2017 Potential Bee Calendar – & ladybirds and butterflies

Bees on flowers – all sorts of flowers (& bees) – and lady birds and butterflies.

There were hundreds (literally) of photos to choose from. This is a small selection.  I will probably look at others as well.

Bees on lavender:

bee  bee_1-14

bee_1-22  bee_2-14


bees on native flowers:

bee_1-9  bee_1-10

bee_1-13  bee_2-9

bee_2-15  bees_lily_3

bee_2-8  bee_2-10

bees on native blossom:

bee_1-21  bee_1-24

bee_1  bees_1

bees on garden flowers:

bee_1-16  bee_2-16

bee_15  bee_24

bees on feral flowers:

bee_1-18  bee_1-23

butterfly and ladybirds


labird_1  lbird_1

2016 Wildflower Calendar – Long List

This is the ‘long list’ for a potential 2017 Wildflower Calendar.  They are pictures from suburban Perth, in conservation areas, parks and verge gardens.  They are all native wildflowers and I am going to have a hard time choosing!


I have no doubt forgotten some, but it is primarily from these I will choose 12 – or 14 (counting the cover).  aren’t I going to have fun!

Blue Devil:

wildflower_3  wildflower_7


wildflower_1  wildflower_19

wildflower_26  wildflower_24

wildflower_25  wildflower_10

wildflower_51  wildflower_58


wildflower_2  wildflower_21


wildflower_32  wildflower_54


wildflower_6  wildflower_33


wildflower_12  wildflower_39


Fringe Lily:

wildflower_15  wildflower_49


wildflower_4  wildflower_5

wildflower_9 wildflower_17

wildflower_28  wildflower_29

wildflower_14  wildflower_41

wildflower_38  wildflower_36

wildflower_13  wildflower_40

wildflower_37  wildflower_47

wildflower_27  wildflower_30

wildflower_43  wildflower_57

Great Big Blossoms:

wildflower_11  wildflower_16

wildflower_23  kpark_63


wildflower_22  kpark_54


Bottlebrush types:

wildflower_18  wildflower_46

wildflower_53  wildflower_56

Native daisies:



wildflower_34  wildflower_42


wildflower_35  wildflower_50


wildflower_48  kpark_75

wildflower_59  wildflower_55


wildflower_45  kpark_8


Mtlawleyshire’s 2016 calendars: 1: Wildflowers

These are photos from which I will choose those to go into the 2016 Wildflowers Calendar.  There are too many photos (soooo many!  I *do* like photographing flowers) for one calendar, but it is merely to present what will likely be included rather that what definitely will be.

Bottlebrush types:

2016_Calendar_wildflowers_1  2016_calendar_wildflowers_9

2016_calendar_wildflowers_21  2016_calendar_wildflowers_29

2016_calendar_wildflowers_47  2016_calendar_wildflowers_54



2016_calendar_wildflowers_2  2016_calendar_wildflowers_5

2016_calendar_wildflowers_7  2016_calendar_wildflowers_10

2016_calendar_wildflowers_14  2016_calendar_wildflowers_22

2016_calendar_wildflowers_23  2016_calendar_wildflowers_42

2016_calendar_wildflowers_28  2016_calendar_wildflowers_51

2016_calendar_wildflowers_53  2016_calendar_wildflowers_50


paper daisies:

2016_calendar_wildflowers_6  2016_calendar_wildflowers_8



2016_calendar_wildflowers_3  2016_calendar_wildflowers_4

2016_calendar_wildflowers_15  2016_calendar_wildflowers_55

2016_calendar_wildflowers_26  2016_calendar_wildflowers_12

blue leschenaultia:

2016_calendar_wildflowers_11  2016_calendar_wildflowers_19


pea flowers:

2016_calendar_wildflowers_13  2016_calendar_wildflowers_32

2016_calendar_wildflowers_33  2016_calendar_wildflowers_44

myrtle types (fluffballs):

2016_calendar_wildflowers_16  2016_calendar_wildflowers_48

2016_calendar_wildflowers_52  2016_calendar_wildflowers_35


2016_calendar_wildflowers_25 2016_calendar_wildflowers_46

2016_calendar_wildflowers_37  2016_calendar_wildflowers_58

2016_calendar_wildflowers_20  2016_calendar_wildflowers_43



others (don’t know their names or types) – & some may be cultivars or not native:

2016_calendar_wildflowers_24  2016_calendar_wildflowers_41

2016_calendar_wildflowers_17  2016_calenday_wildflowers_18

2016_calendar_wildflowers_31  2016_calendar_wildflowers_39


2016_calendar_wildflowers_40  2016_calendar_wildflowers_36

& kangaroo paws – cultivars but lovely

2016_calendar_wildflowers_56  2016_calendar_wildflowers_57


If you wish to order a Wildflowers Calendar, let me know.


MtLawleyShire sunset – the eastern skies

The eastern skies were amazing with these incredible clouds breaking over the empty skies like an ocean of subdued fire:

east_14  east_1

east_2  east_15

and this – pillars of colour holding back the oncoming night:

east_3  east_4

east_5  east_11

east_9 east_10

a view south-west, half sunset, half not:


but it finally also succumbed to night with grace and beauty

east_13  east_6

MtLawleyShire Calendars 2014: out of Mt LaweyShire – Matilda Bay (Landscape)

This is an experiment. I am actually doing them because my younger brother in England loves Matilda Bay, but it occurred to me that others might like them too.

So, not MtLawleyShire, but Matilda Bay with river and trees and grass and birds. Shots of Perth City across the river.  And some shots of Autumnal trees 🙂

Again, these are the photos I have chosen, but not all will be in the calendar (there really aren’t that many months in the year), & as I have a trip to Matilda Bay planned on Monday, there might be some more to choose from.  But this should give you an idea.  If you can let me know by next week if you are interested.

This will – I think – be the cover


They are taken over the year, but are not really in ‘seasonal’ order.

2014_matildabay_16  2014_matildabay_13

2014_matildabay_20  2014_matildabay_21

2014_matildabay_8  2014_matildabay_6




2014_matildabay_26  2014_matildabay_22

2014_matildabay_25   2014_matildabay_30

2014_matildabay_37  2014_matildabay_39