A MtLawleyShire sunset

In May, early May, there was a sunset.  Of course, there are sunsets every evening, and some are more photogenic than others.  It had been a week of some lovely sunsets, some of which I will post later perhaps, but there’s been a couple of washed out ones as well.  This one stared quietly, colours mild, the sky subdued:

sunset_b2 sunset_b4

a cloud strayed in from the south, sunset faintly firing its edges:


Some clouds lifted to show clear streaks of sky behind.  Light played gentle colours through the shapes

sunset_b6  sunset_b10

Drama crept in as dark clouds momentarily covered everything but where the sinking sun was:


The cloud was getting larger, more colourful:


Then something happened: pink spread behind the clouds – & by this time it was beginning to get properly dark:


Some other clouds lifted and the sun shot colour across the sky, under the clouds:


Then it went crazy – beautiful and utterly unexpected.  Even if it was really too dark for my little camera, I kept taking pictures


The clouds were utterly amazing:

sunset_2 sunset_8


& the colours, despite the dark on the ground, in the middle air where I stood, the sky was aflame:




& soon after that, it went dark, too dark for my little camera, & I know I missed some photos because I spent so long just watching it.

It was beautiful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable made me think of both Companionable and Companions.  Mine or someone else’s?  Sometimes both 🙂


Here are some companions that are companionable to me when we meet – even if for the first time: a friend’s new puppy, who wouldn’t stay still so of all the photos I took of this rather gorgeous little fellow, only these 2 were unblurred:

Cooper_1  Cooper_2

Then there is the old and the young, very companionable are these two companions of another friend (& yes, I miss a dog but please – PLEASE – never tell my beloved Fattee Cattee).

The old (he is a gorgeous boy – comes from Wales but lives in Perth now)


& the young – born here and a lovely young lad:


& the both together – companionable with each other:

b and young b

Then there are those who are companionable towards me when I go on my sunset photo walks.  This fellow comes out to sit & stand with me or, as in this photo, roll on the warm ground catching the last of the day on his tummy:


& his next door neighbour (they are definitely not companionable), Charlie, who is very companionable to me and a close companion to his mum (who is not in these photos but she is very companionable to me when we meet):



& he’s very playful.  He’s waiting for me to waggle my fingers so he can pounce:




Other companions on my sunset walks, the honey eaters:

honey eater_1honey eater_3


& lit by sunset:

honey eater

the magpies who stalking the grassy verges at dusk:




The companions are not limited to those that walk or fly.  There are trees in my neighbourhood that I’ve known for decades and whether they feel companionable to something so small & fleeting as myself, they are companions of my horizons, my landscapes, my sketching pens and pencils, my camera lens and my inner as well as out life.  Trees.  The lemon-scented gum:

lemon scented

& this, a tree I know from where I take many sunset photos, painted in sunsetty light:


In my courtyard’s little world, there are companions too, the honey eaters who make nests here:






honey eater

the willy wagtail who’s made this his territory (damn difficult to catch on camera, these little guys):

Willy wagtail

then there is, of course, my companion, companionable and gorgeous, the Fattee Cattee herself:

sunlit Fatteeplushie_2


gorgeous girl_1gorgeous girl_4


And the companion of all our nights: the moon

new moon and star_1new moon


moon_4this evening's moon_coloured by sunset

tonight's moontonight's moon_2


& this is my shot of the ‘Supermoon’ this month:

tonight's full moon

I have enjoyed this Weekly Photo Challenge.  It has been too long since I participated.

I am looking forward to seeing other entries and interpretations



(well, of course there had to be another photo of Fattee Cattee)


MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park – early Autumn

Yes, these photos were taken in May, I am ashamed to say.  And here it is, almost July before I post this selection.  Oh dear.  This will be a first post in a series of Autumn at Hyde Park posts.

Ot was a cold clear day with the sky as blue and clear as possible.  The night of these photos was, for Perth, very cold.  We had very cold days and nights towards the end of May.

First, the ‘sentry tree’ – I love this guy

Hyde park_8


Along the walkways towards the ponds

Hyde park_5  Hyde park_4


It’s not quite difficult to get photos as they’ve lopped off all the lower branches, but for this year at least, there is still this lovely view of plane trees reflected in the pond in all their autumnal glory.  Next year, the native saplings planted along the edges will obscure this view, so enjoy.


Hyfe park_1  Hyde park_9


Hyde park_3  Hyde park_6


These trees are just gorgeous in their gold:


Hyde park_10  Hyde park_13


& I love the revealed strength in the great trunks:


Hyde park_16


& the fall of golden leaves – manes of light:

Hyde park_7  Hyde park_17


leaves catching the light:

Hyde park_18  Hyde park_2


& this: love this weird tree & its reflection in the still mirroring water of the pond

Hyde park_15


Leaves against darker native foliage:


Hyde park_11  Hyde park_12

Hyde park_14



& this one: plane tree leaves against the sky.

Hyde park_19

More Autumn & Winter photos coming


A walk in MtLawleyshire’s late afternoon

It started in my garden, with my sleepy cat waking (while purring) as I think a bird broke into her feline dreams

what  sun on tummee

I took some photos of flowers in my garden: a begonia glower and some lavender spears

begonia flower  lavender


My rose, heavy and fully open (in my garden in the afternoon, light goes quickly)

in the afternoonpink


Then I checked the flame trees around the corner.  They are looking very bare now

ready to flower

And look – the buds are ready to flower:

flame tree flower buds  ready to flower_2


Then there were clouds – we have had many days of dull skies, no sunsets, some rain, and these are the last of them.  I had great hopes for sunset – except these were in the east

clouds_1  clouds_3

clouds_4  clouds_2

clouds_6  clouds_5

Down the street are the chinese tallow trees.  Fully wintered now – & I must post some I took of them in their autumn beauty, but I love them like this also:

chinese tallow  chinese tallow_2


Birds: in this Jacaranda tree lit by late sunlight, 2 doves hide from the invasive port lincoln parrots, and a wee New Holland honey eater has a quick meal on a bottlebrush before night:

doves  new holland


A magpie lark on a telephone pole and  wee singing honey eater:

magpie lark  honey eater


I am always fascinated by light on branches:

light on branches_2  light on branches_3


and on trees:

light on branches


Then Fattee Cattee came out from the shadows to sit in the sun:


determination  sunlit_2




sunlit_3  sunlit_4


I left her there and walked to where I could see the sunset.  on the way, I saw these poinsettia, scarlet against the sky:



& roses in other people’s gardens: this glory against the sky



rose_1  rose_2

rose_5  rose_8


reds & other colours:

rose_4  rose_6


Other colours & whites:

rose_10  rose_7


rose_9  rose_3


Sunsetty clouds

clouds_7  clouds_8

& sunset was all glarey.

sunset_2  sunset_1


Evening in the east was swift & dark:

eastern sky

en fin, the moon:

tonight's moon

Oh that felt good.  It is so long since I have posted all things in their right order.  I have so much to catch up on.  So I will post Autumn out of order, and try to catch up with winter.  And there are all the moon photos as well….



in MtLawleyShire’s own garden: flowers & fluffy cat

This is over a week & a bit in my own garden: a rose, the zygocactus flowering and, of course, the sweetest, fluffiest flower:

First, my rose.  It being the end of June, I really should’ve pruned – but I’m glad I didn’t.  And do you notice the photos?  There are 2 different cameras involved.  One my little canon, the other is the dSLR.

the bud on a bright sunny morning



& with my little canon

my rosebud




my rose_1my rose

this morning, in the brief sun before the clouds

my rose_open

this afternoon, after heavy rainstorms

my rose


A shaft of sunlight with the dSLR

a shaft of sunlight

The zygocactus: the first bud & opening flower, and then there are more.  I love how the light glows of these flowers, & I love the colour.



openfully open_1

zygocactus flowercatching light


glowingfully open_2



the next bud

& finally, my fattee fluffy cattee:

sunning & slothing and yawning…

my lovely girlsoaking up sun

wither yawning or something I said

contemplating how to get me to feed her lemongrass (she’s addicted)



this next two deserve captions!  (What was that?  Oh, nothing much…)

whatwas thatnothing much

Sunning & snoozing

in the sunsunlit Fattee

my snoozing girl

I am slowly catching up, but of course, I am still taking photos….storms and clouds, sunsets and trees, Hyde Park…all to come.



MtLawleyShire: Moar flowers in other People’s Gardens

Flowers other than roses – though, it being winter, there aren’t too many around.  But they are there.

Marigolds in West Perth, a pot of them outside a cafe like a pot of sunshine:



flowers in sunsetty light

in the sun

Gerberas in a neighbour’s garden:



Red Hibiscus in the sun:









& like a Grevillea 🙂

matilda bay_15

daisy types:


& this tall elegant spike growing – flowering – in a roadside garden:



hope you enjoyed this smattering of flowers from other people’s gardens.


MtLawleyShire: Other People’s Gardens – Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses, and apricot and indeterminate – mixed reds and yellows, orangey, pinkish-yellow – all of those.  It’s the last roses post.

I’ve read somewhere that the yellow rose signifies friendship, but in another source, it was treachery or jealousy.  I guess it depends what university you went to.  The white signifies purity, and the red rose we take as meaning love, but for the Romans, it was secrecy.

Whatever meaning we place on them, they’re beautiful and fragrant and as ephemeral as life.

Odd buds, tight and jealous of their colour:

rose_8  rose_9

Are these pink, but turned orange-gold by sunset?

rose_3  rose_4



Pink and yellow:

rose_6  rose_1



In the red orange spectrum:

rose  evening rose_1





rose_6  yellow

rose_4  rose_5


definitely yellow:

yellow rosewest perth_rose_3

yellow_2  yellow





next: flowers of different sorts…

MtLawleyShire: In Other People’s Gardens – Pink Roses

The second of the flowers – Pink roses this time.  Sometimes, the light confuses the colour, but they were all, I promise you, pink – or pink & white, or pink going into white, or pinkish.  Just – well, definitely not red.  Mostly 🙂

These two were caught in brilliant sunlight.

rose_6  rose_5


As was this bud:



Caught in sunsetty light which golds their pale colour:


evening rose_2  rose_5


Some rather lovely buds:





rose_3  west perth rose_1


west perth rose_2  rose_7

little pink  rose_7



And varying pink roses, including an astonishingly stripped one, in varying shades of pink, and in various stages of opening:

rose  pink again


pink  rose_1


rose_2    pink_another

exceptionally pink

and this – so rich and full:




what colour next?  White? Yellow?  Or will it be other flowers….

Mt Lawley Shire – in Other people’s gardens – Red Roses

I have a month’s worth of roses – & other flowers.  So many that I’ve spilt the post & colour coded them 🙂  So,here are:
Red roses in other people’s gardens.

Some worked really well, some were buds one day,open the next.  Some are sunlight, some are shadowed.


rose_2red bud

rose_7  rose_4

bud  rose_4

rose_3  rose_1

red  evening rose_5


Roses caught in sunsetty light:

evening rose_4  rose_2

rose_2  rose_4

rose_1  rose_1



this one really worked.  It’s not as sharp as it could be, but for some reason, it still works.  The beauty of this individual rose overcomes all my shortcomings as a photographer.


Against the sky:


rose_5  rose_6

catching last of the sunlight


And finally, in normal light:

evening rose_6           evening rose_8




& I love this one too.



So that’s the red roses.  What next?  Pink?  Yellow?  White? …