MtLawleyShire’s Fattee cattee – For Nia

Some of the moods of my darling Fattee Cattee over the last month:

Relaxed, lying on the driveway:

cat_1 cat_2


walking up the driveway:


waiting for me in her favourite position – underneath the car:


sitting, waiting for me to finish sunset photos:

cat_7  cat_8

cat_3  cat_4

in a dry part of the garden (wanting her lemon grass):

cat_5 cat_7

Looking sulky because there is no lemon grass:

cat_1  cat_2

in the evening:


Sprawled, sleeping on one of her favourite perches in the house – on a low table:

late morning

and on those 40 degree F days, lying on the kitchen floor because it’s cooler than outside:


Luminous Sky Calligraphy over MtLawleyShire

Clouds are an integral part of a magical sunset and these, in the east and the south-east, were wonderful examples of Sky Calligraphy.

These two are pre-sunset clouds – with their own magic and waiting to be transformed by the lowering light:

clouds_1  clouds_2

It was fascinating to watch this cloud transform through the range of colour as the light descended:


cloud_3  cloud_4

cloud_5 cloud_7



cloud_8  cloud_9

cloud_10  cloud_11

This swathe of cloud was intriguing

east_1 east_8

and the East was striped by lines of cloud that resembled distant waves

east_2 east_4


east_3  east_6


& finally – with explosion of Sky Calligraphy from the south=east as the last of light departed the sky










A shrouded moon over MtLawleyShire

Enclouded even in the late afternoon, the moon tonight, three quarters full, was not to be swallowed entirely



The early evening merely pulled in more cloud:

moon_2 moon_4


from a distance, she dominates the sky:


and almost clear in the early evening, she gleams;


only to be almost swallowed by cloud in the next moment:


then the glorious light from departing day gilded her face through the light cloud:

moon_9 moon_10

moon_12 moon_13

and as light departed, despite the cloud, she gleamed stronger.  Here she is almost clear of cloud:

moon_11  moon_14

But it didn’t last, though the cloud made a lovely halo

moon_15 moon_16


and this last one – almost clear in her proper dark – tonight’s beautiful moon


A Summer Sunset over MtLawleyShire

It start gold and uncertain

sunset_1  sunset_3

swathes of cloud offered promise

sunset_2  sunset_4

and soon became great sweeps of gilded cream against the wash of crimson on the western horizon:

sunset_5 sunset_6

sunset_7 sunset_8

sunset_9 sunset_10

and the light lowered, the sweeps of cream became gold and powerful

sunset_11 sunset_12

dominating the sky in powerful washes

sunset_13 sunset_14

sunset_15 sunset_16


as the light departed, they deepened into waves across the sky

sunset_19 sunset_20

a desert upended

sunset_21 sunset_22

rolling and rich

sunset_23 sunset_24

the sky washed clean light blue and green is a wonderful contrast against rich reds and golds

sunset_25 sunset_26

sunset_27 sunset_28

and across the evening, the ibis flew home


birds_2  birds_3

birds_4  birds_5


even in detail, the sky retains the sand dune appearance


sunset_30 sunset_31

as day departs, the hues alter, become richer, more vibrant,

sunset_32 sunset_33


sunset_34 sunset_35

the untidy tatters of neon pink to the north-west contrasted with the red golds of those sweeping clouds

sunset_36 sunset_37

but all things end, especially sunsets and as light departs, it gives a rich gift, deepening the colours

sunset_38 sunset_39

sunset_40 sunset_41

changing them in some areas to crimson, and leaving the sky beneath the tattered veil of receding crimson and red, almost green and pale blue.

sunset_42 sunset_43

All clean for the next day.

MtLawleyShire’s answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Vibrancy is everywhere, in the built & natural environments, and my difficulty in meeting this Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant was in picking the shots.

There are flowers – vibrant in reds, yellows:

opulent red rose and dandelion flower gleaming with rain drops

vibrant_1  vibrant_5

red hibiscus bright with recent rain & light through sunflower petals (& a bee in the centre)

vibrant_6  vibrant_17

the astonishing scarlet of the Illawarra Flame tree against the vibrant blue of a Perth summer sky:

vibrant_21  vibrant_16

Sunsets.  They can have the most vibrant of colours:

In the west:

vibrant_14  vibrant_13

sunset light highlighting amazing clouds in the east (on a day of terrible bushfires that destroyed a town)

vibrant_23  vibrant_24

more of those clouds streaming over the neighbourhood:

vibrant_7   vibrant_22

Scattered vibrancy in reds, oranges and a brilliant crimson:

vibrant_12  vibrant_15

Then there is the built environment, both external and internal:

The vibrancy of light on buildings contrasted by glared out blue skies:

vibrant_20  vibrant_3

late sunlight on an overly tall beachside hotel:


internal environments have vibrancy as well:

umbrellas in an arcade (no, I don’t know why either):



vibrant_8  vibrant_11

ceiling decorations in a city arcade:

vibrant_9 vibrant_10

steps up to the cultural plaza in Perth:


and finally – the vibrancy of light hitting a raindrop after a storm:


I hope you enjoyed my entry 🙂

MtLawleyShire meets the Bunny

The Bunny is actually a wee possum being fostered (since he was little bigger than a peanut) by a friend of mine.

Here are a few pics of him when he was just a little more than a wee peanut of a possum

possum possum_2

possum_3  possum_4


And here he is now, a week off ‘soft release’ – that is, released into an enclosure containing more natural surroundings which will eventually be left open for him to enter the big wide world.  Food will still be provided in the enclosure, but eventually, he won’t return.  This doesn’t always work.  Apparently, where he is going, there is a lady possum who has never left and gives the newcomers all sorts of grief 😀

coming out of his ‘ouch’ in his cage:

possum_2  possum_30



clinging to mum’s arm

possum_4 possum_5


Really not sure about that shutter click – he got over his fear of the camera after he snuffled over it and clambered onto the lens 😀


shenanigans in and out of the cage:

possum_8  possum_9

clinging to mum’s arm again:

possum_10 possum_11

& looking at me

possum_12 possum_13

swinging on the cage door & tempted by the thought mum might have some munchies (there was a rose which he shredded but all the photos were of remarkable clear rose and speed-blurred possum)


on mum’s wrist:


little cutie 🙂


antics and furry tummy 🙂

possum_17 possum_18

possum_19 possum_20


Wot’s that, mum?  Yummy?

possum_22 possum_23

possum_24 possum_25

possum_26 possum_27

I love this one 🙂  Mum & Bunny


such a dear little one.  I wish him long & happy life 🙂