Easter Moon over MtLawleyShire

It is Easter Sunday and the waning moon will rise very late tonight.  So here is  Holy Week  as written in the moon, from Wednesday onwards.

Monday was all cloud so the moon was invisible to the earth-bound eye.


Tuesday – & this was the night I discovered my iso readings were off, so the photos suffered.  Which is a great pity because the clouds were wonderful. One night off full.

in clouds_3  moon in clouds

in clouds in clouds_2

in clouds_4  this evening's moon

and later:

tonight's moon

Wednesday – a working night.  But here is it: full and glorious.

tonight's moon

Holy Thursday – just risen so coloured by the atmosphere and then clear of the world: creamy white

easter moon_rising  in the clear night sky

Good Friday

In rising through a sky laddered with streaks of cloud, dusted with the golden ephemera of the lived world:

good friday moon_6 good friday moon_7

goof driday moon_4  good friday moon_5

good friday moon_3  good friday moon_2

good friday moon_1

& clear in the clear night sky

good friday's moon_9

Holy Saturday

Rising late and gold

Easter Saturday moon_1 Easter Saturday moon_2

And here, the clear night sky, late and silent:

Above the world

and now, it’s Sunday Morning.

Happy Easter 🙂

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all, from me and the sleeping girl xx

sleeping girl

Moon and clouds over Mtlawleyshire

What with cloud cover and working, the moon has been hard to catch – and there were those clear nights when I must’ve missed it altogether.  But I have been able to catch a few shots of the moon & a few interesting clouds.

Most of the clouds come with the sunset, but a few I’ve been able to separate.  The most spectacular of these were on the 17th of March – the first time I’d seen the moon and by no means a wee sliver of silver.  But stunning because of the clouds around that evening:

17 March

The new quarter sailed in and out of one particular cloud:

between sunsetty clouds   within cloud

quarter moon

was covered in light vapour

within a sunsetty cloud

and then – this:

sunset cloud and quarter moon  cloud with the moon

The 18th March was a fairly speccy sunset in West Perth, but that’s another post.  Here are some interesting pre-sunset clouds (it was a working night) over West Perth, and the moon:

cloud  cloud_1

within cloud_2  within the clouds

19 March

It was a quiet night 🙂

tonight's moon

The 21st of March was a very clear night & I timed it well.  Moon over MtLawleyShire:

the moon this evening

The 22nd of  March, a working night, and the break was perfectly timed – Moon in West Perth:

to the side  beyond the edge  lights

this evening's moon

The 23rd of March – the moon over Beaufort Street:

beaufort st   long view

this evening's moon

& yes, I hope to get more of the moon, but thought you might enjoy these.  Some are clearer than others.  And they are all in the very early evening as the moon is rising quite early at the moment.

Not many clouds, but they will happen in the next post – Sunsets.


MtLawleyShire: flowers, from other people’s gardens – mostly.

It’s a while since I’ve had the time to post, but that hasn’t stopped me taking photos and here is at least a week’s worth of flowers.



golden  yellow

creamy white, and white & pink:

white  creamy white

with sunlit leaf


red at sunset  red

red_1  red_light

side on

sunset lit:

red bud  red bud_2


And these next ones are miniature roses from my garden:

minature rose_5  minature rose_1

minature rose_4

minature rose_3  minature rose_2

Mixed flowers – of varying quality, sadly.  The gerberas suffered from the wind 😦

gerbera  pink gerbera

and I enjoy playing with sunlight:

trympet flowers (I have no idea of their real name)

trumpets in the sun  sunlit

Mexican rose, pretty in all light but extra lovely here:

mexican rose

pretty things from gardens on the verge:

daisy_1  a flower

and now – flowers of a different sort – fungi growing from the bottom of an empty plant pot in my little courtyard:

fungii_1  fungii_2  fungii_3

& fully open:

fungii_1  fungii_2

fungii_3  fungii_4

fungii_5  fungii_6


finally – what post is complete without the fluffiest flower of them all:

fattee cattee

Hope you enjoyed this flowery offering 🙂

Out of MtLawleyShire: Matilda Bay in the sun

A bright – very bright – sunny day at Matilda bay, having lunch with a dear friend.  The wind off the river was deliciously cool without being cold.  However, the air was a little less than pleasantly fragrant – storms had brought up some detritus, which the gulls didn’t mind:

matilda bay_23  matilda bay_13

but not much seems to perturb the gulls.

A few more pleasant photos of them – they photo-bombed (quite artistically) my attempt to show the beginnings of Autumn in the trees growing along the curving edge of the river:

matilda bay_1  matilda bay_5

No honeyeaters in evidence yet, but the flame tree is a long way off flowering – it must first lose its leaves before winter starts – and there only the beginnings of signs that the former might happen and the latter is still just a hope, but the leaves against the sky do look rather lovely:

matilda bay_9

Along with the gulls, who created their normal havoc at the tables, there were the more composed ravens:

matilda bay_4

matilda bay_2  matilda bay_3

matilda bay_8  matilda bay_14

then, of course – there are the trees:

cape lilac (with raven)

matilda bay_7

embracing the sun:

matilda bay_11  matilda bay_6

Fraternal twins & a trio:

matilda bay_24  matilda bay_22

White grace in the sunlight

matilda bay_15

complex branches:

matilda bay_16  matilda bay_17

matilda bay_18

this is just lovely:

matilda bay_10 matilda bay_12

I love this tree:

matilda bay_19

But this was as close as I could get to show its soaring height

matilda bay_20

because – can you see the bees?

matilda bay_21


MtLawleyShire: a weekend

What a mix of things this last weekend was.  Voting and forecast rain & thunderstorms that didn’t happen and heat and the next day?  The same, but not happy with the result of the vote.  The only good thing to come out of it, as far as I was concerned was this delightful wee New Holland Honey eater and the flowers he was feeding on:


post_19  post_20

If you look closely, you’ll see him actually feeding:


A rose in someone’s garden, lovely & golden:


and of course, my beautiful girl:


I walked in Hyde Park.  Because of the lack of rain & the heat and all the ‘road works’, I stayed away from the water till I saw these herons:

post_25  post_23

post_22  post_24

Apart from that, I walked amongst the trees.  The heat & humidity were revolting.  The trees were lovely though:


post_27  post_3

post_5  post_2

post_1  post_4

and the willows with a hint of Autumn in the plane tree leaves:


post_38  post_40

Flowers on Saturday & Sunday as I walked for sunset photos:

post_10  post_8


& Sunday’s sunset: all sullen and full of storms and rain that never happened:

post_11   post_14

post_37  post_13


post_36  post_35

post_29  post_28

post_18  post_16

post_15  post_30

post_17  post_33

post_31  post_34


But later that night?  Very late?

Rain, thunder, lightning – lots of rain.

My courtyard flooded as the gutters overflowed in a Niagara Falls simulation creating ‘one of the smaller of the Great Lakes of Mt Lawley’.  That hasn’t happened since – I think it’s 2010.

In the morning:

Raindrops on the lemon grass and magnolia leaves:

raindrops_3  raindrops_4

raindrops_1 raindrops_2

My garden smells lovely.  I am off to Hyde Park…

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge #22: Black and White

I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Black and White!

At first I thought black & white?  Do I really have photos that would be suitable?

Then I thought – well, my beloved Fattee Cattee is black, & fluffy & rather photogenic:

black and white_13  black and white_19

black and white_23  black and white_37

black and white_42

& flowers, even roses, minus their glowing colours are then plays of light and shadow, as are creamy magnolia, simple daisies and the fluffy native flowers:

black and white_3  black and white_16

black and white_20  black and white_26

black and white_30  black and white_22

Finally, minus its colour, a Grevillea flower with raindrops:

black and white_47

Birds are rather striking: black & white brings out the startling white of the gulls and the power of the raven:

black and white_32  black and white_2

black and white_35

The straight lines and angularity of city architecture is perfect for black and white:

black and white_33  black and white_7

black and white_27  black and white_29

black and white_34  black and white_36

& objects (these are Christmas ornaments) are revealed in a manner which both simplifies their presence in a photo and intensifies the interaction of light and shadow:

black and white_18  black and white_21

Some things are just perfect for black and white: a yacht with a pure white sail on a dull day:

black and white_41

And trees: their varied shapes and shadows.  These first 2 are paperbark – wild and almost scary.

black and white_43  black and white_44

black and white_45 black and white_46

They have wonderful flowers:

black and white_48

Black & white is great for details: a cedar trunk and the trunk of a massive moreton bay fig:

black and white_24  black and white_14

it’s also wonderful for the amazing shapes of trees: a peppermint tree and – well – I don’t know 🙂

black and white_8  black and white_4

black and white_6    black and white_40

These are Jacaranda trees in flower in Hyde Park, Perth, WA:

black and white_28

& the marvellous shapes of, the light and striping shades on, towering conifers:

black and white_38

I have enjoyed this challenge – probably more than I should have.  I hope I haven’t overdone it!!

I love playing with colour in my photos, but this has been a rewarding & truly a learning experience.  I am looking forward to visiting other entries.

Wild Weekly Challenge – Look Up!


I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Look Up, so venture into nature and point your lens above you!

How could I not participate in this!!

I love looking up!

Looking up, you become aware of the dance of the trees:

Look up_2 Look up_3

Look up_20  Look up_1

Look up_10

Looking up, you see the moon:

Look up_18  Look up_16

Look up_15  Look up_14

Look up_11  Look up_9

Look up_6  Look up_4

Look up_22  Look up_23

Look up_21  Look up_5

you see galahs on the telephone wires, grooming (or cuddling):

Look up_12  Look up_13

Magpies watching sunset:

Look up_19

You see the city, shimmering and gleaming:

Look up_7 Look up_8

or stolid in the rain and brooding:

Look up_29  Look up_30

and clouds:

looking up there are clouds, sunset lit and coloured. dressing a sky in ephemeral beauty:

Look up_24 Look up_25

Look up_26

Look up_27  Look up_31

Look up_28 Look up_32

& even in suburbia, looking up, there are rainbows:

Look up_33

Heartbreak in MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park

I don’t know what to say about Hyde Park.  It hurts every time I go down there.  This should be the start of the most beautiful tome, but the place is a ruin.  Certainly opportunities for taking photographs is very limited.

You are not allowed into the native area:


The beauty of the plane trees has been compromised by the lopping of all their lower branches:

ruins_2 compromised beauty

The island where all the bottle brush flowered?

Do you remember this? (last September)

bottlebrush_2 bottlesbrush_1

Now it looks like this:

ruins ruins_4 ruins_8

The graceful avenue around the ponds?

ruins_6 ruins_3

Many of the paths are compromised – behind this hoarding is a huge trench where they are laying pipes.  I was told they were intending to establish a reed bed to clean the water as it flows down the hill when (if) it rains, but I don’t understand what the pipes are for:


And it is not just the plane trees that are being lopped:

ruins_9 ruins_5

But I found a few angles:

A small moreton bay fig


Trees as frames

variety  the frame

An unspoilt corner:

secret world_Hyde Park_Feb

A heron in one of the ponds:

heron_Hyde Park  heron_Hyde Park_2

Finally, some plane trees in the strong, hot light of a supposedly Autumnal sun:

contrasts  light

It hurts, seeing the park in such a state, and I am not the only one horrified by what is happening.  I have been told the works are not following the guidelines laid down by the conservation society and I will be following that up over the next couple of weeks.

& I took some other photos here and there:

a lovely pink rose & red roses in a roadside garden:

pink and white  red folds

bud and beastie  bud

roadside red  half open

Cloud blossom on a tree in William Street – with a bee!

bee in cloud blossom

Galahs on a telephone pole in the evening:

galahs in the evening

And finally, a hibiscus flower caught in the lowering light of a hot day:

hibiscus in sunlight

bit of a mixed bag, this post, fill of as much ugliness as beauty.

I am so saddened by what is happening in Hyde Park.  I don’t know that I will be producing a calendar this year 😦