Rain in MtLawleyShire

It’s the last day of Winter, by the calendar at least, as Spring has been here for a couple of weeks or more.  But it is a suitably wintry day with rain and wind and gloom, though at the moment it’s sunny.

But when it rains, I love to go out with the camera and see what I can catch.  It was too windy to be really successful, but I caught a few amidst the rain and gloom.  I love it when I actually get the rain:


amidst the wind, there were moments of stillness where I caught raindrops on jasmine leaves:

drops_3  drops_4

on hanging remains of spider plant fronds:

drops_2  drops_11

on leaves of dead spider plant fronds and the ends of jasmine twigs:

drops_10  drops_7

on the loops limbs of jasmine branches:


on the thin fronds of tiger trees:


on the petals of a nasturtium and amongst clumps of unbowed freesia:

drops_9  drops_6

& then the sun came out:



Bees in MtLawleyShire

I do love bees.  Who doesn’t?  They help all the flowers, all the fruits, all the yummy things in life.  And they make honey.  The ones here are all the European bees.  I have seen our native bees which have blue bands, and seen them in my garden as well, but have as yet to catch one with the camera.

so – here are bees on native flowers, Grevillea and bottlebrush type flowers:

bee_1  bee_4

bee_2  bee_3


bee_6  bee_7


on other flowers:

bee_hp_1  bee_hp_2

bee_2  bee_3

bee_1 bee_2


bee_9  bee_10

on borage:

bee_1  bee_3

on a daisy:

bee_2  bee_3


and finally – in my garden, on the lavender:

bee_1  bee_4


bee_7 bee_8

I do love it when I get their little faces:


bee_2 bee_3

bee_4 bee_5

MtLawleyShire’s zygocactus

It is that time of year – when my zygocactus flowers.  I just love these flowers – their outrageous colour, their intricate form, and the way they hang on the delicate fronds.  Look at they sideways & they fall off.

Let me share some pictures with you:



water drops_2  water drops_7

water drops_10  water drops_8


water drops_3

after heavy rain that overflowed the gutters & flooded the courtyard – & everything in it.  It must’ve been very heavy for the zygocactus to get wet, but I am not sorry.  It did no damage & just added to their beauty.

water drops_4  delicacy_2


delicacy_2  water drops_1


water drops_5  water drops_6

water drops_11  water drops_9

& then the flowers, looking as though they dance or dive, in sunlight & shadow:

zygocactus  dancing


delicacy_4  delicacy_1

water drops_12  flower_3

delicacy_3  flower_2

halflit  diving


They are incredibly lovely, these flowers, coming from an almost ugly plant.

After this flowering, I will repot it and hopefully, next year, wherever I am, it will have even more flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post 🙂


MtLawleyShire: flowers, from other people’s gardens – mostly.

It’s a while since I’ve had the time to post, but that hasn’t stopped me taking photos and here is at least a week’s worth of flowers.



golden  yellow

creamy white, and white & pink:

white  creamy white

with sunlit leaf


red at sunset  red

red_1  red_light

side on

sunset lit:

red bud  red bud_2


And these next ones are miniature roses from my garden:

minature rose_5  minature rose_1

minature rose_4

minature rose_3  minature rose_2

Mixed flowers – of varying quality, sadly.  The gerberas suffered from the wind 😦

gerbera  pink gerbera

and I enjoy playing with sunlight:

trympet flowers (I have no idea of their real name)

trumpets in the sun  sunlit

Mexican rose, pretty in all light but extra lovely here:

mexican rose

pretty things from gardens on the verge:

daisy_1  a flower

and now – flowers of a different sort – fungi growing from the bottom of an empty plant pot in my little courtyard:

fungii_1  fungii_2  fungii_3

& fully open:

fungii_1  fungii_2

fungii_3  fungii_4

fungii_5  fungii_6


finally – what post is complete without the fluffiest flower of them all:

fattee cattee

Hope you enjoyed this flowery offering 🙂

New Camera – small pictorial adventures from MtLawleyShire

It does Macro, my new camera.  It’s another Canon Powershot, but it’s an sx160 – 16mp & 16 optical zoom.  I have started exploring.

Here is a bee – a terrible misadventure: it fell into a jug of iced water.  I recused it with a long-handled spoon and after these shots, it flew away, recovered.

before falling  half drowned


And flowers!  Oh!  Here is a tiny star jasmine flower & a tiny chamomile daisy flower

tiny chinese jasmine flower_macro  chamomile daisy

and the tiny, delicate lemon-scented geranium flowers

lemon geranium flowers_Macro_2 lemon geranium flowers_macro

it zooms beautifully (16 optical zoom): other type of jasmine:

jasmine - zoomed

Christmas ornaments

more ornaments  ornament_new camera

& very close – trying to play (unsuccessfully) with reflections:

ornament and reflections_macro

tree flowers or – well – green pom-pom things (very spiky!)

purple flower on a potted tree_new camera  spiky pom-pom tree

& just flowers: a rose bud sheltered from the searing heat of the day & a daisy

sheltered from the sun  daisy

& the singing honeyeaters in my garden – the zoom is far more powerful, giving wonderfully clear pics:

wet from the bath  singing or complaining

singing honeyeater at the birdbath

And I saw a face in the ivy cascading over my fence.  My own ‘green man’.

green man_face in the ivy

Finally – isn’t she beautiful 🙂

watching  waiting

I think my new camera and I will get on OK together.

a suburban memorium

I love the Singing Honeyeaters, and for a couple of years now, they have been visiting my little courtyard.  Last year, one couple nested.  This year, there were 2 couples.  One on the left side – in the ivy growing over the carport, and one on the right, in the untidy hedge over my neighbour’s pergola roof.

They have become accustomed to me, and I am sure the adults have swooped my fluffy friend as she tends to slink away when they’re around.

Over the last week, I had seen the adults with young ones in the spindly, vigourous potted trees on the right side of my little courtyard, and it was wonderful watching the adults swoop and hover, catching insects which they ferried to the peeping younglings.

On the other side, the youngling finally came out – and sat on the fence along the carport while the adults did the food thing. I watched for ages, coming out with the camera and going back in.  I was worried
cause the adults seemed to leave the wee one alone a lot.  But, although it seemed tempted by low flying insects, when i made a noise, it flew up out of reach.  OUt of reach of me – & the fluffy cat who seemed not the slightest interested.

I had to go teaching in the evening and when I came home, I found feathers in the study.

I knew – it was the wee fledging.

I haven’t seen it today, so yes, it is gone.

I cannot hate my cat.  She didn’t get many cuddles until I went to bed last night.  I am thinking of dissuading the honeyeaters from nesting here next year.

Today. there have been adults, and I have heard the peeping of young honeyeaters from the other side, but nothing where this little one had sat, peeping quietly and waiting.

So – all these photos.

In memorium.

a little life-filled fluffy feathered thing that is no more.












Goodbye, little one.



Still here in mtlawleyshire – some flowers & the moon

Oh my friends – I have missed you.  I have been so disciplined and have looked at your posts so quickly, and have not left messages on so many.

I am so sorry.

But after a few more months, I will have time to go back and go through them – which is always fun 🙂  And something best done when there si time to savour and comment.

So please forgive me.  You are not forgotten.

And now, I have so many photos to post!  Oh my goodness!.

I thought I would start with just these: shots of flowers I took as I walked down to Beaufort street – & the moon.  She was up early, and it took some doing but I managed to get this.  Not bad, I thought, with my little camera.

Now there are just all these flowers.





Zygocactus.  They are finished now and the plants have returned to being odd, ugly straggly things of the shadows and dust and spiderwebs, but they were glorious in flower.  The red ones belong to someone’s garden I pass on my walk, the pink the last of mine.




a smattering of eucalypt blossom:


There was a whole tree of the red, but I couldn’t get a decent angle

and in my garden, a different type of flower – larger than dinner plates!


More coming 🙂 Including trees! Hyde Park.  Sunsets and storm clouds with some rainbows.  And probably my fattee cattee!