MtLawleyShire 2014 Calendars – Out of MtLawleyShire, Matilda Bay (portrait)

This is the portrait version of photos for the Matilda Bay Calendar.

There might be others, but for the moment, until I visit Matilda Bay on Monday, these are the photos I will be choosing from.  It is frustrating that there aren’t more months in the year 🙂

Let me know next week 🙂

This will be the cover


And these are some of my favourite photos with the camera taken while being held the other way, and not all will go in the calendar, but…

2014_matildabay_45  2014_matildabay_44

2014_matildabay_43  2014_matildabay_42

2014_matildabay_23  2014_matildabay_27

2014_matildabay_15  2014_matildabay_5

2014_matildabay_1  2014_matildabay_3

2014_matildabay_2  2014_matildabay_11

2014_matildabay_12  2014_matildabay_17



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  1. You have been busy! 🙂


    • woefully :-/
      And you – are you settled in QLD? I haven’t had time to check people’s posts yet – next year, I’m hoping, but I’ve only seen you post of Sri Lanka (I always check the topics)


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