MtLawleyShire 2014 Calendars: Sunset (Landscape)

The photos for the landscape Sunset 2014 Calendar.  To come: (portrait) Sunset Calendar (different shots, often the same sunset) & 2 calendars of Matilda Bay.

It proved impossible to transport Publisher into WordPress – or at least I couldn’t figure out how to do it.   I would love to produce an A3 calendar, but finances won’t stretch to it. It will be A4 and the photos A5.  At least, being small, any flaws in the photograph will be likewise minimised 🙂

As you can see, there are many more photos than months, so not all of these will be chosen (& depending on tomorrow night’s sunset, maybe not all are included!!)

Let me know by Monday if you can.

This will be the cover.


These are not in any particular order (though definite inclusions are towards the end).

sunset_l_10  sunset_l_9

sunset_l_8  sunset_l_4

sunset_l_2  sunset_l_3

sunset_l_15  sunset_l_13

sunset_l_12  sunset_l_6

sunset_l_21  sunset_l_22

sunset_l_24  sunset_l_23

sunset_l_7  sunset_l_1