MtLawleyShire Sunset 23 October 2013

& there’s the last – taken last night.  The pattern of clouds was reminiscent of bushfire, though I am not aware there were any (MtLawleyShire in Perth is on the other side of the continent from the terrible fires in the Blue Mountains in NSW).

I hadn’t expected anything remarkable apart from its beauty:



The sun above the clouds was all glare:

sunset_3  sunset_4

Then it sank behind a film of cloud:

sunset_5  sunset_6


sunset_7  sunset_8



And then – it sank between one cloud bank and the rest:

sunset_10  sunset_11

sunset_12  sunset_13

sunset_14  sunset_15


sunset_16  sunset_17





leaving colour smeared across the sky

sunset_20  sunset_21

sunset_22  sunset_23


and colour faded, leaving space for night:


And now I must return to self-imposed silence as I get on with finishing the PhD.

I am looking forward to catching up on all you blogs 🙂 & so is the sunset-lit Fattee Cattee







MtLawleyShire Sunset: 13 October 2013 – by Van Gogh

I had to post this – it was so unusual, so stunning, I wanted to share.

This sunset started out in an unspectacular fashion and continued as though there was a painter in the sky wielding a mystical brush, swathing a patch of sky in swirls of colour:


sunset_2  sunset_3

and here come the swirls and sweeps of brushed on colour as though Van Gogh stepped up:

sunset_4  sunset_5


The swirled about light of the sun!

sunset_6  sunset_7

sunset_8  sunset_9


sunset_11  sunset_12



sunset_14  sunset_15

A different painter stepped onto the stage for the last of it:

sunset_16  sunset_17

sunset_18  sunset_19



MtLaweyShire Sunset Monday 21 October 2013

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while, but there was this sunset – actually, there have been 3 and I’m posting them a little out of order.

This one, last Monday, struck me because of it’s amazing delicacy:

sunset_2  sunset_3


The way light was split almost on an axis into night & day

sunset_4  sunset_5

sunset_6  sunset_7


& the clouds themselves were amazing:

sunset_8  sunset_9

sunset_10  sunset_11

The colour change change teh atmosphere of it completely:

sunset_12  sunset_13


It looked like a painting:

sunset_14  sunset_15

sunset_16  sunset_17


And pink spread far and wide, even south – this is looking down William Street towards the city with night creeping behind.


Out of MtLawleyShire: Matilda Bay & apologies

This will probably be my last post for another little while – so much study, and I am getting there!  And then I will spend happy hours catching up with all your posts.  There are so many I wanted to look at but they come so this and fast!

But this was a visit to Matilda Bay this week – the day after I went to Kings Park and the weather had turned gloomy and colder. There were almost no flowers, just these – a white non-native where last year there had been massed ground covering Grevillea. Very sad to see places fall into neglect.  And the flowers of the cape lilac tree, filling the air with subtle perfume.  These trees are also regarded as ferals, but they are delicate additions to a landscape of leaves.

weed  matilda bay_3

There don’t seem to be any cygnets on the Swan River this year, but the family from last year is still here.  I have played with these photos – I might use them as cards.  What do you think?

matilda bay_10  swan_1


matilda bay_9  swan_3


swan_5  swan_6

swan_4  swan_4

I caught a raven, on the grass, then in the huge old cypress, cawing to other members of his family:

raven  raven_1


and trees: the contrasts with brilliant Spring leaves of plane trees against the native greens in the darkening day,

matilda bay_4  matilda bay_2


matilda bay_1  matilda bay_8

matilda bay_6

And here are clouds gathering across the Swan, and a rain cell dumping its load over South Perth and parts east towards the hills.

matilda bay_12  matilda bay_11


Now this guy? Not hovering over Matilda Bay – he’s hovering over the roofs of MtLawleyShire, near my own little house, reminding me to get back home and onto the computer and WORK! A sparrowhawk. Not a great photo, but still – I am happy with it. He wasn’t just hanging there!


I hope you enjoyed this little excursion.  I will be back, and looking forward to catching up with you all.


Out of MtLawleyShire: Kings Park #3 – Trees

The real wonder of Kings Park is not the gorgeousness of the wildflowers – the beauty of Kings Park are its trees.  I took quite a few photos, because I cannot resist trees and these are some of the most beautiful in the whole city (she says, having not really been everywhere…)

But I know some of you (and Bulldog in particular) will enjoy this post.

They are everywhere, the trees – viewed through a Victorian era tea pavilion to the city beyond

trees_3  trees_4

Magnificent and ancient conifers:

trees_5  trees_6

trees_8  trees_7

trees_9  trees_10


Trees frame the city:

trees_12  trees_17

trees_13  trees_18

trees_33  trees_221


Flowering bottlebrush look beautiful against massed greens

trees_14  trees_15

trees_16  trees_36

The occasional oak in new bright green is startling against the more subtle blue-grey greens of native trees:


trees_31  trees_35


especially in contrast with the always ancient looking peppermint trees – & this one tossing in the bright warm wind that day:

trees_32  trees_34


but the real beauties are the wonderful eucalypts,growing in natural settings throughout this ordered part of the park, backdrops to large lawned areas and planted areas of the Botanical gardens before the wilderness starts:

trees_24  trees_26


trees_25  trees_29



Along the edges of the cliff, framing views of the river:


and these – grown in avenues along the road to commemorate fallen soldiers:


trees_23  trees_27


trees_19  trees_22


I love the trees, and wish I could’ve got better views of the avenues of tall trunks, white in the light.  But there was very heavy traffic, people everywhere.  Maybe when the school holidays are over…

I hope you enjoyed this last post from my visit to King’s Park 🙂



Out of MtLawleyShire: Kings Park Wildflowers #2 – en masse

It’s very difficult to get the wide sweep of flowers – Kings Park is in the middle of the city, but it is a large part of wilderness apart from the planted areas. And these fields are ‘planted’ so some extent – sweeps of wildflowers that wouldn’t fit in my little camera, but hopefully you get some idea of the sweeps of colour that are possible.  One day, I would love to see them in the wild where they can ‘paint’ great swathes of landscape in brilliance.


kings park_49  kings park_48

kings park_47  kings park_46

kings park_45  kings park_42


kings park_38  kings park_37

kings park_34  kings park_33

kings park_23  kings park_34

and then there are the massed kangaroo paws:

kings park_22  kings park_43


kings park_13  kings park_33


kings park_41


the colour of these spaces is wonderful.

And so are the trees, but you will have to wait for another day.  It is time I went to bed 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my so short few hours walking in the flowered places of Kings Park.


Out of MtLawleyShire: Kings Park Wildflowers #1

I finally got to Kings park early this week – on a sunny day that was, sadly, very windy. Many of my photos were spoilt by the wind shifting about flowers and leaves.  But I did get some shots evocative of the beauty of the wildflowers that paints Western Australia’s wild places in the festival held at Kings Park every year.

Because I was so late going this year, many of the flowers were either finished or almost.  But still, there are a few 🙂

I have split the post into individual flowers (this one) and massed flower displays (next one)

The first thing I saw made me laugh with delight – an old rusted out Holden, an iconic car in Australian culture – planted with wildflowers.  Quite delightful.

kings park_28  kings park_27

kings park_35  kings park_29

kings park_36

I don’t know many of the flower’s names, so shall just post with comments.

Kangaroo paws:

This is the most iconic of the kangaroo paws – the red and green

kings park_20 kings park_24


kings park_19  kings park_18


kings park_3

these ones:

kings park_2  kings park_25

and red!

kings park_50


& my favourite – the south-west Kangaroo paw:

kings park_11  kings park_16


kings park_6  kings park_12

kings park_14

eucalypt flower – it makes gumnuts and was the last left on the tree:

kings park_1

Bottlebrush flowers – the first is a round fluffy, puff-flower-ball at the junction of two small twigs.  Utterly gorgeous.

kings park_32  kings park_31


I don’t know what these are but I love their delicacy. There’s 2 different types, and they are at the end of their flowering, so I was lucky to get them:

kings park_15  kings park_17

kings park_39  kings park_40

I call this red fluffballs – they are tiny.

kings park_8

Rare Grevillea – not the best photo, but it was soooo windy.

kings park_5


I don’t know what these are, but I like them.  The green ones are like pom-poms.

kings park_7  kings park_10


the ‘bacon and egg’ flower and – well, I don’t know what it is

kings park_21  kings park_44

little white ones

kings park_4     kings park_9

A branch of Geraldton wax flowers and a type of little ‘paper’ flower.  They can be dried and will last forever without losing their colour:

kings park_26  kings park_30


I hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers 🙂

Next post: Kings Park wildflowers en masse


MtLaweyShire’s Wildflowers in the rain

There’s a small park on the edge of MtLawleyShire, on it’s – um – northern, or north-western borders (the borders are somewhat variable and I think, once, this park would’ve been just outside the borders, but no longer!) and there are some pretty wildflowers there – but this week, it rained, heavily, was a dark and gloomy sort of morning, but still – flowers.

My camera would not stay in my bag.

So, wildflowers bejewelled:

Fringed bottlebrush:

flower_2 flower_3

flower_7  flower_9

I was fascinated with the way the raindrops hung on the spines:

flower_12  flower_6

What I call pink fluffballs, but with the raindrops (giving you a clue as to their real size) they go from being pretty to stunning:

flower_4  flower_5


flower_11  flower_13

A Banksia – I love the flowers grow on the ground in some of these, and a secret Grevillea:

flower_1  flower_10

and trees, darkened by rain:


trees_1    trees_2

Spooky tree in the gloomy light:



& a wee friendly light willy wagtail:



Native wildflowers in and around MtLawleyShire

I must get to Kings Park for the wildflowers, but for the moment, in my little ‘shire’ there are wildflowers in gardens and parks:

Orange kangaroo paw

kangaroo paw kaplan_kangaroo paw_1

kaplan_kangaroo paw_3  kaplan_kangaroo-paw_2


flower_3  flower_2

flower_1  flowers_5

Pink bottlebrush:

pink_1  pink_2

pink_3  last of the light_2

a variety of native wildflowers from a park:

I think this is called a candle Banksia



these make me think of custard:

flowers_2  flowers_7

Pink & fluffy & delicate purple:

flowers_9  flowers_6


like a pink cushion:



rare Grevillea in shadows and a fringed type of bottlebrush:

flowers_10  flowers_11



flowers_1       flowers_8

& these gorgeous little things:


& the scarlet bottle brush:


white_2  white_1


Spring around MtLawleyShire

Flowers everywhere.

September was the wettest month for over 100 years in Perth, which means I haven’t been able to see any wildflowers yet.  But there were the occasional walks around my little ‘shire’ and there were gardens filled with flowers.

A rare grevillea at Mt Lawley campus of Edith Cowan University, between falls of rain and just before the big wind storm started (it lasted 3 days!).grevillea

Kangaroo paw about to burst open into flower

kangaroo paw  opening


Street side gardens:

street garden_1


street garden_2  street garden_3


Marigolds in someone’s garden (the owner of this garden is a lovely old lady with the sweetest old dog who often shares her powered chair)




a purple iris in one of those gardens, and buds on a tree (no, I don’t know its name but love the colour):

purple iris  flowers

Hawthorn, I think (sweet-smelling), in someone’s garden:

in someone's garden

in my sodden little garden: Geraldton wax & the first of the lemon-scented geranium flowers:


geraldton wax  lemon scented geranium


& the sweetest flower of all:




I will have more flower posts…