MtLawleyShire’s answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Yes – I enjoy these challenges.  This week’s photo challenge – Orange – did present quite a challenge, but I found photos with orange, and include subjects that are reasonably varied.

We have flowers:
inside an orange hibiscus type and a rose whose gold has intensified towards orange with sunset’s lowering light:

flowers_2  orange_1

and a native West Australian bottlebrush type flower which I call ‘the orange puffball’:


Grevillea – here you see the orange within all the other colours:

orange_6  orange_7

and fish!  Not sure whether they are koi or carp – either way they were large and colourful:

orange_2  orange_3

Sunset on a wall turns it gold and orange


orange within the flaring colours of clouds at sunset:

orange_4  orange_11

The smokey sky from bushfires turns orange as the sun lowers (the sun later became a great crimson globe):

orange_8  orange_10


The setting moon a couple of months ago, orange as it dipped into the layers of dust on a hot summer’s night:


a butterfly on an almost orange wall:


Sacred ibis flying home at sunset, light turning their wings orange against a sky with its own tinge of orange down near the horizon:


a friend’s marmalade striped young cat:


and my own Fattee Cattee – sunset light lighting her fur kinda orange.  OK – I’m stretching 😀


I hope you enjoyed my response to this week’s challenge and I look forward to seeing yours 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

This Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouettes presented a challenge only in that I had so many photos that made a potential fit.  So I have tried to choose the most unusual.


Ravens silhouetted against the sky, and black cockatoos flying across sunset:

sil_1  sil_18

Parts of the city silhouetted against sunrise:

sil_11  sil_13

tree, street light & magpie, and trees: silhouetted against oncoming storm:

sil_4  sil_14

wintered tallow trees silhouetted against sunset and evening eastern sky:

sil_7  sil_10

Flame trees: silhouetted against cloud and river, and against sunset:

sil_5  sil_6

leaves silhouetted against a foggy morning:


buds and branches against sunset sky and evening sky:

sil_9  sil_15

suburb silhouetted against a flirtatious night lifting her deep velvet blue skirt to show the last of sunset:


experiments with the moon:

sil_8  sil_19

en fin, one more of those black cockatoos, silhouetted against a magical sunset:



I hope you have enjoyed my occasionally loose interpretations of this Weekly Photo Challenge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This Weekly Photo Challenge: Window is right where I am aiming may wee camera at the moment.  Where I work, I am surrounded by modernistic architecture and the reflections around me provide endless (not always successful) challenges for my lens.  So I thought I would have a go:

Stairs in a window:

stairs ina widow

Windows in windows:


Across the road – in a window:

the other side in a  window

The city – in a window:


A tree in a window


Heritage architecture in a modern window:


A window display:

decorations_3  decorations_1


Sunset in a window:


Cat in a window (this is how I prefer to see my neighbour – Mr. White. Quite charming to me, he is Fattee Catteee’s nemesisisis)

Mr White

Against a window: peppermint tree flowers:

against a window

& finally – trees make a window through which to glimpse the colour of a cloudless sunsetty sky:


I hope you enjoyed my entry, which seems, now, a little – er – literal.  I have enjoyed it 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

It has been so long since I’ve had the time to take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge – but tonight, at the beginning of my week off around Christmas, I can.  Yay!  So here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

Flowers – just the 2.  An eggplant flower and a magnolia in my garden.  They are both the ‘one’ thing in the photo – though surrounded by other things (like leaves!), they are the main focal point (there were others but – um – not as well focused…)

One_10  One_13


Birds are often in couples or groups or flocks, but me an’ my little camera catch them in ones:

A New Holland Honey eater on the wires, a dove caught in sunsetty light against storm clouds;


One_7  One_8

Another New Holland in a tree, and a seagull, determinedly solitary on the banks of the Swan River (hordes of his fellows were just out of frame)

One_12  One_11

One tree amongst many – the cedar at Matilda Bay (shot this week)



What is the ‘one’ in this photo? Is it the building?  For me, it is the huge gorgeous cloud taking over teh sky and the entire perspective, restoring that perspective.  We are not the world.



And in this?  Perhaps it is the angel – it is Christmas time, after all 🙂




Now – we have a series here: the sunset tree again, yes, well – sunsets!

It always appears so solitary, this tree, but it is a street tree – a native frangipani, amongst flame trees, Jacaranda and other native frangipanis.  But I love the way it always seems so alone against the vastness of fiery, sullen or magnificent skies:


One_16  One_18


and the ‘one’ in these?  Do I really have to say it?  There can be only one (although…)

One_2  One_3


One_17  One_21

Finally – well, of course there is only the One Fattee Cattee

Even if she doesn’t want her photo taken:

One_5  One_1

and only one such face in all its feline sweetness:


I hope you have enjoyed my entry.

I am looking forward to seeing more entries in this Weekly Photo Challenge: One.


Hopefully, there will be more to link to…


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Now this was a hard WEekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.  So, it’s a bit late – just sneaking in, I think!

Yes, I have lots of shots of sunsets and the moon and birds and flame trees and flowers – but to get the one shot from 2 different perspectives isn’t something I normally do.  Sunset timing doesn’t allow for it, moon shots tend to look exactly the same (difficult to get another perspective from here of the moon), flowers are usually taken over people’s fences and it would be rude to actually invade people’s gardens….you see my problem.

So, below are some offerings.  I don’t really have that many, but here is a scattering of some that I think fit the bill.

Two shots of a flower – one in with its fellow, the other on its own (& the perfume was heavenly):

one shot_1  one shot_2

The moon – two shots about half an hour apart:

one shot_5  one shot_6

A singing honey eater on a wire: calm one minute, wind ruffled the next:

one shot_3  one shot_4

Two shots of the one flower drenched in sunset light:

one shot_7  one shot_8

Two shots of a rainbow over MtLawleyShire:

one shot_13  one shot_14
Does this count? A photo of Fattee Cattee taken in low light and then played with in black and white:

one shot_9  one shot_10

Almond blossom: the top of the tree against a grey sky, but touched with sunset light:

one shot_12  one shot_11

Clouds on a stormy sunset:

one shot_15      one shot_16


singing honey eater in the flame tree – feeding one minute, sitting thinking of flitting the next:

one shot_17  one shot_18

en fin: two shots of the same view/moment of sunset, looking like something out of Dante’s Inferno:

one shot_20  one shot_19

I hope you enjoyed them, and thanks, Madhu from

for convincing me to enter this Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.  Oddly, I didn’t find many other entries to link.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing presented quite a challenge.  What, I thought, amongst my recent photos of cats, clouds, sunsets & flowers intimated foreshadowing?

Then I had a thought – all things imply action and even inaction foreshadows a counter-action – so…

Fattee Cattee’s expression, her position on the floor looking up at me at my desk foreshadows her leap up onto my lap & then the desk to interfere with my typing:


It is Winter in the Southern hemisphere, and if we’re lucky, we get rain.

A definite foreshadowing of a wet night on the way


Foreshadowing storm and wind – an afternoon at Matilda Bay before a wonderful storm:

Foreshadowing_14  Foreshadowing_13

Foreshadowing rain and storms in MtLawleyShire:

foreshadowing_5  foreshadowing_6



The last of leaves foreshadowing the coming of deepest (& sadly all too brief) Winter:

foreshadowing_8  Foreshadowing_20

A new moon foreshadows teh coming of the full moon:



These guys – ravens – foreshadow many things:



Whether fiery or quiet, a sunset foreshadows the coming night:

Foreshadowing_21  Foreshadowing_12

Foreshadowing the arrival of midwinter: flame tree buds:

Foreshadowing_16  Foreshadowing_15


And here, just into August, flower buds foreshadowing the end of winter:

jasmine buds & lavender flowers with a bee:

foreshadowing_1  foreshadowing_4

And – shock horror – just last night: buds on a MtLawleyShire almond tree:


And finally – how could I resist:

Foreshadowing a leap off the compost bin in disgust because there is no lemon grass (she’s addicted)


Foreshadowing purrs:


& this final photo, titled: A Portrait in Darkness’ foreshadows the kiss I am about to drop onto her furry delightful head:



I have enjoyed this challenge, and while some of the photos may be familiar, I think many of them will be new to you.  I am looking forward to seeing other interpretations.

& please forgive the appearance of the Fattee Cattee:-)

(For some reason I can only ever link to 10 posts – I know there are more…)

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden hour

I almost mixed this Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.  A combination of working nights and a visit from winter.  But this afternoon – I went out to look at the flame tree & found not only flame tree flowers but BIRDS!  Wattle birds and new holland honey eaters and singing honey eaters, all feeding amongst flowers lit in that magical hour before sunset.

I haven’t posted them all – there are soooo many.  I will post more later, and should I apologize for them all?

But first – the last remaining rose in the neighbourhood, lit by the golden light of the sun.


All other roses have been pruned, as have mine.  It is now up to the flame trees to provide most of the colour in the neighbourhood. Following are photos of flame tree flowers and wattle birds.

flame tree_7  flame tree_wattle bird_23

flowers lit with the sun and a new holland honey eater, also caught in the sun:


flame tree_6  flame tree_new holland_2

another new holland, and a flower against the blue sky:

flame tree_new holland_1  flame tree_3


A wattle bird lit by the sun as well as the flowers:

flame tree_wattle bird_3  flame tree_wattle bird_4


The tree is now just glorious and the wattle birds are taking full advantage:

flame tree_8  flame tree_wattle bird_5


As are the new holland honey eaters, and the flowers just glowing against the old trunk:

flame tree_new holland_4  flame tree_9


Wattle bird and new holland – they were flying challenges at each other, and the singing honey eaters (none of the latter in this set, later)

flame tree_wattle bird_7  flame tree_new holland_3


Just flowers (though there is a bird in one)


flame tree_7  flame tree_10

flame tree_wattle bird_21  flame tree_wattle bird_2

flame tree_wattle bird_6  flame tree_wattle bird_1

flame tree_6  flame tree_wattle bird_26


flame tree_wattle bird_27  flame tree_wattle bird_14


I like these, against the warm wall of a house:


flame tree_wattle bird_30  flame tree_wattle bird_16


and finally, this chinese tallow, stripped of leaves, made warm in teh last of the golden hour’s light – & with the moon tangled in its branches.


I hope you forgive my indulgence for this week’s Weekly photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable made me think of both Companionable and Companions.  Mine or someone else’s?  Sometimes both 🙂


Here are some companions that are companionable to me when we meet – even if for the first time: a friend’s new puppy, who wouldn’t stay still so of all the photos I took of this rather gorgeous little fellow, only these 2 were unblurred:

Cooper_1  Cooper_2

Then there is the old and the young, very companionable are these two companions of another friend (& yes, I miss a dog but please – PLEASE – never tell my beloved Fattee Cattee).

The old (he is a gorgeous boy – comes from Wales but lives in Perth now)


& the young – born here and a lovely young lad:


& the both together – companionable with each other:

b and young b

Then there are those who are companionable towards me when I go on my sunset photo walks.  This fellow comes out to sit & stand with me or, as in this photo, roll on the warm ground catching the last of the day on his tummy:


& his next door neighbour (they are definitely not companionable), Charlie, who is very companionable to me and a close companion to his mum (who is not in these photos but she is very companionable to me when we meet):



& he’s very playful.  He’s waiting for me to waggle my fingers so he can pounce:




Other companions on my sunset walks, the honey eaters:

honey eater_1honey eater_3


& lit by sunset:

honey eater

the magpies who stalking the grassy verges at dusk:




The companions are not limited to those that walk or fly.  There are trees in my neighbourhood that I’ve known for decades and whether they feel companionable to something so small & fleeting as myself, they are companions of my horizons, my landscapes, my sketching pens and pencils, my camera lens and my inner as well as out life.  Trees.  The lemon-scented gum:

lemon scented

& this, a tree I know from where I take many sunset photos, painted in sunsetty light:


In my courtyard’s little world, there are companions too, the honey eaters who make nests here:






honey eater

the willy wagtail who’s made this his territory (damn difficult to catch on camera, these little guys):

Willy wagtail

then there is, of course, my companion, companionable and gorgeous, the Fattee Cattee herself:

sunlit Fatteeplushie_2


gorgeous girl_1gorgeous girl_4


And the companion of all our nights: the moon

new moon and star_1new moon


moon_4this evening's moon_coloured by sunset

tonight's moontonight's moon_2


& this is my shot of the ‘Supermoon’ this month:

tonight's full moon

I have enjoyed this Weekly Photo Challenge.  It has been too long since I participated.

I am looking forward to seeing other entries and interpretations



(well, of course there had to be another photo of Fattee Cattee)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This Weekly Photo Challenge: Home is rather interesting – the immediate interpretation is of one’s wee domicile, and I don’t really have photos of what my home really represents: books!  But home is also where other things live, the things that make it home for me – apart from books.  When I looked around, it was all cats & dragons, with the occasional Cthulhu, more than a few horses, rocks, feathers, spiderwebs and – did I mention books?

But there is very little natural light in here, so, no photos of the crammed bookshelves cramming what should be ample space for one small Keira & her fattee cattee.  Here are a few things that make the main desk where I am organizing this very post home within the home:

things on top of computers, things looking over the desk space (complete with cobwebs), and a friendly cat overlooking the whole every-shifting chaos from the lofty height of a tall bookcase:

weekly challenge_home_7  weekly challenge_home_9

weekly challenge_home_8

Then there are homes of other people: a recent (2 days ago) photo of the local (Hyde Park) swan family.  Those bebes are now – well – not bebes anymore.  But not yet black either.

Weekly challenge_home_1  weekly challenge_home_2

But for me – home is a variety of things.  Honeyeaters in my garden, in my street, in the local flames trees, they make it home:

weekly challenge_home_25  weekly challenge_home_16

weekly challenge_home_36

Home is also the silhouettes against the urban sunsets of my neighbourhood, both winter and summer – silhouettes of trees in summer & winter (with & without leaves), the ubiquitous telephone poles, that tree and the house roof – all of these mean ‘home’ to me.

weekly challenge_home_37  weekly challenge_home_28

weekly challenge_home_10  weekly challenge_home_11

weekly challenge_home_15  weekly challenge_home_24

weekly challenge_home_26  weekly challenge_home_29

weekly challenge_home_30  weekly challenge_home_35

THen there are trees – of course there were going to be trees.  These trees, to misquote Treebeard from Lord of the Rings, I regard as my friends:

Hyde Park’s Moreton Bay figs – from the path coming in from William/Vincent Street corner:

weekly challenge_home_32  weekly challenge_home_19

The plane trees – summer with glorious leaves, and winter with their amazing structure:

weekly challenge_home_14  weekly challenge_home_33

weekly challenge_home_34

The moreton Bay figs further into the park, dappled in sunlight:

weekly challenge_home_13  weekly challenge_home_12

and this, on the edge of the park on the William Street side.  Just glorious!

weekly challenge_home_21

Then there are these massive fellows.  Their mighty sense of presence makes me feel both small and protected:

weekly challenge_home_31  weekly challenge_home_18

And this one – from the corner up the road from me: pied beauty.  He is very difficult to photograph but I love him dearly:

weekly challenge_home_20  weekly challenge_home_23

and of course – the lemon scented gum where I used to live.  My glorious, gorgeous, mighty, and yet fragile, friend.  Is he my favouritest tree?  Ah, when choosing amongst so many.  But this is the one I used to sit beneath, stand again, try to hug (he’s really too big).  He is the one I know best, means home in a deep inside way:

weekly challenge_home_3  weekly challenge_home_22

weekly challenge_home_17

& this, caught in sunsetty light, is the tree in the block of units where I live.  Filled with birds and falling bark and branches.  He makes a mess and lovely sounds in the wind:

weekly challenge_home_27

And, of course, home is this one.  I am her home and she is mine.  Where she is is my home.  And where I am is her home.

weekly challenge_home_6  weekly challenge_home_5

weekly challenge_home_4

This was a very interesting challenge.  And I went overboard – again!  I hope you forgive me – & enjoy my interpretation.

Looking forward to seeing yours…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This WEekly photo Challenge: Unique presented what might be loosely termed a unique challenge.  I didn’t think I would have anything to contribute at all.

I started going through my photos, looking at things, wondering whether they would be considered unique, and found some and as I went on, found more.  Some of them you will have seen, some, maybe not.  They are all, however, moments, singular, caught, and gone, recorded here.  All of them unique moments amongst all the other moments.

First, the unique in that it was unexpected:

A sparrowhawk chick in an inner city park & an altercation I witnessed between a swan and a heron at Hyde Park:

Unique_1  unique_3

a flock of ibis at sunset:


Then the unique things you come across in the day-to-day walking to and from:

a painted wall on a cafe (now closed) & a – well, I don’t know what it is, but it’s part of the Fringe Festival in Northbridge:

unique_2  unique_12

The unexpected view of something common, making it unique:

The view of the moon between buildings and the use of spaghetti strainer:

unique_6 unique_8

more spaghetti strainers (these are also part of the Fringe Festival – all held light globes)

unique_9  unique_11

a solitary pumpkin flower, its colour unique within the green:


Then I began thinking – every time I see something, it is unique.  It will be different each time.

The moon and its phases, each night unique – along with me learning settings on the camera!

unique_32 unique_33

unique_34  unique_35

Full moon


Moon rise one night:

unique_15  unique_13


waning moon – seen in the morning:


Waning moon just after a late rising.


Then there are trees – each is unique.

A peppermint tree – no 2 are the same & this one is delightfully twisted.


The unique shapes of branches on the lemon scented gum (the 2nd looks like a hand cupping the leaves)

unique_20  unique_21

The unique bark of a scribbly gum:


Sunsets.  Every moment, every night, is unique, even those that are bare of cloud and therefore not suitable for photos, all are unique

unique_25  unique_19

unique_17  unique_23

unique_24  unique_26

unique_18  unique_27

& of course, my little fatty cattee, my little fluffy darling, is unique amongst cats:

unique_30  unique_28

I enjoyed this challenge, and hope I haven’t gone overboard.  I could’ve included soooooooooo many more 🙂