MtLawleyShire Calendars 2014: out of Mt LaweyShire – Matilda Bay (Landscape)

This is an experiment. I am actually doing them because my younger brother in England loves Matilda Bay, but it occurred to me that others might like them too.

So, not MtLawleyShire, but Matilda Bay with river and trees and grass and birds. Shots of Perth City across the river.  And some shots of Autumnal trees 🙂

Again, these are the photos I have chosen, but not all will be in the calendar (there really aren’t that many months in the year), & as I have a trip to Matilda Bay planned on Monday, there might be some more to choose from.  But this should give you an idea.  If you can let me know by next week if you are interested.

This will – I think – be the cover


They are taken over the year, but are not really in ‘seasonal’ order.

2014_matildabay_16  2014_matildabay_13

2014_matildabay_20  2014_matildabay_21

2014_matildabay_8  2014_matildabay_6




2014_matildabay_26  2014_matildabay_22

2014_matildabay_25   2014_matildabay_30

2014_matildabay_37  2014_matildabay_39


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  1. Wendy Strahan says:

    That is a fabulous cover shot Kiera 🙂


  2. That sure is a cover shot Keira! 🙂


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