A MtLawleyShire sunset

In May, early May, there was a sunset.  Of course, there are sunsets every evening, and some are more photogenic than others.  It had been a week of some lovely sunsets, some of which I will post later perhaps, but there’s been a couple of washed out ones as well.  This one stared quietly, colours mild, the sky subdued:

sunset_b2 sunset_b4

a cloud strayed in from the south, sunset faintly firing its edges:


Some clouds lifted to show clear streaks of sky behind.  Light played gentle colours through the shapes

sunset_b6  sunset_b10

Drama crept in as dark clouds momentarily covered everything but where the sinking sun was:


The cloud was getting larger, more colourful:


Then something happened: pink spread behind the clouds – & by this time it was beginning to get properly dark:


Some other clouds lifted and the sun shot colour across the sky, under the clouds:


Then it went crazy – beautiful and utterly unexpected.  Even if it was really too dark for my little camera, I kept taking pictures


The clouds were utterly amazing:

sunset_2 sunset_8


& the colours, despite the dark on the ground, in the middle air where I stood, the sky was aflame:




& soon after that, it went dark, too dark for my little camera, & I know I missed some photos because I spent so long just watching it.

It was beautiful.

10 comments on “A MtLawleyShire sunset

  1. Inga says:

    Amazing colors in the last ones. All very beautiful 🙂


  2. Madhu says:

    Dramatic! Amazed at the transformation from the first shot to the last!


  3. NeeNee says:

    I love just how much a sky can change in a matter of minutes. It’s an amazing color show. I LOVE it.


  4. bulldog says:

    Love the sunny shots… ours of late have been so boring… sun up.. no clouds or mist, so it’s just another sunrise… and the same for sun sets… down it goes as though it’s meant to happen without even the excitement of a decent colour….


  5. kdkh says:

    Wow! The photos are gorgeous; I can just imagine what it was like, in person. Keep up the good work!


    • thanks – it was stunning! There was a woman who lives in the street watching with me and she was also stunned. It was sooo unexpected, and most of it happened, as you can see in the photos, when it was really too dark to be taking photos.


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