MtLawleyShire Sunset – Orange

Sunset on Tuesday 23 April 2013.

Magnificent.  It went from a sky with a ripple of clouds like sand beneath the waves, gold amidst the blue:

sunset_11  sunset_37

sunset_25    sunset_39

the gold intensifying:

sunset_36  sunset_21

sunset_38  sunset_40

sunset_41  sunset_24

pink coming in as the sun completed its descent

sunset_17  sunset_12

& then other clouds turning into impressionist paintings of day and fire and light

sunset_7  sunset_3


with clouds

sunset_8 sunset_9

sunset_10  sunset_1

sunset_15  sunset_13

sunset_14  sunset_16

sunset_18 sunset_19

before deepening into intensity

sunset_27  sunset_35

sunset_20  sunset_22

sunset_26    sunset_4

sunset_6  sunset_33

sunset_31  sunset_34

sunset_28  sunset_5

fading and leaving the sky mostly clear



And finally, the moon

tonight's moon

MtLawleyShire flowers – mine & other people’s gardens

A large bouquet – mostly roses, but there are others too:

native paperbark blossom



flowers_4  flowers_6

roadside pretties:

flowers_8  roadside yellow


on a walk_4  on a walk_3


pink things  on a walk_2

Mexican rose:

in other people's gardens_9


in my garden – just these 2:

petunia  unscented but pretty jasmine


Hibiscus – playing with b&w:

hibiscus_colour  hibiscus


How’d he sneak in???


in a walk_1

Now – roses.


flowers_3  flowers_5

flowers_7  just before the light failed


in other pelple's gardens_2  in other people's gardens_3

in other people's gardens_8


flowers_2  white rose


in other people's gardens_5  in other people's gardens_12

in other people's gardens_10


flowers_1  in other people's gardens_1

in other people's gardens_6  in other people's garens_11

with raindrops:

bud with droplets

bud_2  bud



against grey  yellow

in other people's garden_4


In my garden, my one rosebush has flowered more than it ever has before:

in my garden_2  rosebud


in my garden_1  today's rosebud


in the rain

in my garden_3            in other people's gardens_7

bejewelled  yesterday's young rose


in my garden


and finally, my garden’s gift to me: a birthday rose.  Yes, it’s my birthday 🙂



today's rose_1

& the sweetest glower of all:

that face

Apologies and a Sunset out of MtLaweyShire

A spectacular sunset on Wednesday the 10th of April.  It was the last decent sunset for a week, and the last I will see on work nights – evening comes too early now, although the cool hasn’t.  Nights are very warm and muggy and days, while not getting above 33, are so muggy they might as well be.

But, by way of apology, because I have been so silent – & I haven’t even had time to look at other blogs, I thought I would post some of the many photos I took during my break.

It really was a beautiful sunset, viewed from the Hay/Thomas street corner in West Perth.

sunset_7  sunset_1


sunset_6  sunset_2


sunset_10  sunset_3


sunset_11  sunset_9

sunset_5   sunset_8

MtLawleyShire inspired art

The Nest – an A3 sized,  pencil and charcoal and I completed recently.

It didn’t win any awards, it didn’t sell, but it did receive good reviews.

It was inspired by the Moreton Bay figs of Hyde Park (though I don’t usually see dragons nesting in them) and as you have all inspired me to continue taking photos, as some of you post examples of your art, I thought I would do the same.

I wish I could take a better photo of it.

swancon drawing

Keira 🙂

Another early morning out of MtLawleyShire

Thursday morning – another early start for working in the city.

First view of sunrise – lousy light, brilliant colours, and me running for the bus at 6.00 am.

sunrise_1  sunrise_3


But this morning, I am working in the city centre, so I have time to stop and take photos.

From the plaza, with the sculptures outside the library for silhouetted contrast:

the library_2  the library

Wellington Street

sunrise_wellington st

Views of the sunrisen sky from the walkway across Roe Street and the walkway above Wellington Street, affording a lovely view of clouds and colour:

sunrise_from the walkway_1  sunrise_from the walkway_2

sunrise_from the walkway_5  sunrise_from the walkway_7

sunrise_from the walkway_3  sunrise_from the walkway_6

sunrise_from the walkway_4  sunrise_from the walkway_8

sunrise_wellington st_2

The Bell Tower, at the river end of Barrack Street, against sunrise

sunrise_bell tower_3

sunrise_bell tower_1  sunrise_bell tower_2

Looking down Hay Street east

Hay st east_2  hay st east_3sunrise_hay st east_1

touched by sunrise, steeped in night

sunrise touching  sunrise and night

Petunias at the breakfast cafe: Hay Street

hay st petunia  hay st petunias

Two views of early morning sky:

eastern sky     hay st west

Hay and Barrack Street corner – buildings against the infinity of morning

sunlight and shadow  hay st_barrack st corner

contrasts of light, shadow and styles

contrasts   morning light_pier st

against the morning sky

against the sky

Hay Street east in the full morning

hay st east  morning light_hay st east

And this: bright morning and light


Next posts will be sunsets and roses – & the lovely fluffy Fattee Cattee


Sunrise & city shots out of MtLawleyShire

I have been working days as well as nights recently.  The first was on Tuesday, straight after Easter, and though it is not cold, or even cool, it is, nonetheless, dark at 5.30 in the morning.  So – we have the moon:

this morning's moon

Then, as I ran for the bus at 6.00 am – colour in the sky.  The pics are blurred due to me not understanding camera settings and the fact I had to stand in the middle of William Street & then run for the bus…

first light  sunrise snatched running for the bus

In the city, there was no colour:

not quite light  steel gloaming

In some of the streets, hemmed in by skyscrapers, there was almost no light at all:

soaring shadows  canyons of night

This is the view up Hay Street West through the front window of the CAT bus (Central Area Transit – they don’t really have special buses for cat lovers in Perth)

hay st looking west_through a bus window

By the time I got to West Perth and looked east, there was colour in the sky:

morning sky_west perth_2  morning sky_west perth

It struck buildings and plane trees – quite lovely.

morning light      light on leaves

During morning break, I saw the moon again:

midmorning moon

I finished work at midday and returned to the city – all pretense of morning was gone and the sky was the peerless blue of no rain and no coolth:

playing with perspective   stark against the blue

lines  lines and shadows

I went home and went to bed!  Actually I met  a friend, then went home & went to bed 🙂  Actually – no – I took sunset photos, but that’s another post.  As is Thursday morning’s photos.  Many  more sunrise shots 🙂