Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

This might be stretching interpretations  of the Weekly Photo Challenge a bit, but this was a fleeting moment – all strung together, and on streets, on the one journey.  The rainbows were taken as the car was stopped at traffic lights, but otherwise, they are all taken from a car moving at a fair clip through the city.  It was such a beautiful sunset, and I hadn’t meant to bring the camera, but I’m glad I did!

From Mt Lawley, through East Perth, into the city, along Great Eastern Highway and after that, it was too dark.

And the Zemanta thing hasn’t come up with any other weekly photo challenges to link to!  WAAAAH!





Mtlawleyshire’s Hyde Park

Hyde Park was drenched and wet and wonderful, although, as you will see in a later photo, the water is in a terrible state.  But Autumn has almost finished and winter is in the exotic trees.  Australian Natives, however, are just drinking the water in.


This is a tree in the Australian native section of Hyde Park.  I love the contrasts of greens and the brown of the trunk.

The oak tree hasn’t yet lost its leaves which is strange, but it looks wonderful against the autumn colour:

I’m not sure what this tree is, bit I love the way it almost seems to dance:

There were swamp hens everywhere, but they rarely stay still for photos!


and ducks – I am always struck by the beauty of these:


The contrast of conifer and deciduous plane tree is beautiful and I love the shapes of some conifers.


I really should find out what this tree is – so straight & tall –  & I love its bark:


The water, the reflections are lovely, but on closer inspection, parts of the ponds are not healthy at all.


But the plane trees & their leaves – beautiful:




Then the Moreton Bay Figs:


on the edge of the park – daffodils flowering – in June!  This lets you know how warm it was, earlier in the month ( these photos were taken around the 9th of June)

On the corner of the park – an almost dead conifer made a wonderful straight line with a skyscraper in the city (maybe 10 – 15 minute walk) and a telephone pole:

Across the road, a liquid amber in dull colour:

my lemon scented gum:

& then I walked home the long way around and saw some galahs:


a hibiscus in a neglected garden

& a cat watching me from a lane

and that’s it for the time being.  I have many more photos to post, so maybe I will post some tomorrow, if I get the time.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Keira 🙂

mtlawleyshire – clouds and storm and rainbows

There have been some wonderful storms this June.  We still haven’t had enough rain – the amount was still below the average for the month, but some of the storms were dramatic.  I was lucky enough not to suffer any more damage than flooding in my little courtyard.

But the clouds were wonderful – clouds and rainbows.

First, I was having a coffee with a friend on Beaufort street when here – it rained and hailed!  Her lovely dog was with us and she laughed as he huddled against me, alarmed at the wind, the thunder and the sound of the hail.

And isn’t the street strangely deserted!  Yes, we were sitting outside 😀


Then the storm moved away leaving blue sky behind it:


There were many storms & wonderful clouds:



There were rainbows:


sunsets managed to sneak in:


& then there are these: it was a sharp fast thunderstorm that cleared just after sunset, leaving the sky utterly clear.  I was awed by the contrast of clear sky and this great mountainous cloud.


I hope you enjoyed my clouds.

Next, one of my walks in Hyde Park.

Keira 🙂






Still here in mtlawleyshire – some flowers & the moon

Oh my friends – I have missed you.  I have been so disciplined and have looked at your posts so quickly, and have not left messages on so many.

I am so sorry.

But after a few more months, I will have time to go back and go through them – which is always fun 🙂  And something best done when there si time to savour and comment.

So please forgive me.  You are not forgotten.

And now, I have so many photos to post!  Oh my goodness!.

I thought I would start with just these: shots of flowers I took as I walked down to Beaufort street – & the moon.  She was up early, and it took some doing but I managed to get this.  Not bad, I thought, with my little camera.

Now there are just all these flowers.





Zygocactus.  They are finished now and the plants have returned to being odd, ugly straggly things of the shadows and dust and spiderwebs, but they were glorious in flower.  The red ones belong to someone’s garden I pass on my walk, the pink the last of mine.




a smattering of eucalypt blossom:


There was a whole tree of the red, but I couldn’t get a decent angle

and in my garden, a different type of flower – larger than dinner plates!


More coming 🙂 Including trees! Hyde Park.  Sunsets and storm clouds with some rainbows.  And probably my fattee cattee!


MtLawleyShire’s fluffy fattee cattee

These are some of the photos of the fattee fluffy cattee over the last few weeks.  Mostly waiting outside when I come in from walking, sunset watching…



And these 🙂


These were taken on the day of the storm – very windy!


& this shows that black cats can sometimes be evil 😀

She’s standing in the one dry spot in the driveway



& here’s 2 pics of the gorgeous girl on the chair in the courtyard – when it wasn’t too windy or rainy.  My gorgeous girl 🙂


Of course, all of this is in aid of “WHERE’S MY DINNAH!”

And after dinner?  Snuggles with the armchair Cthulhu as I work on essays about the real Cthulhu…


Love my fattee cattee 🙂


Misty Matilda Bay

Yes,I I’ve been working, but I thought I would post some photos.  Only one day at a time though.  & I need to get more space!

So hopefully, I will get time to do another post soon.



First of June, first official day of winter – cold and wonderfully misty.  The city is obscured. Mist is very rare here, and it stayed this way for most of the day.


Things too far away are obscured: St George’s College (attached to the University of Western Australia) looks very un-western Australian 🙂


Trees were fine though – as beautiful as always



Unexpected beauty with the cape lilac trees


And a wonderful eucalyptus, white against the green



and boats on the still water


I will post some more.  Yes, I have been quiet, but not my little camera 🙂

I have taken some wonderful photos of clouds as storms slide away – soon, I will post them soon 🙂