mtlawleyshire sunsetty photos

The evening of the wet morning in the city – the clouds were clearing, so I wasn’t sure what kind of a sunset it would be.

It was filled with swirling clouds and not much light, as though the heat pressed all the colour out.  The heavy clouds lingering in the west depleted colour, asphyxiated brilliance, but the clouds were fascinating in their chaotic patterns.

First – a  fellow sunset watcher: a singing honey eater on the wires

sunset bird

sunset was filled with colour smeared clouds:

smeared day  exhausted sky

sunset_2  sunset_11

sunset_9  sunset_6

the clouds themselves were wonderful – such shapes and patterns

sunset_3  clouds

sunset_1  sunset_4

The last glow of reddening light was almost smothered in the grey of heavy cloud, somehow intensifying the sense of thick heat, trapped by oncoming night:

an uneven broken glaze  sunset_8

the colours suggest malevolence:

sunset_7_to the east      sunset_10

heavy heat  malevolence

some colour sullen and heavy

From a distance there is empty sky above the horizon, but the heat remains


I hope you enjoyed these photos 🙂

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  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Love the sunsets … I’ve got a few to share ,,,,


  2. niasunset says:

    Amazing…. I fall in love with these skies… Thank you dear Keira, love, nia


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