Moon and clouds over Mtlawleyshire

What with cloud cover and working, the moon has been hard to catch – and there were those clear nights when I must’ve missed it altogether.  But I have been able to catch a few shots of the moon & a few interesting clouds.

Most of the clouds come with the sunset, but a few I’ve been able to separate.  The most spectacular of these were on the 17th of March – the first time I’d seen the moon and by no means a wee sliver of silver.  But stunning because of the clouds around that evening:

17 March

The new quarter sailed in and out of one particular cloud:

between sunsetty clouds   within cloud

quarter moon

was covered in light vapour

within a sunsetty cloud

and then – this:

sunset cloud and quarter moon  cloud with the moon

The 18th March was a fairly speccy sunset in West Perth, but that’s another post.  Here are some interesting pre-sunset clouds (it was a working night) over West Perth, and the moon:

cloud  cloud_1

within cloud_2  within the clouds

19 March

It was a quiet night 🙂

tonight's moon

The 21st of March was a very clear night & I timed it well.  Moon over MtLawleyShire:

the moon this evening

The 22nd of  March, a working night, and the break was perfectly timed – Moon in West Perth:

to the side  beyond the edge  lights

this evening's moon

The 23rd of March – the moon over Beaufort Street:

beaufort st   long view

this evening's moon

& yes, I hope to get more of the moon, but thought you might enjoy these.  Some are clearer than others.  And they are all in the very early evening as the moon is rising quite early at the moment.

Not many clouds, but they will happen in the next post – Sunsets.


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  1. Anna says:

    These are luscious, Keira! Thanks for sharing! x


  2. niasunset says:

    amazing amazing amazing… fascinated me. Thank you dear Keira, love, nia


  3. bulldog says:

    These are lovely captures… love ’em


  4. Joanna Fay says:

    Truly stunning collection, Keira! Love the ‘cloud phoenix’ too 🙂


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