Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

To me, this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit is about birds.

I love birds, and with the flame trees in flower, they are everywhere.  It doesn’t really make them any easier to photograph, but here are some of those I’ve managed.  And whether they are in flight or not, to me, a bird epitomises the term Free Spirit.  So they are ideal for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Kookaburras in Hyde Park – not normally so still and accommodating to the amateur photographer:

Pelican and seagull at Matilda Bay – & the seagull is the one showing real freedom of spirit here, but the reflection shows there is not, despite the alarm on Mr. Pelican’s face, any danger of a collision:

My local songbird and master of the domain (including the fluffy fat cat!) – a willy wagtail singing his little heart out:

& a magpie lark, high above Beaufort street, oblivious to all as he preens his wing feathers:

Parrots: Port Lincolns: sitting still and also, not so still:


Singing honeyeaters in green leaves, washing & just sitting:


Wattled Honey eaters at Matilda Bay:


Wattled honey eaters in the flame tree around the corner:


Singing Honeyeaters in the flame tree around the corner:




And flying – this is what they usually do.  I spend ages watching & waiting, and sometimes, they do this – which makes me laugh because they are so lovely to watch.  Free spirits indeed 🙂


At sunset: singing honey eaters:


And finally, my own little free spirit – here showing her little scamp side 🙂

I guess I could’ve gone for sunsets, for trees, and they are indicative of the Free Spirit too, very much so, but for me, at the moment, it is birds (apart from my sweet little fat & fluffy cat).

I hope you enjoyed my entry and I’m looking forward to seeing others.


as more entries become available, I’ll list them.

My World in Five Colours

I was tagged by both Madhu at theurgetowander.com and bulldogsturf at visitstothepark.wordpress.com to take part in the Five Colours competition.

It’s a while since I’ve done much travelling, but I travel through colour & images every day.


The startling yellow of a tree in yellow autumnal colour amidst the sombre dark ivy green in the middle of Abney Park, London.


The scarlet of flame tree flowers (much loved by nectar-sipping birds including this wee singing honeyeater).  Late winter in suburban Perth, Western Australia.


Sun hits and lightens into bright white great storm clouds boiling up on the north-eastern sky in June 2012 – a late winter in Perth, Western Australia.


the brilliant green of new spring leaves on a plane tree against the deeper tones of the native cloud blossom and paperbark trees, Hyde Park, Perth, Western Australia, September, 2011.


A white gum striding across a long summer afternoon against the deep blue of an infinite summer sky, Edith Cowan university Campus, Perth, Western Australia, Summer, 2012.

It was actually quite difficult to choose the pics, but some fun was had 🙂

And, although it is getting very late to tag anyone, here you all are (even though you only have today to enter):

1. photographyofnia

2. SimplyCharming

3. Mike Hardisty

4. David Wetzel Photography

5. marviilous

Hopefully this will work, but I doubt I will even rate a mention 😀

Still, worth a try.  But oh – the photos they have on their facebook page.  Oh my goodness!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban



Mostly, my ‘urban’ photos are to draw attention to something skyward: clouds, sunsets, trees & the like, so I’m not sure I’m meeting the challenge as such, but I will attempt to meet the Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban as opposed to streetscape – or parks and trees and or sunsets …

From the river, at Matilda Bay, the city rises across the river (one of late summer/early Autumn & one of late winter/early spring with flame tree flowers)


& clouds dwarfing any concept of ‘urban’

the city from Beaufort Street – different depending on what cafe I was at 🙂



And from William Street, standing on the edge of Hyde Park, looking citywards:

This is also just outside Hyde Park – & it’s a bit of an iffy inclusion, but storm clouds over urban straight lines…

Urban sunsets:




and now, urban shots from within – within the ‘urban’ that is.  They are all taken from an alleyway and upper Hay Street, West Perth.



These are experimental, playing with straight lines in comparison with clouds:



Well, that’s my entry to this Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban.  I am getting more interested in the play of straight lines & shadows in contrast with clouds and trees, but don’t have much time to experiment.  I hope, nonetheless, you enjoyed them.

Not many trees though 😦




Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge


This was a difficult Weekly Photo Challenge as I have nothing fancy in my photographs. I haven’t got that far with editing skills.  And I am also a little short of time, but I saw The Urge to Wander’s Post and though – well, maybe.


The merging of air and water: RAIN!

It is almost the end of winter in Perth and we have had less than half our average of winter rainfall.  So I celebrate it.

This time, I was in Hyde Park when it rained, and it was only a brief shower:


And here, I caught the merging of rain fall and sunlight on the tree and one of the ponds:

Then there is the daily merging of dark and light, night and day, and in this photo, there is the additional merging of moisture and winds to make a magnificent thundercloud catching sunsetty light.  The cloud is in the couth east:

These two are the merging of day and night also – clouds catching the last of the sunlight, and in the first, merging it to the soft pastels of winter:


This last is a glorious winter sunset with the rays of the setting sun merging with moisture in the air to blast colour into the darkening sky, merging the nearest clouds into a like-minded brilliance.

Hmm.  Not a brilliant interpretation, I am thinking, but I hope you enjoyed my entry into this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge.

& I would’ve linked more but apparently, I’m limited to 10.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Wrong.  Photos that have something wrong in them.

What an interesting Weekly Photo Challenge – to separate out bad photos (of which I have many) from photos that indicate a subtle wrongness in the world or something.

Well, I have some.

Hyde Park:

Daffodils are lovely indicators of Spring – this photo was taken in June this year.  Later, there was cold, but June was warm, and right now, all the spring flowers are out.  a couple of weeks, at least, too early.


This is another indicator of wrongness – again taken in June – July when the ponds should’ve been replete with clear rainwater.  Instead, the heat has exacerbated the rotting of vegetation on the floor of the ponds and the surface is filled with algae.  I haven’t been able to take any photos using reflection for quite a while (though am planning to go down later today, so cross your fingers that the water is clear).

A palm tree.  Why is this wrong?  They are not native to Western Australia – except maybe way up north and on the coast.  They are bad for the soil, for anything else growing around them and don’t really offer shelter or food for our native birds – and many of them are heading toward extinction.

Two urban views – one of Beaufort Street in MtLawleyShire, and one of the city – outlines which include the serrated frond leaves of palms.  They give a completely wrong impression of the city – it is not a tropical area.  Subtropical (used to be temperate, but I think that is changing).


This?  This is sunsetty light reflecting – blaring! – from the windows of a skyscraper you can see from one of my favourite cafes on Beaufort Street in MtLawleyShire.  It looks quite alien over the foliage 🙂

And this?  I took this last night and the light in the lane outside the college where I am doing some casual ESL teaching was much too low.  The colours of the sunset through the trees was magical, but – there wasn’t enough light, as I said.  But the blur ended up resembling shadows – trees and crane look as though they are casting shadows onto the sky which is a delightfully skewed idea.  Wrong & I love it 😀

I am looking forward to seeing other entries for this challenge – because it was.  A challenge 😀


Mtlawleyshire sunsets on public exhibition

Something I have been working on – an installation of last summer’s Urban Sunset photos are now on exhibition at the Mt Lawley campus of my university – Edith Cowan.

I have no idea how people will react to them, and I guess it’s not something people would expect from a PhD in Creative Writing, but – it doesn’t look too bad.

The photos I’ve taken don’t really do it justice, but give you an idea.

It’s behind glass and for some reason, I took it on the skew.  And I thought I was standing in the centre.  Sigh.  The cabinet they’re installed in is in a corridor, so I couldn’t go back very far 🙂

The photos are mounted on A1 sheets of paper – lots and lots of little photos.  Drove me up the wall, sticking them all on 😀


THe individual photos don’t come out all that clearly here, but perhaps that’s not all that important.

Nice to think I can actually do something with my photos 🙂

Apologies, birds and flame trees- Mt Lawleyshire and Matilda Bay



My dears – I want to apologize for my absence – & after this, I will be absent again for a while.  I will look through all your blogs.  I know there are wonderful things just waiting for me in your posts, but right now – oh my God I am soooooo busy!

So, as a way of apology – Flame trees, flowers, the moon & birds.  I don’t know if it’s a native or not – I suspect the latter, but it certainly brightness up the streets.

The Flame tree is one of those trees of beauty and ugliness – depending on the time of year.  Right now – its beauty, before the big ugly leaves come and while it’s full of flowers – & birds!

It’s difficult to get a photo of the street & its flame trees but maybe these give you an idea.  They’re quite large trees and the scarlet en masse is striking.


This is against the pastel shades of the eastern evening sky

and this against the glow of sunset.


Next a few shots of the flowers themselves.  Most of these were taken around or just before sunset, and the flowers really soak up that particular glow





The following were taken earlier in the day – both fine and cloudy:



There is also a flame tree outside the Matilda Bay tearooms, and on this particular day, it was raining and cloudy – a wonderful backdrop to the delicacy of flame tree flowers and branch ends:

Then there is the flame tree and the moon:





Finally – flame tree flowers and birds.

Birds love the flowers.  They must be packed full of nectar!

First – Port Lincoln parrots – colourful noisy little ferals from South Australia:


New Holland honeyeater – these were taken at Matilda Bay on a day when it wasn’t raining:






And from the tree around the corner from my house – singing honeyeaters.  Very difficult to catch, these little guys – the flit and sing and happily taunt me as I try to take photos 😀




The flowers are fading and falling now, the roads covered in crushed scarlet curves and soon the large ugly leaves will come out.  They do give shade, but conceal the astonishing beauty of these trees.

I hope you have enjoyed my apology.