Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I could not resist this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette.  Despite full-time work and PhD studies, I had to enter.

Because of all my sunsetty photos, I have thousands of photos that would fit the challenge.  My landscapes, apart from those taken in parks or of flowers & birds, are basically the world in silhouette against the sunset du jour.  As a result, it’s been more difficult than I thought to find photos that suited.

And they are mostly sunsets, though, due to a sudden influx of full-time teaching, there are some citified silhouettes here as well as I am in the city by 6.30 in the morning.  And as there are night teaching jobs, some of the sunsets are from West Perth.  Very restricted in time, though, so there are only one or maybe two of those.

So first: sunsets and the silhouettes they create:



These are two from West Perth, within a week of each other, and displaying the vagaries of our Spring weather this year:




A young Jacaranda against gold:

Heavy leaves silhouetted against the thick sunsetty clouds and clean clear eastern evening sky

Tree all delicate and complicated against the evening sky


Tree against the evening sky – with moon.


Cypress trees next door silhouetted against eastern evening sky with rising moon

An oak tree before the leaves in Hyde Park, silhouetted against the brighter sky:

Black cockatoos silhouetted against early morning sky in the centre of Perth.

A flying raven silhouetted against early morning sky – flying across Hay Street West, central Perth.

flowering flame tree (& wattled honeyeater) silhouetted against the sky lowering into evening.


Flowering flame tree silhouetted against boats at the marina of the Royal Perth Yacht Club_Matilda Bay

More landscapes silhouetted against sunsets:



I have enjoyed returning to this pleasure.  I hope you have.  All those I follow – I will catch up with you soon, but I am working very hard.  I have not forgotten you and sneak a peek at your posts every now and then, but do not stop to comment.  I will catch up with you all soon.