MtLawleyShire: Photo Challenge: Earth

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the beauties of the earth are many and everywhere – in the very small:

drops_1  drops_21

drops_22  drops_20

In the tiny & industrious:

bee_1  bee_2


in flowers, small:

drops_7  flower_6


Australian natives:

flower_13  flower_14




flower_7  flower_7



tree blossoms:


flower_1  flower_3

the beauty of autumn:




bird_1  bird_2

bird_3  bird_4



to the very large – storm clouds:

clouds_10  incoming_3

and the magnificence of sunsets:



sunset_16 sunset_5


I hope you enjoyed my response to the Weekly Challenge.  I am looking forward to viewing yours 🙂











MtLawleyShire’s answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Vibrancy is everywhere, in the built & natural environments, and my difficulty in meeting this Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant was in picking the shots.

There are flowers – vibrant in reds, yellows:

opulent red rose and dandelion flower gleaming with rain drops

vibrant_1  vibrant_5

red hibiscus bright with recent rain & light through sunflower petals (& a bee in the centre)

vibrant_6  vibrant_17

the astonishing scarlet of the Illawarra Flame tree against the vibrant blue of a Perth summer sky:

vibrant_21  vibrant_16

Sunsets.  They can have the most vibrant of colours:

In the west:

vibrant_14  vibrant_13

sunset light highlighting amazing clouds in the east (on a day of terrible bushfires that destroyed a town)

vibrant_23  vibrant_24

more of those clouds streaming over the neighbourhood:

vibrant_7   vibrant_22

Scattered vibrancy in reds, oranges and a brilliant crimson:

vibrant_12  vibrant_15

Then there is the built environment, both external and internal:

The vibrancy of light on buildings contrasted by glared out blue skies:

vibrant_20  vibrant_3

late sunlight on an overly tall beachside hotel:


internal environments have vibrancy as well:

umbrellas in an arcade (no, I don’t know why either):



vibrant_8  vibrant_11

ceiling decorations in a city arcade:

vibrant_9 vibrant_10

steps up to the cultural plaza in Perth:


and finally – the vibrancy of light hitting a raindrop after a storm:


I hope you enjoyed my entry 🙂

MtLawleyShire’s answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Yes – I enjoy these challenges.  This week’s photo challenge – Orange – did present quite a challenge, but I found photos with orange, and include subjects that are reasonably varied.

We have flowers:
inside an orange hibiscus type and a rose whose gold has intensified towards orange with sunset’s lowering light:

flowers_2  orange_1

and a native West Australian bottlebrush type flower which I call ‘the orange puffball’:


Grevillea – here you see the orange within all the other colours:

orange_6  orange_7

and fish!  Not sure whether they are koi or carp – either way they were large and colourful:

orange_2  orange_3

Sunset on a wall turns it gold and orange


orange within the flaring colours of clouds at sunset:

orange_4  orange_11

The smokey sky from bushfires turns orange as the sun lowers (the sun later became a great crimson globe):

orange_8  orange_10


The setting moon a couple of months ago, orange as it dipped into the layers of dust on a hot summer’s night:


a butterfly on an almost orange wall:


Sacred ibis flying home at sunset, light turning their wings orange against a sky with its own tinge of orange down near the horizon:


a friend’s marmalade striped young cat:


and my own Fattee Cattee – sunset light lighting her fur kinda orange.  OK – I’m stretching 😀


I hope you enjoyed my response to this week’s challenge and I look forward to seeing yours 🙂

MtLawleyShire and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

This week’s Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

And interesting challenge and took me a while to find appropriate shots.  I found a few, and they’re mostly flowers (which I guess shouldn’t surprise me) – mostly – not all.


thirds_1  thirds_6

bottlebrush types:

thirds_2  thirds_3


thirds_4    thirds_5

Grevillea & bee:


Various – petunia & raindrops, and a light-drenched hibiscus:

thirds_9  thirds_11

little red and a red rose:

thirds_13  thirds_14

Remember I said ‘mostly’?  Some non-flower ‘thirds’ –

one of my favourite ‘rain drop’ photos:


sunsets – possible straining the challenge a little 🙂

thirds_7   thirds_10

and this one – she is only taking up a third of the space 🙂


I enjoyed this challenge and look forward to browsing through others.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

This week’s Weekly Challenge: Scale I thought would be yet another I would have to bypass, but then I saw others had posted the smaller things of our natural world.

I have many of them 🙂  But I thought I’d post some I haven’t posted before.  They are from last year – I have many bees from this year, but they have, for the most part, been in other posts.  These are new to the blogosphere

A wee hover fly on a blade of grass:


I followed this wasp around the garden, feeling very brave.

On a nasturtium leaf:

scale_2  scale_3

On lavender leaves:

scale_5  scale_4

I hope you enjoyed my entry 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

This Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouettes presented a challenge only in that I had so many photos that made a potential fit.  So I have tried to choose the most unusual.


Ravens silhouetted against the sky, and black cockatoos flying across sunset:

sil_1  sil_18

Parts of the city silhouetted against sunrise:

sil_11  sil_13

tree, street light & magpie, and trees: silhouetted against oncoming storm:

sil_4  sil_14

wintered tallow trees silhouetted against sunset and evening eastern sky:

sil_7  sil_10

Flame trees: silhouetted against cloud and river, and against sunset:

sil_5  sil_6

leaves silhouetted against a foggy morning:


buds and branches against sunset sky and evening sky:

sil_9  sil_15

suburb silhouetted against a flirtatious night lifting her deep velvet blue skirt to show the last of sunset:


experiments with the moon:

sil_8  sil_19

en fin, one more of those black cockatoos, silhouetted against a magical sunset:



I hope you have enjoyed my occasionally loose interpretations of this Weekly Photo Challenge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This Weekly Photo Challenge: Window is right where I am aiming may wee camera at the moment.  Where I work, I am surrounded by modernistic architecture and the reflections around me provide endless (not always successful) challenges for my lens.  So I thought I would have a go:

Stairs in a window:

stairs ina widow

Windows in windows:


Across the road – in a window:

the other side in a  window

The city – in a window:


A tree in a window


Heritage architecture in a modern window:


A window display:

decorations_3  decorations_1


Sunset in a window:


Cat in a window (this is how I prefer to see my neighbour – Mr. White. Quite charming to me, he is Fattee Catteee’s nemesisisis)

Mr White

Against a window: peppermint tree flowers:

against a window

& finally – trees make a window through which to glimpse the colour of a cloudless sunsetty sky:


I hope you enjoyed my entry, which seems, now, a little – er – literal.  I have enjoyed it 🙂


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