MtLawleyShire: In Other People’s Gardens – Pink Roses

The second of the flowers – Pink roses this time.  Sometimes, the light confuses the colour, but they were all, I promise you, pink – or pink & white, or pink going into white, or pinkish.  Just – well, definitely not red.  Mostly 🙂

These two were caught in brilliant sunlight.

rose_6  rose_5


As was this bud:



Caught in sunsetty light which golds their pale colour:


evening rose_2  rose_5


Some rather lovely buds:





rose_3  west perth rose_1


west perth rose_2  rose_7

little pink  rose_7



And varying pink roses, including an astonishingly stripped one, in varying shades of pink, and in various stages of opening:

rose  pink again


pink  rose_1


rose_2    pink_another

exceptionally pink

and this – so rich and full:




what colour next?  White? Yellow?  Or will it be other flowers….

6 comments on “MtLawleyShire: In Other People’s Gardens – Pink Roses

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  2. niasunset says:

    All your roses photographs are amazing , fascinated me. But pink what I love the most… Thank you dear Keira, love, nia


  3. bulldog says:

    That striped rose is something else… beautiful..


    • Utterly amazing! Somewhere I’ve seen these ‘striped roses’ in darker colours and they looked – well, I’m not sure whether I liked them or not. Something very ‘engineered’ about them.


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