MtLawleyShire on an outing

Saturday – an outing to see the Giants in the CBD.  I thought I had it all organized, but the bus went a different way.  I hadn’t seen this on the maps.  So I had an extra walk.  Passed this beautiful tree unaffected by the growing crowds:


A rose outside a Greek Orthodox church and a lion guarding a closed restaurant:

city_4  city_5

Then I was in the crowds.  I had missed my best opportunity to see the Giants.  The crowds were incredible – and I don’t like crowds, being rather small.  But I wish I’d taken photos of the crowds.  1 million people visited the city during this 3 day event and the afternoon I went? In this one small area?  100’s of 1,000’s.  And I was one small member of that crowd.  I couldn’t see over or through and the best photos I got of the Little Girl was as she was going up the steep slope of the Horseshoe Bridge:

city_8  city_6

I escaped the worst of the crowds to catch the train to Daglish.  Inside the station, it is still possible to see the old style of the building:


and I did love the geometry of the modernistic ceiling:


On the walk to my friends’ place, I was struck by the light coming through leaves:

daglish trees_20  daglish trees_6

It is a very leafy area and there will be another post of all the trees along the railway line, but here are some details.  Berries on a moreton bay fig tree and the surprising colour of blossom on a young eucalypt:

daglish_3  daglish_12

The banksias are getting ready to burst into candles:

daglish_9  daglish_11

It was really too windy for photographing flowers, but I couldn’t resist this grevillea in someone’s garden:

daglish_1  daglish_2

And this – a cassia fistula the flowers cascading in the light:

daglish_4  daglish_6

daglish_10  daglish_8


Finally, after a lovely evening, although I got home when it was dark, I was still greeted by a Fattee Cattee – all purrs and cuddles.  So here she is before I left, being affectionate at me:


Quite an exciting weekend.  I hope you enjoyed this little taste of it.

Next post – trees!  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

With all the photos I have been taking over the last few weeks – city photos – how could i resist this week’s Photo Challenge: Geometry.

Yes, I’ve taken the challenge at face value, and considered – for the most part, geometry as lines and angles and clean spare shapes (although within one shape are many others), but for the most part, I love the contrast of shapes against shapes or sky with tis cloud shapes (where there are clouds) and tree shapes (where there are trees).

Most of these city shots are taken early in the morning on the way to my teaching gig.

Building’s whose shapes intrigued me because of their stark lines against sky:

the Alexander Library building in Perth and a residential/commercial block on Murray Street against cloud:


a building on William Street just as sunlight hits the world:

The material of this is so reflective it darkens the sky in contrast – Heath Ledger Theatre in Perth:

This building – commercial and residential on Barrack/Hay Street is so stark – from this angle:

On Murray Street – a conglomeration of squares and lines:

From this angle, all the skyscrapers are crammed into a small space: lines and blocks against the sky clouded with whisps:

stark geometries


West Perth – very stark – taken in early evening:


from the lower end of Barrack Street – a medley of different geometrical shapes:

older geometries – the old boys’ school in the Plaza, Northbridge:


Matilda Bay – the 1s the distant geometrical shapes of the city:

Natural geometries – which I much prefer: a flower and a leaf:


the geometry of trees: the first is in Hyde Park, the 2nd a flame tree around the corner from me


plane trees in winter, the first with rain.  The geometry is not as stark as in city buildings, but there all the same


the geometry of telephone poles against sunset felt like a good way to close:


I think I’ve over done it 🙂  If you got through them all, well done and thank you 🙂