An unexpected Sunset in MtLawleyShire

A brief walk in MtLawleyshire. I came across a winter hibiscus – it is so much smaller than the summer flowers:


And in the bedraggled garden of a house up for sale, I found unpruned roses – in flower:



Then it was home & sunset which started quietly with golden clouds:



The clouds got a little more colour:

sunset_8  sunset_3

sunset_15  sunset_12


Then unexpected drama and mystery:

susnet_9  sunset_2

sunset_10   sunset_13

sunset_14     sunset_19

it all began to darken down as the sun slipped rapidly below the horizon and cool evening seeped into the world:

sunset_5  sunset_4

Then the unexpected: rosy crimson flooded across the clouds:

sunset_7  sunset_6

It faded very quickly, like a dream

sunset_16  sunset_18

and finally, an escaped balloon, the same colour as that brief sunset, floating eat beneath the grey clouds

against the darkening evening sky

Moon and clouds over Mtlawleyshire

What with cloud cover and working, the moon has been hard to catch – and there were those clear nights when I must’ve missed it altogether.  But I have been able to catch a few shots of the moon & a few interesting clouds.

Most of the clouds come with the sunset, but a few I’ve been able to separate.  The most spectacular of these were on the 17th of March – the first time I’d seen the moon and by no means a wee sliver of silver.  But stunning because of the clouds around that evening:

17 March

The new quarter sailed in and out of one particular cloud:

between sunsetty clouds   within cloud

quarter moon

was covered in light vapour

within a sunsetty cloud

and then – this:

sunset cloud and quarter moon  cloud with the moon

The 18th March was a fairly speccy sunset in West Perth, but that’s another post.  Here are some interesting pre-sunset clouds (it was a working night) over West Perth, and the moon:

cloud  cloud_1

within cloud_2  within the clouds

19 March

It was a quiet night 🙂

tonight's moon

The 21st of March was a very clear night & I timed it well.  Moon over MtLawleyShire:

the moon this evening

The 22nd of  March, a working night, and the break was perfectly timed – Moon in West Perth:

to the side  beyond the edge  lights

this evening's moon

The 23rd of March – the moon over Beaufort Street:

beaufort st   long view

this evening's moon

& yes, I hope to get more of the moon, but thought you might enjoy these.  Some are clearer than others.  And they are all in the very early evening as the moon is rising quite early at the moment.

Not many clouds, but they will happen in the next post – Sunsets.


Matilda Bay this week


Yes, I know, I should be studying, but I’ve just finished hours of lesson planning so thought I’d do a little more sharing.  I had the chance to go to Matilda Bay this week – the first time in ages!  And the day started out calm, and getting hot.  When I got there, the first thing I saw was the Swan River family:

The cygnets are much bigger than the ones in Hyde Park (will post soon), & all untidy with feathers growing through their fluff.


This swan was only a little out of frame.  They all stayed together.

From where I was sitting, the angle afforded this view:

& I loved the bark of the cape lilac:

And I can never resist this ancient-looking cypress:


a young magpie (its parent was very close):

and then – the clouds rearing up behind the city into the clear blue sky:

They were so magnificent – not that we got a drop of rain or anything from them – & it’s been the same all week!  Maybe 10 drops of rain, but nothing else.  Some wind,, just cloud, build-up and it all dissipates.  The same thing is happening today as well.  It’s infuriating!

I played with the photos – so there are black and whites of the same shot:

different treatment which gives different atmospheres to the same shot:


but I just love the clouds:

In this one, a plane is escaping what looks to be wild weather:

More play – I just love how the clouds diminish the city:

& this one – massive flat plane of shadow pressing down on the spread out city.

If only it had rained, or stormed, or something….


mtlawleyshire – clouds and storm and rainbows

There have been some wonderful storms this June.  We still haven’t had enough rain – the amount was still below the average for the month, but some of the storms were dramatic.  I was lucky enough not to suffer any more damage than flooding in my little courtyard.

But the clouds were wonderful – clouds and rainbows.

First, I was having a coffee with a friend on Beaufort street when here – it rained and hailed!  Her lovely dog was with us and she laughed as he huddled against me, alarmed at the wind, the thunder and the sound of the hail.

And isn’t the street strangely deserted!  Yes, we were sitting outside 😀


Then the storm moved away leaving blue sky behind it:


There were many storms & wonderful clouds:



There were rainbows:


sunsets managed to sneak in:


& then there are these: it was a sharp fast thunderstorm that cleared just after sunset, leaving the sky utterly clear.  I was awed by the contrast of clear sky and this great mountainous cloud.


I hope you enjoyed my clouds.

Next, one of my walks in Hyde Park.

Keira 🙂