Sunsets over MtLawleyShire

But first – some more macro:

the 1st is a wee spider on a Lantana petal, the second is a frangipani – and this flower is all the way up in a tree.  Good zoom 🙂

wee pidey on a lantana petal - macro  zoomed macro_frangipanni flower

It’s taking me a while to get the hang of the settings on my new camera.  First sunset:

storm clouds in the east hurrying towards sunset

sunset shadow  gaps of light

swathes of cloud and colour

2nd sunset: colour balance is off here and there

hurrying towards sunset too red


blue and gold gold

afterglow  towards fire

backlit against fire

3rd sunset – which was a little difficult anyway:

infinite variations  tiny crimson ember in shadow

sullen the wider view

dying embers  streaks and shadows

& last night’s sunset, complete with rainbows and virga which, in the sunsetty light, resembled dust storms:

cloud swirl  rainbow

stormy sky with virga  swathe of cloud

gold  looks more like a dust storm

against the glow   framed

sunsetty colours

rose gold  sunsetty virga

silhouettes  red at the end of day

brief moment of clarity  passing overhead

& of course – the 1st as I set out, so rather serene, the 2nd – patience personified as I come home – she wants her DINNAH!

my gorgeous girl  patience personified

I will hopefully have more to post either before I go out tonight or when I come home.


I am beginning to fall in love with my new camera.



New Camera – small pictorial adventures from MtLawleyShire

It does Macro, my new camera.  It’s another Canon Powershot, but it’s an sx160 – 16mp & 16 optical zoom.  I have started exploring.

Here is a bee – a terrible misadventure: it fell into a jug of iced water.  I recused it with a long-handled spoon and after these shots, it flew away, recovered.

before falling  half drowned


And flowers!  Oh!  Here is a tiny star jasmine flower & a tiny chamomile daisy flower

tiny chinese jasmine flower_macro  chamomile daisy

and the tiny, delicate lemon-scented geranium flowers

lemon geranium flowers_Macro_2 lemon geranium flowers_macro

it zooms beautifully (16 optical zoom): other type of jasmine:

jasmine - zoomed

Christmas ornaments

more ornaments  ornament_new camera

& very close – trying to play (unsuccessfully) with reflections:

ornament and reflections_macro

tree flowers or – well – green pom-pom things (very spiky!)

purple flower on a potted tree_new camera  spiky pom-pom tree

& just flowers: a rose bud sheltered from the searing heat of the day & a daisy

sheltered from the sun  daisy

& the singing honeyeaters in my garden – the zoom is far more powerful, giving wonderfully clear pics:

wet from the bath  singing or complaining

singing honeyeater at the birdbath

And I saw a face in the ivy cascading over my fence.  My own ‘green man’.

green man_face in the ivy

Finally – isn’t she beautiful 🙂

watching  waiting

I think my new camera and I will get on OK together.

Christmas Eve in MtLawleyShire

It was Christmas Eve.

More than that. it was goodbye to my little camera.  It had developed a problem in its sensor and was no longer very good with sunsets or images in other than bright light.

I took it on my walks that day and photographed petunias in my cousin’s garden

crumpled petals

White Grevillea and wattle flowering over someone’s fence

white grevillia  pretty in the wind

a rose and more wattle

against the sky wattle

Grevillea flowering in the corner outside someone’s garden wall

two grevillia  Grevillia

and the red flowering gum, flowering like a Christmas tree

flowering tree on Walcott St close up of flowering tree

Sunset from my friend’s front garden: the creeping red an indication of the beginning of the heatwave due to start on Christmas Day

gold into dark  through trees

heat beyond the trees       threat of heat tomorrow

and on the way home: the glow behind the city and from outside my house

glow behind the city  dusk on Christmas Eve

then into my courtyard:

Christmas courtyard_4  Christmas courtyard_2

It feels like stepping *inside* a Christmas tree 🙂

Christmas courtyard_3  christmas courtyard_1

And this – the most special photo of them all: the moon on Christmas Eve and the last photo from my little camera.

Goodbye little Powershot sx120.  You taught me a lot.

Christmas Eve moon

I am sorry I have been so quiet.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with light, laughter and joy.

Keira 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

After my last post of my calendars of Hyde Park for 2013 using photos of Hyde Park through the seasons of 2012, I had thought this Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons would be difficult.  And it is – because I need photos that epitomise this time of year when Spring evolves from late into early Summer.

Capturing heat and the varied weather over this time is difficult on camera – well, mine at least – and in Australia, the signs are subtle apart from the increasing heat.  All the blatant signs of Spring are gone: new green on trees, fledglings that have left nests, swathes of wildflowers.  These are all finished now.  They finish before Spring is really over.  But there are some signs of late Spring/early summer, and some are beautiful while others are less so:

These first three are taken in Hyde Park recently: water levels dropping drastically and one with a young coot picking its way through the noisome muck that edges what water remains.

changing seasons_1  changing seasons_7

This is even more devastating as it also reveals the ‘restructuring’ of the eastern island – everything but the palm trees gone.  As they are intending to make it purely ‘native’ – hence removing even the bottlebrush (apparently they were not a species native to Western Australia), I am not sure why the palm tree has been spared.  Palm trees don’t seem to be native to south-western Australia (seem to be from the top end, and QLD/NSW) so why were the bottlebrush removed?  I am sad, there will be no banks of amazing scarlet next spring.

changing seasons_6

onto more cheerful things: I don’t know the name of this tree, but it flowers most spectacularly at this time of year.  This specimen, smaller than others I have seen (& they are magnificent) but I don’t have photos – sadly.  This is on the edge of Hyde Park:

changing season_3  changing seasons_4

This is another tree that flowers at this time of year.  It was a really windy day so I couldn’t get close-up of the fluffy, quintessentially gum tree-looking blossoms, but it is beautiful.  And full of birds 🙂

changing seasons_10

Box trees in flower.  Box trees are normally ugly as they are continually lopped because of telephone wires.  They are from QLD, but are used as street trees.  in later summer, they drop leaves and gum nuts which make walking in bare feet dangerous as they are incredibly painful to step on.  But in flower, they are surprising, especially as the flowers are quite delicate and lovely.  And – when the tree isn’t lopped, it is gracious and verging on the magnificent.

changing seasons_14  changing seasons_8

Individual blossoms:

changing seasons_9

The Jacaranda are finishing now.  The green of the leaves are coming through:

changing seasons_11

Two more eucalypts in flower, the first in West Perth, the second in Hyde Park:

changing seasons_15  changing seasons_13

Cygnets are growing much larger (the Swan River/Matilda Bay family)

changing seasons_12

and then – it is the time of thunderstorms and wonderful sunsets:

changing seasons_5

and clouds (these were from a  thunderstorm that never happened):

changing seasons_2

all next week there are thunderstorms forecast but sadly, I am working every night.  Great for finances, sad for sunsetty photos.


It feels a tad light on, my entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons.  In Perth, the seasonal change is marked more by an increase in temperatures rather than anything else, the signs are subtle and often not suitable for photography.  I’m not sure I’ve been able to capture it.  But then, summer is not a season I enjoy with its heat and the increasing humidity and knowing, with the increasing temperatures, more trees will die this year.



2013 Calendars of MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park

This is the second calendar I have done (& I am rather terrified of the cost, those I have already pre-sold a few).  Most are done as gifts.  So, as you are all those with whom I have delighted to share my ‘visions’ of MtLawleyShire over the year, I thought I would share the calendars with you as well.

You can’t upload files from Publisher, so I can’t actually upload the actual calendars, so these are just the photos, many of which you will have seen.

I do both portrait and landscape orientation photos, I do 2 calendars.  I will put the photos in the order in which I used them, and put them side by side: portrait with landscape next to it.

The covers:

Calendar_2013_18  Calendar 2013_11


Calendar_2013_4  january_3


february_4  Calendar_2013_34


Calendar_2013_30  Calendar_2013_22


Calendar_2013_19  Calendar_2013_21


Calendar_2013_14  Calendar_2013_26


June_July  Calendar_2013_9


June_1  July_landscape


August_2  rain and sunlight


Spring green_2 2012  Spring green 2012


october_portrait  october_landscape


november_4  Calender_2013_28


December_2012  december_2_2012

End papers (& these are very small on the last page below December):

back cover_portrait  back cover_landscape

raindrops  July_2 2012


I just wish they weren’t so expensive to print.  But it’s great when you see them done 🙂





Flowers mostly: a walk in a small part of Mt Lawleyshire

It’s a while since I’ve had the chance or time to just walk around, looking at flowers and trees.  Working nights and often days, I get no chance for taking sunset photos or any others!  It was mostly flowers.  The area I walked in – which is where I usually take sunsets – isn’t that big on trees – very sadly so as one of my favourite trees – a flame tree which I took many, many photos of earlier this year, a scant few months ago, has been chopped down.

It’s heartbreaking.  This is all that remains and leaving a terribly empty space.

no more flame tree flowers  terrible emptiness

It should’ve been like this:

flame tree  which gives a place for birds – feeding and shelter.  I will miss the flowers and birds next year.

On a happier not – box tree blossom which are so delicate compared with the trees themselves

box tree blossom

and I don’t know what these flowers are, except they are very delicate:

unknown delicate blossom

These tiny things are very difficult to photograph and are from a bush just down the road from me.

pretty little things

I have no idea what these flowers are – coming from a bush with great long thin branches falling over a high stone wall.  They remind me of flame tree flowers, but they can’t be: it’s the wrong season and it’s not a tree.  But very similar in shape and colour.

beautiful scarlet  more scarlet

This is pretty catching the sunlight

catching the light

& these Jacaranda flowers – which survived the wind and storms, are highlighted against a wall:

colour against a wall

Honeysuckle and frangipani added wonderful perfume to the warm air:

honeysuckle  frangipanni

& this little singing honeyeater watched me as

watching me

I photographed these kangaroo paws in the wind in someone’s garden:

in the wind  kangaroo paws

there were roses, but many were out of range.  But these were pretty and glowed in the afternoon light.

very pretty  solitary with glowing colour

An usually coloured jasmine almost camouflaged against the brick wall

almost camoflauged

& one of these: I love these 🙂


This small bush intrigued me with its twisting branches:

lovely twisting growth

& when I got home, a certain someone was tired of waiting and wanted dinnah!

yawning - seriously

I hope you enjoyed my little amble around the streets – except for the tree that is no more.