2016 Wildflower Calendar – Long List

This is the ‘long list’ for a potential 2017 Wildflower Calendar.  They are pictures from suburban Perth, in conservation areas, parks and verge gardens.  They are all native wildflowers and I am going to have a hard time choosing!


I have no doubt forgotten some, but it is primarily from these I will choose 12 – or 14 (counting the cover).  aren’t I going to have fun!

Blue Devil:

wildflower_3  wildflower_7


wildflower_1  wildflower_19

wildflower_26  wildflower_24

wildflower_25  wildflower_10

wildflower_51  wildflower_58


wildflower_2  wildflower_21


wildflower_32  wildflower_54


wildflower_6  wildflower_33


wildflower_12  wildflower_39


Fringe Lily:

wildflower_15  wildflower_49


wildflower_4  wildflower_5

wildflower_9 wildflower_17

wildflower_28  wildflower_29

wildflower_14  wildflower_41

wildflower_38  wildflower_36

wildflower_13  wildflower_40

wildflower_37  wildflower_47

wildflower_27  wildflower_30

wildflower_43  wildflower_57

Great Big Blossoms:

wildflower_11  wildflower_16

wildflower_23  kpark_63


wildflower_22  kpark_54


Bottlebrush types:

wildflower_18  wildflower_46

wildflower_53  wildflower_56

Native daisies:



wildflower_34  wildflower_42


wildflower_35  wildflower_50


wildflower_48  kpark_75

wildflower_59  wildflower_55


wildflower_45  kpark_8


6 comments on “2016 Wildflower Calendar – Long List

  1. moonstone88 says:

    All beautiful, the orchids, particularly my favourite, the pink fairy, stand out for me. Well done😎🌻


    • It’s a pink fairy? Oh wow! I only recognized it as an archid as I was going through the photos for this list. It’s from Kings Park so next year – I must remember. There were a few photos of that flower but it was a windy day and none turned out all that well. Thank you 🙂


  2. Van Ikin says:

    I was poised to write my response when I saw the comment from KDKH, and that made me pause. I DO like the idea of doing honour to one blossom – I think there is a particular attraction generated by shots of that kind. But the colour-splash from the large bouquets would look spectacular on someone’s wall (where a calendar would presumably be placed) … so, as you’ve said, you’re in for a hard (but pleasurable) time making your selection!


  3. KDKH says:

    They are all beautiful! I would also have a hard time choosing. Personally, I prefer pictures that honor one blossom -feeling a bit overwhelmed with the large bouquets. It is hard to appreciate them as easily as one blossom alone. Good luck with your selection process!!


    • and there were so many to choose from let alone this shortened long list! And yes, they are beautiful. If I can afford to make a calendar this year, I will have a hard time choosing! Thanks 🙂

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