Raindrops in MtLawleyShire

On that same Friday, in my garden, raindrops be-gemmed things:

lemon grass bejeweled:


tiny Chives flowers:

garden_4   garden_5


rose bud:

garden_7  garden_8

beautifying a rose past its best:

garden_9  garden_10


rose leaves, although munched by a grasshopper, took on extra beauty:

garden_6  garden_11

and can you shee him? Sheltering beneath the leaf:

garden_12 garden_13

and gleaming on buhenia leaves:


We have had more rain since, so there will be another post or two…


MtLawleyShire’s Roses in December – Red and Pink

Red roses are iconic and there is no shortage of them in the gardens around MtLawleyShire.  They range from light to the deepest of red, from small to large, majestic blooms:

this one has a touch of apricot:


and this a softness:

buds glowing in strong sunlight:

flower_3  flower_2

flower_4  flower_3


flower_4  flower_25

buds in shadow:

flower_1  flower_5

flower_3  flower_2

and opening out into beauty in sunlight and shadow:

flower_5  flower_26

flower_33  flower_2

flower_4  flower_3

flower_6  flower_4

flower_3  flower_5

flower_2  flower_1

flower_2  flower_18

flower_5  flower_1



Mid-October Rain in MtLawleyShire

It rained today – in an October that has seen more dryness and heat than is normal.  So I celebrate with a page of photos of raindrops.

On leaves of jasmine:


drops_6  drops_10

drops_12  drops_13

on jasmine flowers:

drops_2  drops_5

drops_3  drops_11

drops_17  drops_16

on leaves of dragon trees:


petunia leaves:


on dead tendrils:

drops_14  drops_18

on petunia flowers:

flowers_7  flowers_9

scorched roses:

flowers_2  flowers_4

daisies (& the alien exotic is a hoarder, even when barely open):

flowers_1  flowers_8

magnolia bud:


and on Bauhinia buds & flowers:

flowers_3   flowers_6


Walking with flowers in MtLawleyShire

A clutch of flowers gathered over a week or so, though this first isn’t a flower.  I’ve been trying for ages to catch the way this crystal hanging in my courtyard catches the light and I’ve almost got it with this.


More ‘light catching’ – sunlight turning leaves emerald beyond a garden gate


a bee in sunflower-like flowers (it begins with a ‘d’ but I can’t remember the name of the flower except that they’re not sunflowers)

bee_2  bee_3


roses – my favourite is this one:


flower_3  flower_1

flower_4  flower_8

frangipani 🙂

flower_2  flower_2

light tangled in grass seed heads:


two types of Grevillea – brush and lower ground cover type:

flower_4  flower_10

bottlebrush – that delicate pink and a deeper shade:

flower_3  flower_5

coral blossom:


the glorious colour of this geranium-type flower:


Honeysuckle, scented even if a little bedraggled:

flower_6  flower_5

Petunias in the garden, and looking deep into their hearts – as a friend said: a bee’s eye view 🙂

petunia_1 petunia_2

petunia_3  petunia_4


And no, she’s not a flower, but she is in the garden – amongst the lemon grass 🙂


I hope you enjoyed these flowers.

Another sunset soon…


MtLawleyShire: Other People’s Gardens – Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses, and apricot and indeterminate – mixed reds and yellows, orangey, pinkish-yellow – all of those.  It’s the last roses post.

I’ve read somewhere that the yellow rose signifies friendship, but in another source, it was treachery or jealousy.  I guess it depends what university you went to.  The white signifies purity, and the red rose we take as meaning love, but for the Romans, it was secrecy.

Whatever meaning we place on them, they’re beautiful and fragrant and as ephemeral as life.

Odd buds, tight and jealous of their colour:

rose_8  rose_9

Are these pink, but turned orange-gold by sunset?

rose_3  rose_4



Pink and yellow:

rose_6  rose_1



In the red orange spectrum:

rose  evening rose_1





rose_6  yellow

rose_4  rose_5


definitely yellow:

yellow rosewest perth_rose_3

yellow_2  yellow





next: flowers of different sorts…

MtLawleyShire: In Other People’s Gardens – Pink Roses

The second of the flowers – Pink roses this time.  Sometimes, the light confuses the colour, but they were all, I promise you, pink – or pink & white, or pink going into white, or pinkish.  Just – well, definitely not red.  Mostly 🙂

These two were caught in brilliant sunlight.

rose_6  rose_5


As was this bud:



Caught in sunsetty light which golds their pale colour:


evening rose_2  rose_5


Some rather lovely buds:





rose_3  west perth rose_1


west perth rose_2  rose_7

little pink  rose_7



And varying pink roses, including an astonishingly stripped one, in varying shades of pink, and in various stages of opening:

rose  pink again


pink  rose_1


rose_2    pink_another

exceptionally pink

and this – so rich and full:




what colour next?  White? Yellow?  Or will it be other flowers….

Heartbreak in MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park

I don’t know what to say about Hyde Park.  It hurts every time I go down there.  This should be the start of the most beautiful tome, but the place is a ruin.  Certainly opportunities for taking photographs is very limited.

You are not allowed into the native area:


The beauty of the plane trees has been compromised by the lopping of all their lower branches:

ruins_2 compromised beauty

The island where all the bottle brush flowered?

Do you remember this? (last September)

bottlebrush_2 bottlesbrush_1

Now it looks like this:

ruins ruins_4 ruins_8

The graceful avenue around the ponds?

ruins_6 ruins_3

Many of the paths are compromised – behind this hoarding is a huge trench where they are laying pipes.  I was told they were intending to establish a reed bed to clean the water as it flows down the hill when (if) it rains, but I don’t understand what the pipes are for:


And it is not just the plane trees that are being lopped:

ruins_9 ruins_5

But I found a few angles:

A small moreton bay fig


Trees as frames

variety  the frame

An unspoilt corner:

secret world_Hyde Park_Feb

A heron in one of the ponds:

heron_Hyde Park  heron_Hyde Park_2

Finally, some plane trees in the strong, hot light of a supposedly Autumnal sun:

contrasts  light

It hurts, seeing the park in such a state, and I am not the only one horrified by what is happening.  I have been told the works are not following the guidelines laid down by the conservation society and I will be following that up over the next couple of weeks.

& I took some other photos here and there:

a lovely pink rose & red roses in a roadside garden:

pink and white  red folds

bud and beastie  bud

roadside red  half open

Cloud blossom on a tree in William Street – with a bee!

bee in cloud blossom

Galahs on a telephone pole in the evening:

galahs in the evening

And finally, a hibiscus flower caught in the lowering light of a hot day:

hibiscus in sunlight

bit of a mixed bag, this post, fill of as much ugliness as beauty.

I am so saddened by what is happening in Hyde Park.  I don’t know that I will be producing a calendar this year 😦


A little walk in MtLawleyShire – flowers, trees, sunset and moonrise

Another little walk (to get cat biscuits and bread) & in the hot windy late afternoon – so much beauty which was unexpected.  I had thought most roses would be scorched by the sun & I didn’t expect all the trees with blossom!

Roses – sweet things amongst sun-scorched ruins of older blooms:

amongst ruins  wee walk_26


pretty pink ones:

amost perfect pink wee walk_1

Ones like vanilla ice cream with raspberry topping (as a friend described it) and lovely yellow:

folds young yellow rose

gloriously sun-kissed :

gloriously sunlit

and rich, beautiful red:

rich red rose


wee walk_2  wee walk_3


wee walk_4

native eucalypt blossom:

yellow blossom_1  wee walk_5

wee walk_19  wee walk_27


this is a pigeon-berry bush – yes, bush.  This particular specimen is over 100 years old and has been saved by people who have also saved a lovely old heritage listed place, turning it into a family hoe complete with 2 dogs & a gorgeous garden.  The strange shape is apparently quite strong, though it has lost some branches.

wee walk_7  wee walk_8

My lovely friend, the lemon-scented gum:

wee walk_11 wee walk_13

wee walk_12

A tree in someone’s backyard now visible because three old houses on William Street were demolished – there will probably be boxy ugly flats with no gardens at all erected.  I am glad to see this tree and even gladder it is safe in someone else’s backyard:

wee walk_6  wee walk_15

Peppermint tree & ancient eucalypt – the one with the soft fluffy yellow blossoms (those I always associate with May Gibbs Snugglepot and Cuddlepie)

wee walk_14 wee walk_17

Tall trees growing straight on a street verge:

wee walk_20   wee walk_16

wee walk_22

wee walk_23

Jacaranda in sunlight and pied beauty on the corner of William Street:

wee walk_24  wee walk_25

Sheoak leaves against the sky:

wee walk_30

Sunset: quiet with wind calligraphy written in a light pen:

wee walk_29  wee walk_31

wee walk_37  wee walk_10

the clouds low on the horizon looked like a wave of flames – presaging the heat gone & to come the next day:


wee walk_34  wee walk_39

wee walk_32  wee walk_35

wee walk_36

And then, the moon:

wee walk_28  wee walk_38

wee walk_33

full moon and golden

Finally, last glow of light in the sky


yes – it was a busy little afternoon walk 🙂  I hope that this has not been too many photos…