Fat Kitty in MtLawleyShire

I thought I would do a post dedicated to Fat Kitty.  There’s quite a few I haven’t posted recently…

These 2 are taken as I come in from one of my walks.  One she is pretending not to really notice (though her tail gives her away) and the other she is determined to frustrate my attempts to capture her in the camera.


She is a round little thing, though not that little, and she doesn’t look it in these 2 photos, but she is very sweet.  Actually, in the 2nd one, she does look sweet.


This one didn’t have quite enough light so was blurred, but I love the way she just lies, watching the world with those huge eyes.

But she is demanding.  This one was taken when I came back in from a walk: ‘WHERE’S MY DINNAH!’ she seems to be saying.

Actually, she’s not really.  She’s greeting me, ’cause I had been away for a while & she was waiting for me.  It’s very difficult to get a photo of her here because she jumps down and runs towards me so quickly.

She has, in the last few months, started talking to me quite frequently.  She always meows when I come home, but now, she meows through her purring when I rub her tummy.  Or she will come up to me when I’m working at my desk and meow for attention.  Not food, just saying hello.

In these 2 photos, she bored with me taking photos so starts washing.  I love how her fur is so glossy.  It’s also very soft, but there is so much of it!  She has to be combed every night and the only way she will let me do it is if it becomes part of the dinner routine.  So – before feeding, combing.  It takes quite a while.  She is a very fluffy cat.


These 2 are are action shots: she found evidence of a visitor, I think.


I love these 4: she was just sitting and I was able to get some good shots of her relaxed, though in one, she looks very alert.


And this I just played with.  The photo was a bit blurred, yet it still captures her expression.

So now you have seen more of Fattee Cattee.  I hope you enjoyed them.


Fat Kitty & camera: a wee photo essay

I am still not well, & not sure whether I’m better or worse at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any walking today either.  But it doesn’t mean my camera stays quiet.

After I returned from the hospital, my lovely cat greeted me, wanting attention.  Then she was happy to sit – until I got the camera out:




I finally got the camera strap back and fat kitty skipped off:


Photo-free post – almost

& a very sad thing that is too.  I am having a frustrating morning.  My little netbook is not well & I’ve spent hours trying to sort it out when I should’ve been writing.  And it doesn’t look as though I can use it anyway (& I think I just heard a mouse in my laundry!  Argh!  Where is my little fat cat?) which is really frustrating, though I means in a little while, I will go out walking with camera instead of computer.

Well, I thought it was going to be photo free…

here is the little fat cat being beautiful:


And I’m thinking of changing the appearance of my blog.  The ‘theme’ I have isn’t really the best for displaying photos.

Any thoughts?  I am thinking of going for something with a mainly white background.

That’s it till I get back with new photos….