Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

This Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far – had me stumped for a little while, then I realized I actually did have some photos that might suit the theme.

I generally take photos that are restricted: parks, gardens, birds and flowers where there is no horizon at all, only sky, but there have been occasions when I’ve been elsewhere – outside of Hyde Park 🙂

So, the first of these for this Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far are of the Swan River with the clouds streaming away into the distance.


These next two are also of the Swan River, but taken from St Martin’s Tower In April.  The first looks west towards the sea and if you click on the photo, you can discern Fremantle and the Indian Ocean quite a few miles distant.   The other looks to the east and the Darling Ranges – an escarpment that rises out of the coastal plain and is, in fact, the ancient coastline of this part of Western Australia.


These next two are also from St Martins Tower – the 33rd floor.  The two skyscrapers are obviously quite near, but the 1st looks west across the Narrows Bridge towards Fremantle once again and the other looks south.


Again, from St Martins Tower, looking south and north


Now we move up north to Lake Joondalup – a fairly extensive wet system. It’s extremely shallow and when I was up there, in February (I think), very dry.  Bit the trees give that sense of distance from the near focus on rocks and reflections.


One of my favourite haunts: Matilda Bay – from the edge of the river to the distant city, clouds again granting additional perspective.

Looking down William Street, from street trees to city skyscrapers, height and shadows delightfully confounding perspective.

Hyde Park – here the near and far are restricted – but there is a sense of space and distance created through trees and paths, light and shadow.

In this one, it is the water and reflections that make the near and far – and it is illusory.  It is not that large a park.  It’s the reflections that create the sense of distance.

Now – am I stretching it?  For me, telephone poles silhouetted against the sunset-lit clouds stretching away from night and into the maelstrom of colours of sunset give a sense of both physical and temporal distance.


And these too – the cold sunsets with clouds swallowing the glory have that same sense of the infinite despite the telephone poles and wire, the sere blues and greys far beyond the human realm.


And last – this, not an overly successful photo for my little camera, but the nearness of street and streetlights and the quarter moon hanging in the sky deepening with night – so far.

I hope my interpretation of the theme is OK, & that you enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to seeing more entries to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

& only 2 entries to link to at the moment.  As more come online, I will update