International Cat Day in MtLawleyShire

Oh dear – I didn’t even know this day existed.  I have missed it in my own hemisphere – but it is still the 8th of August in the Northern hemisphere.

We are both, Fattee Cattee & I – having an after midnight snack: me with (slightly burned) raisin toast & her munching biccies as I prepare this post.  Many photos you will probably have seen before, but maybe not all.

I don’t have photos of Dara, the first cat I ever knew, a Siamese; or Ryn, who followed her – another Seal Point Siamese who taught me about cats, or Boris.  Ah Boris.  My old Black Girl.  Soul Mates we were and I miss her terribly, even know, many years after she died.  Or little Harimou Betina (it means ‘tiger the girl, or tigress, in Indonesian and she was a stripey faced, astonishingly beautiful little cat with abyssinian-like fur, ticked like a rabbit’s, and GT racing stripes and a jacked-up arse. Very oriental in build), usually called Hari – the wee Burmese-cross who taught me to laugh again after Boris died, who taught me play and was killed when barely 4 by a car.

Then there was little ShortBlack, who I took in when he owner went to England.  I have photos of her.  These were taken when I got my first digital camera, in 2007.  I don’t have many, but these two, taken when she was already very ill, are my favourites.

sleeping girl_20070814_001  ShortBlack_Sept2009


I love this one too.





Cats I meet on my walks:

This little shy person you might’ve seen in a recent post



& you are probably familiar with the playful young Charlie from my sunset photos

a cat called Charlie_2  a cat named Charlie


As you might be with this stripey – and very affectionate companion to my sunset photography:

a very friendly cat_1  a very friendly cat_2

but the rest are all Fattee Cattee:

Yes, you’ve seen them before, but I just love these two 🙂

Foreshadowing_17  foreshadowing_2


gorgeous girl_4


I love this windblown photo:

a trifle wind-blown

Favourite chair:

girl  washing

sleepy girl:



pyramid plushie_June2011  pretty fattee cattee_11Feb2012


In this, she seems annoyed I chopped her ear off.  I don’t blame her, and I was annoyed too!


you chopped off me ear!  young pretty plushie Dec 2008


wot was that


An early photo of Fattee Cattee: Yummy tummy slothy Plushie:

yummy tummy slothie plushie


at ease in the courtyard:



phat cat  what


She can be soooooo cute!

tummy scratch please_new camera_no flash_april2011


cheeky & playful:


tinsel attack  thinking about it


On (one of) her favourite chair:


something startled the little Plushi  wot a gorgeous sleeping girl


Taking up all the space on my bed!


sprawled on mah bed

Pretty Plushie amongst the garden flowers (most of which she squashed – she was so fat!)

sitting phat & pretty  pretty girl


phat pensive puss

On the roof of the little shed caught in sunlight:

soft cat on a cool tin roof

Potted kitty

Potted Plushie


she was fill of purrs when I took this_April 2011


The reason she is called Fattee Cattee: she got rather fat due to scavenging around the neighbourhood for a few months after she moved in:

phat but pretty

Always gorgeous

phatty catty

The reason she got her name: sleeping with the plush toys:


First photo of the new member of my grieving household (a week after little ShortBlack died):

A very young Fattee Cattee, before she had moved in, and probably barely 1 year old.

Pets_first photo of Plushie


And now, she’s trying to get on my lap or is actually telling me it’s time for bed – which it is.

I hope you forgive this indulgence, a celebration of the felines that share my life, especially little ShortBlack & Plushie.


MtLawleyShire playing with the new lens

Some photos with the new lens – of course, I mostly used the Fattee Cattee & as much as I love her – she is a *terrible* model.  Does she sit still?  No!

So I also took photos of a leaf – a begonia, catching a snatch of bright sunlight & glowing against the dark background:


My lavender is battered by wind, but still flowering & a bee took advantage, & wasn’t I lucky to get this shot:

with bee

Now – for that gorgeous fat fluffy cat.  I am still working out apertures and ISO’s & manual focusing…

girl in new lens_1  girl in new lens_2

& this would’ve been great except I chopped off her ear!

girl in new lens_3

so I did this with it: the face of Fattee Cattee:


The never-ending demand for lemon grass, not having learned that in winter, it doesn’t grow:

wanting lemongrass

& sometimes, she is very black:

very black


(but always gorgeous!)

On my way to work – there were amazing clouds building:


Then the moon played hide & seek:


before it emerged almost free of clouds for a moment:

tonight's moon

& that is the last I’ve seen of it.  Too much cloud.  No – not complaining about the rain, but…