Weekly Photo Challenge: One

It has been so long since I’ve had the time to take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge – but tonight, at the beginning of my week off around Christmas, I can.  Yay!  So here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: One.

Flowers – just the 2.  An eggplant flower and a magnolia in my garden.  They are both the ‘one’ thing in the photo – though surrounded by other things (like leaves!), they are the main focal point (there were others but – um – not as well focused…)

One_10  One_13


Birds are often in couples or groups or flocks, but me an’ my little camera catch them in ones:

A New Holland Honey eater on the wires, a dove caught in sunsetty light against storm clouds;


One_7  One_8

Another New Holland in a tree, and a seagull, determinedly solitary on the banks of the Swan River (hordes of his fellows were just out of frame)

One_12  One_11

One tree amongst many – the cedar at Matilda Bay (shot this week)



What is the ‘one’ in this photo? Is it the building?  For me, it is the huge gorgeous cloud taking over teh sky and the entire perspective, restoring that perspective.  We are not the world.



And in this?  Perhaps it is the angel – it is Christmas time, after all 🙂




Now – we have a series here: the sunset tree again, yes, well – sunsets!

It always appears so solitary, this tree, but it is a street tree – a native frangipani, amongst flame trees, Jacaranda and other native frangipanis.  But I love the way it always seems so alone against the vastness of fiery, sullen or magnificent skies:


One_16  One_18


and the ‘one’ in these?  Do I really have to say it?  There can be only one (although…)

One_2  One_3


One_17  One_21

Finally – well, of course there is only the One Fattee Cattee

Even if she doesn’t want her photo taken:

One_5  One_1

and only one such face in all its feline sweetness:


I hope you have enjoyed my entry.

I am looking forward to seeing more entries in this Weekly Photo Challenge: One.


Hopefully, there will be more to link to…


MtLawleyShire 2014 Calendars – Out of MtLawleyShire, Matilda Bay (portrait)

This is the portrait version of photos for the Matilda Bay Calendar.

There might be others, but for the moment, until I visit Matilda Bay on Monday, these are the photos I will be choosing from.  It is frustrating that there aren’t more months in the year 🙂

Let me know next week 🙂

This will be the cover


And these are some of my favourite photos with the camera taken while being held the other way, and not all will go in the calendar, but…

2014_matildabay_45  2014_matildabay_44

2014_matildabay_43  2014_matildabay_42

2014_matildabay_23  2014_matildabay_27

2014_matildabay_15  2014_matildabay_5

2014_matildabay_1  2014_matildabay_3

2014_matildabay_2  2014_matildabay_11

2014_matildabay_12  2014_matildabay_17



MtLawleyShire Calendars 2014: out of Mt LaweyShire – Matilda Bay (Landscape)

This is an experiment. I am actually doing them because my younger brother in England loves Matilda Bay, but it occurred to me that others might like them too.

So, not MtLawleyShire, but Matilda Bay with river and trees and grass and birds. Shots of Perth City across the river.  And some shots of Autumnal trees 🙂

Again, these are the photos I have chosen, but not all will be in the calendar (there really aren’t that many months in the year), & as I have a trip to Matilda Bay planned on Monday, there might be some more to choose from.  But this should give you an idea.  If you can let me know by next week if you are interested.

This will – I think – be the cover


They are taken over the year, but are not really in ‘seasonal’ order.

2014_matildabay_16  2014_matildabay_13

2014_matildabay_20  2014_matildabay_21

2014_matildabay_8  2014_matildabay_6




2014_matildabay_26  2014_matildabay_22

2014_matildabay_25   2014_matildabay_30

2014_matildabay_37  2014_matildabay_39


MtLawleyShire Calendars 2014: (Portrait) Sunset

This is the other sunset calendar – the portrait one.  Again, I have not settled on all the photos – there are not 20 months in a year.  And it will, like the landscape one, be A4, much as I’d love A3!

As you will see, some of the photos are obviously from the same sunset, just with the camera held the other way.  It’s fun 🙂

Like the Landscape Sunset Calendar, all the photos are from Mt Lawley, around my neighbourhood.

This will be the cover:


There are some real favourites amongst these, as there are in the landscape series

sunset_p_19  sunset_p_16

sunset_p_1  sunset_p_13

sunset_p_11  sunset_p_12

sunset_p_14  sunset_p_10

sunset_p_20  sunset_p_2

sunset_p_9  sunset_p_4

sunset_p_8  sunset_p_15


sunset_p_18  sunset_p_5

sunset_p_7  sunset_p_3

MtLawleyShire 2014 Calendars: Sunset (Landscape)

The photos for the landscape Sunset 2014 Calendar.  To come: (portrait) Sunset Calendar (different shots, often the same sunset) & 2 calendars of Matilda Bay.

It proved impossible to transport Publisher into WordPress – or at least I couldn’t figure out how to do it.   I would love to produce an A3 calendar, but finances won’t stretch to it. It will be A4 and the photos A5.  At least, being small, any flaws in the photograph will be likewise minimised 🙂

As you can see, there are many more photos than months, so not all of these will be chosen (& depending on tomorrow night’s sunset, maybe not all are included!!)

Let me know by Monday if you can.

This will be the cover.


These are not in any particular order (though definite inclusions are towards the end).

sunset_l_10  sunset_l_9

sunset_l_8  sunset_l_4

sunset_l_2  sunset_l_3

sunset_l_15  sunset_l_13

sunset_l_12  sunset_l_6

sunset_l_21  sunset_l_22

sunset_l_24  sunset_l_23

sunset_l_7  sunset_l_1