MtLawleyshire visits wintry Matilda Bay

Well – *I* visited Matilda Bay, not all of MtLawleyshire, but you know what I mean.  Last month, July, was wet and cold – in the depths of a beautiful winter.  And what a day.  They were forecasting rain, but what happened was a cloud descended.

This photo shows the city – not in focus because I was focused on the 3  flying corellas.


In fact, it wasn’t raining when I arrived.  There were crowds of corellas:



and feeding on the foreshore of the Swan River:

birds_1  birds_5

There were swans:

birds_2  birds_3

even grooming swans have a certain elegance:


then, in the cafe, I watched the city disappear

mythical city_1

and then it was gone. I looked out over a river that vanished into infinity:

mythical city_2  no city

the cloud covered all – the view from the cafe was made magical by a cloud taking a break on the ground:

misty trees

slowly – very slowly, it lifted and the city began to reappear:

cloud lifting_2  cloud lifting_1

the clouds passed to the west:

cloud lifting_3

& the sun came out. Everything was covered in gems!

gemmed_1  gemmed_2

gemmed_3  gemmed_4


the corellas basked in the light


finally – my favourite photos of the visit.  A companionable little willy wagtail who sat beside me outside the cafe.  He didn’t mind me pointing the camera at him.

willy wagtail_1  willy wagtail_2

and in one shot – between pressing the button and releasing it, he opened his beak.  He looks angry, as though he’s squawking all sorts, but no.  Almost as though he was yawning, maybe asking for food.  I can’t believe I got the shot!

where were you


I hope I haven’t overloaded you with photos – & also hope you enjoyed these snips from a magical day for MtLaweyshire at Matilda Bay


Mtlawleyshire’s foggy morning

Last Friday Perth had a rare foggy morning.  It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a year and I was working, so I was out of bed!!  I ran outside with camera before getting ready for work.

Normally, the city is visible at the end of the street – not this morning though!


Place where I take sunset photos framed soft nothingness rather than sky:

fog_6  fog_7

& the details of things normally almost invisible, like spiderwebs, were clearer:


And details of small things: water drops on a nasturtium growing on a neighbour’s wall:

fog_2  fog_1

fog_3  fog_14


Grass blades:

fog_13  fog_17


fog_4  fog_18


Then it was off to work.  These are taken looking over a park opposite the college:

fog_10  fog_11

and even after the fog had lifted, there were still drops of water caught in the flowers:

flower_3  flower_5


It was a wonderful morning, and I hope these photos give you a taste of the beauty of a foggy morning.






A long absence

I have been absent for sooooo long.  Due to a problem that kept getting worse & worse, I was unable to interact with other blogs or read any comments or reply to them.

I finally fixed it.

I was thinking about starting a new blog it was getting so ridiculous.  But I’ve sorted it.

It will take a long time to catch up with you all, and I hope you are all still here.

Here a few pics –  playing with camera and new lens.  And a zoom lens.


It’s that time of year: flame trees and birds.

Singing honeyeater and bee at a flame tree flower

birds and bee

A tiny brown honeyeater at a flame tree flower

bird_silver eye_1  birds_honeyeater_1

& these are from my garden: rain drops on a stem of aloe vera

alo vera

and my garden refracted in a rain drop catching sunlight on a stem of jasmine:


finally – my gorgeous fat fluffy cat watching….watching



I will be posting more – but now I’m headed out to Hyde Park.  The swans and ducks have babies!!!


MtLawleyShire’s zygocactus

It is that time of year – when my zygocactus flowers.  I just love these flowers – their outrageous colour, their intricate form, and the way they hang on the delicate fronds.  Look at they sideways & they fall off.

Let me share some pictures with you:



water drops_2  water drops_7

water drops_10  water drops_8


water drops_3

after heavy rain that overflowed the gutters & flooded the courtyard – & everything in it.  It must’ve been very heavy for the zygocactus to get wet, but I am not sorry.  It did no damage & just added to their beauty.

water drops_4  delicacy_2


delicacy_2  water drops_1


water drops_5  water drops_6

water drops_11  water drops_9

& then the flowers, looking as though they dance or dive, in sunlight & shadow:

zygocactus  dancing


delicacy_4  delicacy_1

water drops_12  flower_3

delicacy_3  flower_2

halflit  diving


They are incredibly lovely, these flowers, coming from an almost ugly plant.

After this flowering, I will repot it and hopefully, next year, wherever I am, it will have even more flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post 🙂


2013 Calendars of MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park

This is the second calendar I have done (& I am rather terrified of the cost, those I have already pre-sold a few).  Most are done as gifts.  So, as you are all those with whom I have delighted to share my ‘visions’ of MtLawleyShire over the year, I thought I would share the calendars with you as well.

You can’t upload files from Publisher, so I can’t actually upload the actual calendars, so these are just the photos, many of which you will have seen.

I do both portrait and landscape orientation photos, I do 2 calendars.  I will put the photos in the order in which I used them, and put them side by side: portrait with landscape next to it.

The covers:

Calendar_2013_18  Calendar 2013_11


Calendar_2013_4  january_3


february_4  Calendar_2013_34


Calendar_2013_30  Calendar_2013_22


Calendar_2013_19  Calendar_2013_21


Calendar_2013_14  Calendar_2013_26


June_July  Calendar_2013_9


June_1  July_landscape


August_2  rain and sunlight


Spring green_2 2012  Spring green 2012


october_portrait  october_landscape


november_4  Calender_2013_28


December_2012  december_2_2012

End papers (& these are very small on the last page below December):

back cover_portrait  back cover_landscape

raindrops  July_2 2012


I just wish they weren’t so expensive to print.  But it’s great when you see them done 🙂





Mtlawleyshire’s Hyde Park

Hyde Park was drenched and wet and wonderful, although, as you will see in a later photo, the water is in a terrible state.  But Autumn has almost finished and winter is in the exotic trees.  Australian Natives, however, are just drinking the water in.


This is a tree in the Australian native section of Hyde Park.  I love the contrasts of greens and the brown of the trunk.

The oak tree hasn’t yet lost its leaves which is strange, but it looks wonderful against the autumn colour:

I’m not sure what this tree is, bit I love the way it almost seems to dance:

There were swamp hens everywhere, but they rarely stay still for photos!


and ducks – I am always struck by the beauty of these:


The contrast of conifer and deciduous plane tree is beautiful and I love the shapes of some conifers.


I really should find out what this tree is – so straight & tall –  & I love its bark:


The water, the reflections are lovely, but on closer inspection, parts of the ponds are not healthy at all.


But the plane trees & their leaves – beautiful:




Then the Moreton Bay Figs:


on the edge of the park – daffodils flowering – in June!  This lets you know how warm it was, earlier in the month ( these photos were taken around the 9th of June)

On the corner of the park – an almost dead conifer made a wonderful straight line with a skyscraper in the city (maybe 10 – 15 minute walk) and a telephone pole:

Across the road, a liquid amber in dull colour:

my lemon scented gum:

& then I walked home the long way around and saw some galahs:


a hibiscus in a neglected garden

& a cat watching me from a lane

and that’s it for the time being.  I have many more photos to post, so maybe I will post some tomorrow, if I get the time.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Keira 🙂

mtlawleyshire – clouds and storm and rainbows

There have been some wonderful storms this June.  We still haven’t had enough rain – the amount was still below the average for the month, but some of the storms were dramatic.  I was lucky enough not to suffer any more damage than flooding in my little courtyard.

But the clouds were wonderful – clouds and rainbows.

First, I was having a coffee with a friend on Beaufort street when here – it rained and hailed!  Her lovely dog was with us and she laughed as he huddled against me, alarmed at the wind, the thunder and the sound of the hail.

And isn’t the street strangely deserted!  Yes, we were sitting outside 😀


Then the storm moved away leaving blue sky behind it:


There were many storms & wonderful clouds:



There were rainbows:


sunsets managed to sneak in:


& then there are these: it was a sharp fast thunderstorm that cleared just after sunset, leaving the sky utterly clear.  I was awed by the contrast of clear sky and this great mountainous cloud.


I hope you enjoyed my clouds.

Next, one of my walks in Hyde Park.

Keira 🙂