Moon Rise over MtLawleyShire

27 January 2013.   A golden moon rise:

obscured by tree         through a tree_1

through a tree  rising above the tree

rising above the tree_1

rising above the tree_2  half way

moonrise above a tree

almost clear  just about clear


moon risen

Inside? Sulky puss 🙂

sulky puss but gorgeous


Out of MtLawleyShire and back for Sunset: river, trees and birds

These are from a trop to Matilda Bay and back again, a quick walk around the streets, then a snatch of sunset and the moon.

First – birds: a quickly snatched shot of a wattled honeyeater in the fully leafed flame tree – it’s not on the right setting, but was this bird going to wait?  Uh uh.

The others are the ubiquitious seagull, but such clear shots against the river, including wind-ruffled feathers.  And they are attractive birds – in appearance.  Habits? Not so much – & getting aggressive too.

wattled honeyeaterby the river    a bit wind ruffled

Left from a magpie lark, I think.

debris on a path

the wonderfully knobbly trunk of a plane tree, and the massive trunk of a moreton bay on the bank of the river.

plane tree trunk_matilda bay   massive moreton bay

Back in MtLawleyShire – this beautiful tree is in someone’s backyard.  Envy 🙂

beautiful trunk someone's beautiful backyard tree

I don’t normally like these, but the way the red caught the sun was stunning.  I almost caught it.

catching the light red

Dunno what this is either, but it’s pretty.

pretty in a corner

Early moon.

moon cropped

ah – sunset – snatches of golden sky

a snatch of golden sky  pretty clouds

from a  distance, the colour is small and slight in a sea of infinite blue

quiet descent into night

closer the colour is more vibrant, deeper

silhoetted suburbia  descending glow

& it really is the middle of suburbia – inner city suburbia at that.  This one looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere.  Well, I suppose it is Perth…

it really is suburbia

a hint of rays

crepuscular rays  distant glow

the moon partly obscured by clouds tinted by sunset


the sky darkens and I alter the settings on the cameraL moon waxing towards full:

moon_2  moon_5

The real distance of it


I like this one 🙂


but I like this one too 🙂  The second of these the camera was totally on the wrong setting so she comes out as a glamour-Plush 🙂

not looking  smudge a plushie

I hope you enjoyed my little afternoon.

More soon





Moon over MtLawleyShire: more pictorial adventures

More adventures with my little camera.  Last night, I took photos of the moon last night & included them in the post on a sunset last week.

I have just taken photos of the moon tonight & this time, I have noted the settings and the best is this one:  Manual setting:

moon_manual setting

Auto setting.  The worst of them

moon_auto setting

enhanced colour – interesting but not quite right.

moon_Sunset setting

Super vivid isn’t bad:

moon_super vivid setting

ISO 100 – pretty good.

moon_portrait setting

Portrait setting is surprising:

moon_P setting_ISO100

should be brave more often: Manual setting is the best though portrait setting surprised me.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I almost forgot about this Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond, then when I remembered, I wasn’t sure whether I had anything that would fit the idea of Beyond that I hadn’t already posted.

Well, I’ve found a few photos, and I’m still not sure whether I’m correctly interpreting it, but here goes –

Beyond the city buildings, clouds give a more true perspective and beyond the clouds – an infinitude of sky:

beyond_1        beyond_9

Beyond the stark quality of white sharp building and dark leaves, the deepness of sky & hint of morning cloud:


Beyond suburbia, looking east: massed clouds against an evening sky:

beyond_2  beyond_3

without these clouds falling into the deep coloured darkness of the sunset beyond the trees, the pic would have no particular perspective:


Coming from beyond the visible:

beyond_5  beyond_4

Beyond day, beyond open sunset, the closing down of night with remaining colours beyond the tree/suburbia line:


I’ve posted some shots from this series before, but not these 2. I could call them ‘beyond hope’ – a shot of virga lit by sunset with the pale evening sky beyond.

beyind_7  beyond_6

Another MtLawleyshire Sunset

This is during the last week, but for the last couple of days, I have either been working or the sky has been utterly clear – like last night, although I managed to get this shot of the moon.  It’s heavily cropped, so the sky is a bit grainy, but I am very happy with the moon itself:


As I was trying out the new camera settings, here are all the photos I took with the different settings:

Half_3 half_color filter

If only I could remember what the settings were!  There were a couple of others but I am ashamed to say I MOVED!  Oh dear!!

Now, onto that neglected sunset – well almost.  First, a white cockatoo flying above sunset & a bottlebrush flower

above sunset  bottlebrush

Fellow sunset watcher: a singing honeyeater

singing honeyeater

Now – MtLawleyshire’s sunset: it started gold, almost benign:

broad glow  hints of cloud

momentary brilliance  desolation

As the sun sank, clouds whisped in & the silhouettes and light made the shots look like stills from a horror film:

Horror still_2  heat

Horror still_3

It was also the light itself contributing to that sense of something inimical:

golden swirls     horror still_1

Heat_2  intensity

a close-up of those golden swirls:

the swirls

The more distant view:

Horror still_4 horror still_5

turneresque  reaching

These are more ‘Turneresque’ in feel:

turneresque_2  light painting

The last of it, with the sky darkening:

heat of dying day

No – not a sunset, but my fluffy gorgeous girl coming down to see what I am doing:

wrong setting

& finally – do you remember the rose the lovely Italian lady gave me?  Here are inside shots of the rose in a vase on my desk.  Me playing with the flash & settings:

inside rose_1 inside rose_2

inside rose_4  inside rose_3

Just a beautiful rose, and the perfume was divine.

inside rose_5

I hope you enjoyed this sunset & roses – & moon!

Keira 🙂


A sunset of clouds over MtLawleyshire

It was a hot day of storms that never happened, of rain that didn’t occur and of an overall greyness.  At sunset time, I noticed the cloud cover was thinning, so I went out, curious as to whether there would be anything worth photographing.

Well!  The clouds were stunning.  So – Sunset brought to you by Clouds.


cloud detail_ripples  cloud detail_towards the horizon

clouds_3  clouds_8

clouds_2  clouds_4

clouds_7  solitary ibis

cloud detail  clouds_6

cloud detail_a gap


cloud detail_the long view

One of the delights about sunsetty photo taking is my neighbourhood has become so intrigued by my presence on those evenings I’m not working that they come out to 1. find out what I’m doing & 2. chat.  One old Italian lady chats away and last night, as I took photos of her gorgeous roses (only this one turned out), gave me 2 beautiful ones which now sit on my desk.


clouds_5  contrasts

sunset colour  belated colour

a flight of sacred ibis I was luck to catch.  (I missed the sparrowhawks – 3 of them – because I was too busy watching them!)

sacred ibis

When sunsetty colour finally happened, it looked like brush strokes

brush strokes  luminous

Virga above my very oven street

virga above my street

And it was supposed to storm & rain over Perth last night & we hardly got any rain & there were no storms.  We have the same forecast today, but the sky is clear.

Sigh.  At least it hasn’t been as hot as over Christmas/New Year – in Perth, at least.  In the centre & the east, from the tip of the Cape down to Tasmania, breaking temperature records & up in flames?  Welcome to global warming!

Hope you enjoyed these clouds 🙂