Apologies & Clouds over MtLawleyShire

I have been working hard, and haven’t had much time during days or nights.  But I have  a month’s worth of photos since I last posted, so thought I would do some.  Tonight’s post is clouds – maybe tomorrow I will do sunsets (where there will be more clouds).  I have a month’s worth of moons and then there are flowers – & my beloved Fattee Cattee.

I have looked so briefly though some of your posts, and will catch up, but it will be another couple of months before I can spend the time you each deserve.  Please have patience with me.

So, for now – clouds.

It’s Winter.  Cold and beautiful.  Some rain, lots of real cold (for Perth) and many clear nights where the warmth that might’ve been during the day evaporates.

But not on these days – because there have also been clouds.

Here is a month’s worth of clouds, some lit by sunset:

clouds_7  sunset_1


sunset_1  sunset_7


clouds_3  clouds_4


clouds_6  clouds_9





clouds_5  sunset_clouds_3


clouds_10  clouds_1

sunset_clouds_1  sunset_clouds_4


sunset_clouds_2  sunset_clouds_5



Some just before sunset:


clouds_2  sunset_18


 sunset_3  clouds_5



cloud_1  sunset_4




& this one was just plain disturbing!