MtLawleyShire’s hunt for wildflowers

First – I must apologize to all who read this. I cannot interact with other blogs.  I can reply to comments, but can’t do anymore than that.  I don’t know what the problem is, it keeps occurring on this blog and is a damn nuisance.  And the WordPress people can’t seem to fix it either.  I will keep trying though.  and I do look at your blogs.


First – despite the cold and the rain, this has been teh best season for wildflowers in one of teh parts of teh world that is rightly famous for its wildflowers.  and this year, I went looking for them in more than my usual haunts.  There are/will be posts from Kings Park and Hyde Park, but this year, I took myself and camera further and to more different places.

This post is from a tiny area of remnant and conserved Banksia woodland in MtLawleyShire itself.  Banksia woodland is what the natural area is like, and though there are no photos of banksias in this post, there will be in others.  It is a tiny area, perhaps half a hectare, but the ‘friends’ of this area are doing wonderful work in replanting and caring and maintaining all the plants.

And I found flowers.  Wonderful flowers!

Spider orchids:

This was the first time I had seen a spider orchid let alone photographed one.  I was delighted, despite the awkward angle!

flower_1   flower_2

flower_3   flower_4

flower_5   flower_6

Cowslip orchid – I have more photos of these in later posts, and again, this was the first time I had seen one.


Donkey orchids – again, there will be more photos, but I love these.  This is the first time I had seen them and so difficult to photograph!

flower_8  flower_19


This is affectionately called the ‘salt and pepper’ flower

flower_9 flower_10

This is a type of pea – there are so many varieties.  There are bushes of this little flower and I have more examples from other places.


Banksia flowers – or ‘fruit’

flower_12 flower_13

I don’t know what these are, but they are buds and I haven’t yet seen their flowers.

flower_14 flower_15

This, I believe, is dampiera – a cousin of the beautiful blue leschenaultia which will be in later posts.

flower_18  flower_26


I have no idea what this is apart from totally intriguing!

flower_22  flower_23

I don’t know what these delectable little things are, apart from pretty 🙂

flower_21  flower_17


And this? A ‘naughty’ plant – a weed, but it was the only one that held a bee still enough for long enough 😀

flower_16  bee_1

I hope you have enjoyed this first of the ‘wildflower hunting’ posts.  There are more to come 🙂


Sky calligraphy and the moon over MtLawleyShire

Another night in mid December was another wonderful example of moon-enclouded.  The sky calligraphy looked too sparse to have an effect, though it was lovely:

cloud_1  cloud_3

to the west, the calligraphy was sunset stained:

cloud_2  cloud_4

the eastern skies were clear


but the sky calligraphy reached out


almost snared:

moon_2  moon_3

She escaped and began to take on a little colour from the dying day

moon_5  moon_7


moon_9  moon_10

moving through wisps of calligraphy stained with the ink of dying sunset:


moon_21  moon_22

then in the clearing sky, her colour deepened:

moon_20  moon_16

golden moon:

moon_11 moon_12

becoming silver:

moon_14  moon_15

a last ink-stained swirl of sky calligraphy


and as sky darkens and deepens, she shines:

moon_19 moon_24

silvered light:


and in her proper dark, in the clear sky, tonight’s beautiful moon:


A sky of mourning over MtLawleyShire

A sunset mired in the haze of bushfires several hundred kilometres from the city.  The light was strange, and later, constrained to merely the sun itself.

The smoke haze blew in from the south and stretches up to Geraldton, hundreds of kilometres of the north of the city.  Suburbs, houses and streets were filled with it, and the smell of smoke is disturbing, regardless of knowing the fire itself is some distance away.

As the sun began to sink towards the horizon, the light changed and made a lovely glow on the tortured branches of this solitary gorse:


The colours were wrong for so early in the day:

light_3  light_2

Sunset shades well before sunset and the sun a glowing orb:

sky_1  sun_3

It was really difficult to adjust the camera’s light levels, but I got some nice effects:

sky_3  sun_4



sun_1  sky_4

Then the sun began to sink into the thicker layers of haze and took on a reddish aura:

sky_5  sun_5

sun_6  sun_7

From a distance, the layers of haze were visible:



It sank further and became crimson:


sunset_8  sunset_4

sunset_7  sunset_9

the crimson deepening as it sank into an ashy ending of day

sunset_10  sunset_11

till finally, there was merely a sliver of crimson, a barely visible wound in the smokey gloom.  No reflections, no glory


just emptiness and the remains of great forest trees hundreds of years old, rendering all the endangered animals and birds homeless, without food, without hope.


Even the waning moon was bloodied by the death of forests:

smoke moon

though later, she rose above it and shone clear through the clear ceiling of sky, leaving the polluted atmosphere of summer behind.


It will be the same this evening.

Astonishing sunset in MtLawleyShire

Why was this sunset so astonishing when they are always beautiful?

Well, for one, I ran out of batteries – but fortunately, my neighbour had some. Whew! I won’t let *that* happen again.  And then there was the moon.

I didn’t think it would be at all remarkable – the cloud was quite thick

east_1  sunset_1

& the sun sent out rays as its light tried to escape

sunset_5  sunset_4

Colour was reluctant

sunset_2  sunset_3

and when it came, seemed sullen


and then…


that rose burning gold

sunset_8  sunset_10

and then I looked east – the moon rising above golden clouds:


moon_5  moon_6

moon_2  moon_3

moon_8  moon_7

more colour came into the eastern skies along with the clouds, fighting the moon

sunset_12  moon_9

east_4  east_2


in the west, the colour flared and touched the clouds that were only thick down near the horizon

sunset_9  sunset_11

the eastern skies had nothing of gentleness about them at all


east_5 east_6

in and the west, the colour deepened




soothed a little

sunset_13  sunset_14

and the scattered clouds threw the beauty far and wide

sunset_16  sunset_17

sunset_20  sunset_23

sunset_18  sunset_24



& finally – the moon

tonight's moon

It stunned me, this sunset – involving both east & west. I got quite dizzy turning around and around.

I am so grateful to my neighbour 🙂

MtLawleyShire: sunset & the moon

The end of the day where it was 41 by 9.30 in the morning and terrible fires where 50 homes were lost in the hills.  I hadn’t expected sunset, though by this time, it had cooled considerably, so I was astonished to walk out at around 7.00 pm to realize there was a sunset.

sunset_1  sunset_2

sunset_3  sunset_4

sunset_8  sunset_5

The easter sky was clear and here is the early evening moon:

early evening moon

the sunset continued flaring and burning

sunset_6  sunset_7

In the east – the moon


From a different corner:

sunset_9  sunset_10

sunset_11  sunset_12

sunset_13  sunset_14

Evening moon:

evening moon_2

Eastern colours

east_3  east

Two views of Beaufort Street to prove I got there – I needed milk:

beaufort st_1  beaufort st_2

evening moon:

evening moon

twilight on the way home:

twilight_4  twilight_2

twilight_3  twilight_1

this moon came out slightly blue:

tonight's moon

but here, in her proper dark, the end of my walk – the moon:

tonight's moon_1

The night was much, much cooler.  It went down to under 20 degrees, so it was almost possible to sleep!

MtLawleyShire’s sunrise and sunset

It was the hottest Perth has experienced in some time.  It peaked at 43.1.  And the night before I couldn’t sleep.  Not sure why.  So I was awake and suddenly wondered what dawn looked like in a cloudless sky.

This is the view down the main road that looks east, down the block from me.  I stood in the middle of the road to take these 🙂

dawn_1 dawn_2

dawn_3 dawn_4

dawn_5 dawn_6

The sun is coming…


In the west, the colours were softer.  This is the direction I take my sunset photos from 🙂  In this first one is a magpie on top of the telephone pole, singing in the day with its beautiful warbling:


dawn_9 dawn_10

I went back inside and Fattee Cattee was taking advantage of the easterly which would bring the heat, but for the moment, brought the night-time cool of the deserts sweeping across the river flats where Perth is.

morning girl_1

morning girl_2  morning girl_3

I stayed inside all day, & Fattee Cattee did too.  It was terribly hot.  I ventured out as the sun went down a little & saw the late afternoon moon

early evening moon_1

In the ‘cool’ of the evening, I went out to look at the sunset – it was still about 37 degrees Celsius – & this is after 7.00 pm.

sunset_1  sunset_4

sunset_2  sunset_4

Early evening moon. It looks so cool.

evening moon

I then walked down to Beaufort Street.  The east with the moon looked lovely (it had cooled down to 35 degrees by this time)

east_1  east_3

In the west, the malevolent glow of the heated day burned, signifying the heat of the say to come:

sunset_5  sunset_6


the gentler colours in the east seen through a lemon-scented gum:


And twilight lingered in the sky

twilight_1  twilight_4

The redness lingering as I walked home, taking photos and eating an icecream – more difficult than it sounds as it was still hot and the icecream melted…


Finally, darkness – no coolth at all, but still – the beauty of the moon

tonight's moon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that my problems with WordPress don’t have a nasty effect.  I can still reply to comments if you care to make them.


MtLawleyShire – some flowers and birds

Nothing startling, just a quick post – well, it was supposed to be, except the uploading process went a bit strange.  Nonetheless, most photos have been successfully uploaded (I had to abandon the tree photos), so here is the year so far in flowers and birds – with a few from West Perth.  I think it has been so unremittingly dry that the roses are just not doing so well, and there is also no-one around to water the gardens.  But there were a few:

West Perth Roses:

yellow rose

west perth roses  west perth rose

&, most surprising, a sunflower on a street verge – not common in West Perth, I assure you!

west perth sunflower

Flowers around MtLawleyShire:

sunset_rose  sunset_rose_2


In an abandoned garden – the apricot rose. It flowers and grows, surrounded by the straw-like remains of grass.

a trio  apricot

Hibiscus – they are such wonderful subjects, in glowing red:

hibiscus_1  hibiscus_2


white hibiscus

or black and white to play with light & shadow:

hibiscus  hibiscus_2

the flowers of a coral gum:

coral gum  coral gum


agaisnt the sky  fallen


startlingly delicate, this pale purple thing, and tiny white flowers from a straggling spiny thing in my garden:

delicate  tiny flowers

And now some birds.  They aren’t in my garden so much any more because one of their nesting places has been destroyed, but they are around:

A family of New Holland Honey eaters in a  Grevillea bush:


they were singing and calling (they have a lovely song)

hiding_2  hiding_3

And this is why: a young New Holland:


& here – a young singing honey eater.  He was so scared.  His mother is just out of shot ona  higher branch.

baby singing honey eater

I hope to post more, including my walk home from work on New Year’s Eve.

I hoped you enjoyed my flowers & birds.


MtLawleyShire Sunset 23 October 2013

& there’s the last – taken last night.  The pattern of clouds was reminiscent of bushfire, though I am not aware there were any (MtLawleyShire in Perth is on the other side of the continent from the terrible fires in the Blue Mountains in NSW).

I hadn’t expected anything remarkable apart from its beauty:



The sun above the clouds was all glare:

sunset_3  sunset_4

Then it sank behind a film of cloud:

sunset_5  sunset_6


sunset_7  sunset_8



And then – it sank between one cloud bank and the rest:

sunset_10  sunset_11

sunset_12  sunset_13

sunset_14  sunset_15


sunset_16  sunset_17





leaving colour smeared across the sky

sunset_20  sunset_21

sunset_22  sunset_23


and colour faded, leaving space for night:


And now I must return to self-imposed silence as I get on with finishing the PhD.

I am looking forward to catching up on all you blogs 🙂 & so is the sunset-lit Fattee Cattee







MtLawleyShire Sunset: 13 October 2013 – by Van Gogh

I had to post this – it was so unusual, so stunning, I wanted to share.

This sunset started out in an unspectacular fashion and continued as though there was a painter in the sky wielding a mystical brush, swathing a patch of sky in swirls of colour:


sunset_2  sunset_3

and here come the swirls and sweeps of brushed on colour as though Van Gogh stepped up:

sunset_4  sunset_5


The swirled about light of the sun!

sunset_6  sunset_7

sunset_8  sunset_9


sunset_11  sunset_12



sunset_14  sunset_15

A different painter stepped onto the stage for the last of it:

sunset_16  sunset_17

sunset_18  sunset_19



MtLaweyShire Sunset Monday 21 October 2013

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while, but there was this sunset – actually, there have been 3 and I’m posting them a little out of order.

This one, last Monday, struck me because of it’s amazing delicacy:

sunset_2  sunset_3


The way light was split almost on an axis into night & day

sunset_4  sunset_5

sunset_6  sunset_7


& the clouds themselves were amazing:

sunset_8  sunset_9

sunset_10  sunset_11

The colour change change teh atmosphere of it completely:

sunset_12  sunset_13


It looked like a painting:

sunset_14  sunset_15

sunset_16  sunset_17


And pink spread far and wide, even south – this is looking down William Street towards the city with night creeping behind.