Moon over MtLawleyShire: more pictorial adventures

More adventures with my little camera.  Last night, I took photos of the moon last night & included them in the post on a sunset last week.

I have just taken photos of the moon tonight & this time, I have noted the settings and the best is this one:  Manual setting:

moon_manual setting

Auto setting.  The worst of them

moon_auto setting

enhanced colour – interesting but not quite right.

moon_Sunset setting

Super vivid isn’t bad:

moon_super vivid setting

ISO 100 – pretty good.

moon_portrait setting

Portrait setting is surprising:

moon_P setting_ISO100

should be brave more often: Manual setting is the best though portrait setting surprised me.


Another MtLawleyshire Sunset

This is during the last week, but for the last couple of days, I have either been working or the sky has been utterly clear – like last night, although I managed to get this shot of the moon.  It’s heavily cropped, so the sky is a bit grainy, but I am very happy with the moon itself:


As I was trying out the new camera settings, here are all the photos I took with the different settings:

Half_3 half_color filter

If only I could remember what the settings were!  There were a couple of others but I am ashamed to say I MOVED!  Oh dear!!

Now, onto that neglected sunset – well almost.  First, a white cockatoo flying above sunset & a bottlebrush flower

above sunset  bottlebrush

Fellow sunset watcher: a singing honeyeater

singing honeyeater

Now – MtLawleyshire’s sunset: it started gold, almost benign:

broad glow  hints of cloud

momentary brilliance  desolation

As the sun sank, clouds whisped in & the silhouettes and light made the shots look like stills from a horror film:

Horror still_2  heat

Horror still_3

It was also the light itself contributing to that sense of something inimical:

golden swirls     horror still_1

Heat_2  intensity

a close-up of those golden swirls:

the swirls

The more distant view:

Horror still_4 horror still_5

turneresque  reaching

These are more ‘Turneresque’ in feel:

turneresque_2  light painting

The last of it, with the sky darkening:

heat of dying day

No – not a sunset, but my fluffy gorgeous girl coming down to see what I am doing:

wrong setting

& finally – do you remember the rose the lovely Italian lady gave me?  Here are inside shots of the rose in a vase on my desk.  Me playing with the flash & settings:

inside rose_1 inside rose_2

inside rose_4  inside rose_3

Just a beautiful rose, and the perfume was divine.

inside rose_5

I hope you enjoyed this sunset & roses – & moon!

Keira 🙂


Out of mtlawleyshire #2: Trees in the University grounds

Here is the 2nd of the posts from my little outing yesterday to the University of Western Australia.  I can’t include all the photos. – there’s too many.

All these are from within the university grounds, and only a small portion of the grounds at that, but I was still spoilt for choice.  And it was raining, raining, raining!

First, a massive conifer – the detail of the trunk attracted me:


Then a massive tree I saw from a doorway:


It is really a huge tree:

the colours of bark in a group of trees outside the faculty where I met my friend:


2 trees: the one behind is a scribbly gum – more on them later

just love the alien look of this

a series of tall, wet gums:




Now the lemon scented gum.  Of course I would take photos of this lovely tree.  Though I was hampered by rain threatening to fall on the lens of my little camera.  I’m quite sure that would be disaster!



Trees and foliage from across the lawn



The moreton bay fig.  I love how they gleam in the wet:



Now – the scribbly gum.  It gets its name from the bark which is, I read somewhere, caused by little greeblies munching through the bark – obviously not harming the tree, just giving this bark the look of having been scribbled on.  When I next go to the uni, if it’s a fine day, I will take more photos.  I love rain, but it does – well, it hampers some activities.



Of course there are plane trees, most around the internal carparks.  But the detail of the trunk, with the gloss of rain shine, brings out the most wonderful colours and reminds me I must go down to Hyde Park again before too long.


These guys are everywhere, especially around what used to be known as the Arts Department (where I did my Masters).


detail of a beautiful trunk.

These were taken from across an oval while the rain was pouring down – though you can’t see the rain.


The most untidy of all the trees: stringy bark!


just beautiful trees:


and home – well, it was still raining so she was inside on the armchair amongst the books

There are so many photos I didn’t include.  Heaps.  And now I’ve run out of time to do another post, but they will remain on my computer for use another time.

I hope this wasn’t too large and that you enjoyed it.

Keira 🙂

Bellissimo – an urban sunset over mtlawleyshire

I didn’t walk further than the corner to catch the sunset.

The houses there have wild, secretive gardens and in one, flowering wattle spilled over the fence.  It was after sunset when I took these, and I’m afraid they’re not too clear at all.  My little camera doesn’t handle low light at all well, and the flash would flare everything out.  Sigh.


so I played a little – though not sure the results are all that fantastic.


There are peppermint street trees on this particular corner.  Not anciently thick, craggy ones like those in the heart of mtlawleyshire.  These are younger, slimmer and haven’t achieved their full form yet.  When they do, they will be amazing – they have incredibly divided trunks – which might mean they were chopped down at some stage and have grown from the stump, though I couldn’t see any sign of that.  And they were taken against the sunset:


But beautiful against the sky:

and this is in a garden – a mix of trees, their foliage against evening:

And here is the sunset:



I actually spent most of the time I usually take photos talking to an old lady who lives on the corner where I was taking photos.  She hardly spoke any English, yet she came here from Italy 44 years ago.  She never went to school, never worked, but spent most of the time looking after her elderly parents.  Her children?  One is in Italy, the other visits every now and then.  Yet she didn’t seem at all worried.  I’m glad I made her laugh.  She agreed that the sunset was ‘bellissimo’  🙂

a brief trip out of mtlawleyshire

It was a very brief trip, to West Perth, and I didn’t have long at all, but of course, there were trees 🙂

It’s an area of businesses and specialist consulting rooms, and just a few blocks from King’s Park, but its been altered and re-altered.  All the buildings are modern and there are not many ancient trees.  Most of the street trees are either the box tree (not a favourite of mine & not a native either) or peppermint trees.

Here is a young one, and it’s not really visible in the picture, but it has a supporting stake.  It won’t be long before it no longer needs it.

It certainly looks small against its adult neighbours:


There was also a Cape Lilac tree.  These are not natives, and most regard them as pests, but they are tall graceful things with lovely arrangements of leaves and branches.  And – in Spring, they have clusters of tiny lilac flowers and spread a lovely perfume over the area.  Yes, they do spread seedlings everywhere, but I still love them:

their branches are long and graceful, the leaves a bright, intense green, dappling trunks and ground with shadow patterns.



There was, within the short area I walked (half a block) only the one tall gum, too tall even though it looked to be fairly young, to fit within the camera’s frame (I couldn’t walk back far enough without entering a building!):


and it had a sapling, difficult to photograph clearly in the surroundings:


Mostly, there were box trees. I think it’s one of the Queensland Box tree.   These I consider unfriendly – I like going barefoot & these trees drop gum nuts everywhere and shed leaves all year around.  It’s a painful experience, treading on those gum nuts and all the leaves just make the areas around them dry and dead looking.  But, I must admit, some of these trees do have wonderfully tangled branches:



Box tree in front and the tall young gum behind:

A street of box trees:

some have variegated leaves which looks odd:

There was a glimpse of the city over the tree tops ( I nearly got run over taking this one!):

& just in case you thought she wasn’t going to appear:

Fast sleep 🙂

Mtlawleyshire, night and fairy tales

I walked down William Street today, on the way to meet a friend for coffee.  It had been strange day – all day it had been cloudy, as though the air itself was brooding.  No rain, just heavy air and a silence despite the sounds of traffic.  She wasn’t happy to see me go.

I was surprised to see the cloud blossom trees in flower – different trees this time



Some flowers, a little closer.  They are just a little too high for me to get a good shot without zooming (I am rather small)


This one had grown to envelope a telephone pole 🙂


The first of the next shots is the last of the wattle, and this brilliantly red tree caught my eye amongst all the green street trees. One day, I will go down that street. So much green!  All those trees!


And here is my old friend, the lemon-scented gum that is so massive you can’t fit it into a photo without standing almost a block away.  It is one of the largest trees in the area, and that includes the Moreton Bay figs of Hyde park!



I love how the great branches taper through the chaos of smaller branches into the delicate tangled tracery of thin long flexible twigs which is where most of the leaves are.


And now, Hyde Park.  I hadn’t realized how dark it was  when I got there, and my little camera doesn’t do well in low light.  So, many of the photos were blurred. As a result, I had some fun 🙂

These first 2 are from when I walked beneath the trees and too shots of the branches against the canopy.  There was enough light between the leaves to confuse the camera’s sensors.


Then the Moreton Bay figs.


This next one intrigued me with its almost fluted pillars:

here they are a little closer:



The next shots I took were all blurred.  I played when I got home – with the images:



I took a shot of the water, but I was still too far into the trees

This is what it actually looked like when I came out from under the trees: the water green with algae.  It has been very warm the last few days, and warm nights as well.  It is not good for the water quality, as there is now so little of it.

But I didn’t stay. I was running late for my coffee date, and the light was no good for taking photos, so I left, but not without taking some more.  And when I got home, none of them were any good.  So I played and discovered the secret fairy tale world within Hyde Park:


I will have to discover more of this world, I think 🙂

Over the road from the cafe is a florist, and I found these: Banksia flowers:


I will have to find trees somewhere for you.  They don’t grow in Mt Lawley Shire – I have to go further out, or maybe King’s Park.

Finally, the cafe – and here is a corner.  I like all the lines and wooden boxes and cups (for me to have my coffee in!)

Here are some shots of the city from the cafe.  It is a different perspective from the post I did above the city – those 3 buildings I last saw from above!

And here is Beaufort Street looking north – the way I went home.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk.  Next time – my magnolia flower.

Keira 🙂

Clouds over mtlawleyshire

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but I then saw these photos of clouds and sunsets that sunsets that don’t seem to have much fire, and I played around with contrasts and –

well, it was really interesting.

The first six photos are not really enhanced, but a little light & dark contrasts to bring into focus what I saw that day.  What do you see?


and a few days later:


See anything?

These next were of a not especially vibrant sunset.  I played with the contrasts to produce almost violent images.  I’ve included the milder originals for comparison.

Fascinating, isn’t it.  I don’t normally do this to my photographs, and now that I’ve done it – I have to wonder: how do we trust the image?  I have taken literally hundreds of sunsets over the last summer, and some are incredibly colourful, almost violent, and intense with clouds and sunset flaring through them with so much heat and intense colour – those you probably wouldn’t believe were not enhanced, but I haven’t done a damn thing to them.  Still, this has been a very interesting exercise.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I know – it’s not as pretty as flowers & neither are they as graceful as trees, but I like clouds too 🙂

In my garden

Little post – not flowers or trees, because I did no walking today & there are not many flowers in my garden.  There, is, however, a cat, a dragon, many bells (though I only photographed one) and leaves.  Lots of leaves.

I took photos and then played ….

the dragon:


The tree fern (in front of a painting):



the wee temple bell – can you see it?  It is at an awkward angle to photograph.

& of course – kitty:

now I better get back to work…

enjoy 🙂

quick photos

I’m not well, so no long walk in the park or anywhere else today.  I sat in a cafe on Beaufort Street briefly and took a few photos of a sunset swallowed by blessed clouds.  We might get some rain tomorrow – a light morning shower.  But the really good thing is that rain is forecast from Sunday to at least next Friday.  The bad thing is that I might be in hospital and will miss walking in the park with rain dripping off leaves, listening to the ducks quack as rain dimples the surface of what water remains.

I am glad I took photos of the cloud blossoms when I did and I will post them soon.

For the moment, just these, and I played with the editing suite a little …

I loved the look of the clouds building behind the buildings opposite the cafe, & making the photos black and white gives the clouds surprising power.


This photo, of clouds behind the city, was not altered, only framed.  But it is so grey apart from that patch of pale sky.

This is an old building so I made it into an  ‘old looking’ photo, and actually, the bricks in reality are only a little darker 🙂

And now – a couple of sunset photos.  I didn’t feel well enough to chase up and down street corners, and was a bit late for the subdued nature of it, all swallowed by clouds, blessed clouds 🙂

The colours aren’t altered, all I have done is frame them with a border:


Just a short post.  Hopefully, I will feel better soon.  Now I must get back to work.


& I forgot!  Oh – how could I forget – Of course she was waiting for me while I photographed the sunset, but it was windy so she was all blurry, so I played with her photo too:

Black & White

The idea for these came from a blog post by Don Cuney in his blog: Bad Puppet Productions –

His black & white flowers were so striking.

I have no flowers in my garden at the moment, only green, some of which are ferns, and beneath some:



I like the top 2 best.