walking – the damn flu really knocked me about and it will take a while, I think, before I’m properly back on my feet.  That plus the need for glasses is somewhat curtailing my photo-expeditions, and means I can’t keep experimenting & learning with the new dSLR.

But today was a sunny day, and warm enough for a T-shirt and a light jacket rather than being rugged up.  It is forecast to rain next week, so I thought I should take the opportunity.

First, I visited the flame trees, but they were full of parrots, which meant there weren’t going to be many honey eaters or wattle birds.

flame tree_3  flame tree_7

The parrots are feral – non-natives that were released from an  aviary and now they out-compete all the native species.  They are quite  aggressive to the honey eaters.  But I got a wattle bird & some honey eaters.  Two singing honey eaters:

flame tree_4  flame tree_5


flame tree_2

a red wattle bird:

flame tree_1

But the flame trees are beautiful in the sun, the way the scarlet reflects the light into gold:

flame tree_8  flame tree_11


flame tree_6  Flame tree_9

& the trees themselves are quite glorious, though this photo does it no justice:

flame tree_10

It is a strange time of year – a lot of flowers considering it is supposed to be the depths of winter, but here and there, spring-like flowers are in evidence. A bottlebrush flower on a tree that was covered with older flowers, and the beginnings of the flowers on this orange vine:

flower_1  flower_5

Lantana flowers coming through a fence, though they seem to flower all year round, & I don’t know what the yellow one is, but it’s pretty:

flower_2   flower_9


These daisies are normally more evident in Spring:

flower_3  flower_4


This white is a largish bush with long spines for leaves and it is covered in tiny white flowers – very ethereal looking:

flower_10    flower_11


A Grevillea – they seem to flower all year:


and I found some unpruned roses:

rose_1  rose_3

rose_2  rose_4

Then there were all the trees in the neighbourhood.

Trees are disappearing as people get rid of back yards to put up more houses, or tear down older houses and use all the land for units with no room for gardens.  We are lucky that not all the trees are gone yet.

A huge paperbark:



Sunlight through the leaves of a large Jacaranda street tree:


Trees growing along the driveway of a house,and behind someone’s back fence:

tree_9  tree_7

Seen from a distance over the roofs:

tree_5  tree_6


& this is the same type of tree as grow in West Perth: tall and straight, this is older than the West Perth street trees, & so beautiful:

tree_1 tree_2


And then there is this tree with a wonderful story-book like quality of illustrated complexity.  It should be in a wild wood and huge instead of merely medium size and against a wide empty blue sky (no – there was no sunset tonight):


tree_14  tree_12

Yes, I did do black and whites, but they are for another post.

And finally, 2 more photos – one a nervous little person beneath the wonderful, story-book tree, and the other?



A sun-drenched Fattee Cattee waiting for me when I got home 🙂




I am looking forward to my eye test & then getting real new proper glasses to replace the readers I have been using for years.


4 comments on “A short walk in MtLawleyShire

  1. bulldog says:

    It seems such a pity that trees fall for buildings to go up… love these photos, and hope you shake off that flu… there are certainly some tough ones this year,….


    • Especially when it’s the trees that give us & bildlife much need shade & shelter in the horrible summers. The flu is mostly gone – just the blasted cough left, but that – while not good – is not as bad. It’s taking me a little longer because I couldn’t take time off work, I think. Glad you liked the photos 🙂


  2. Madhu says:

    The flame trees are spectacular! The flame vine too.
    Hope you feel better soon Keira. Look forward to even more stunning photos from your new camera 🙂


    • I think it will take a couple more weeks before I get my glasses, Madhu – in the meantime, my little camera is smiling a thank you at you & yes! The flame trees are wonderfully spectacular 🙂


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