A quick trip to MtLawleyShire’s university

I had to drop off some books at the Mount Lawley campus of Edith Cowan University, where I’m doing my PhD, & on the way back to the carpark, saw some trees in flower.  Some were difficult to photograph as the flowers were very shiny & the sunlight was so bright, but hopefully this gives you an idea:


Others were lovely, the epitome of Australian gum tree blossom, though the tree itself is a strange one, very striking with the young branches and twigs white, like the gumnuts left behind after the flower had finished, the green leaves and dark trunks.




These are so newly opened they still have their caps on

There were other trees, but I had only a little time, so just this one with its height and intriguing bark:


and that’s all.  And I got to return my books before they were overdue 🙂


a short trip out of MtLawleyShire

I went to one of my favourite places to meet a friend – Matilda Bay on the banks of the Swan River.  It wasn’t a long visit, so there was no wandering amongst trees – we had coffee and a wonderful chat, but there was time for a few photos.

The first thing I noticed was the floating pier in the river was almost completely covered in cormorants.  It was rally hard to fit them all in!


Just below where we sat overlooking the river was a small Grevillea bush with its brilliant scarlet flowers:



There is a lovely mix of trees all around the cafe.  Here is Cape Lilac, gum trees and a massive, ancient cypress:

I love the massive strength of the trunk of this cypress:

A cockatoo – I think it’s a major mitchell, but I’m probably wrong) alone in a  tree.  Later I saw a whole flock of them searching for seeds on the grass but – silly me! – I didn’t get a photo.

A lovely stripey sort of gum tree:


It was a short visit 🙂  Hope you enjoyed.