MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park – early Autumn

Yes, these photos were taken in May, I am ashamed to say.  And here it is, almost July before I post this selection.  Oh dear.  This will be a first post in a series of Autumn at Hyde Park posts.

Ot was a cold clear day with the sky as blue and clear as possible.  The night of these photos was, for Perth, very cold.  We had very cold days and nights towards the end of May.

First, the ‘sentry tree’ – I love this guy

Hyde park_8


Along the walkways towards the ponds

Hyde park_5  Hyde park_4


It’s not quite difficult to get photos as they’ve lopped off all the lower branches, but for this year at least, there is still this lovely view of plane trees reflected in the pond in all their autumnal glory.  Next year, the native saplings planted along the edges will obscure this view, so enjoy.


Hyfe park_1  Hyde park_9


Hyde park_3  Hyde park_6


These trees are just gorgeous in their gold:


Hyde park_10  Hyde park_13


& I love the revealed strength in the great trunks:


Hyde park_16


& the fall of golden leaves – manes of light:

Hyde park_7  Hyde park_17


leaves catching the light:

Hyde park_18  Hyde park_2


& this: love this weird tree & its reflection in the still mirroring water of the pond

Hyde park_15


Leaves against darker native foliage:


Hyde park_11  Hyde park_12

Hyde park_14



& this one: plane tree leaves against the sky.

Hyde park_19

More Autumn & Winter photos coming