2017 Potential Bee Calendar – & ladybirds and butterflies

Bees on flowers – all sorts of flowers (& bees) – and lady birds and butterflies.

There were hundreds (literally) of photos to choose from. This is a small selection.  I will probably look at others as well.

Bees on lavender:

bee  bee_1-14

bee_1-22  bee_2-14


bees on native flowers:

bee_1-9  bee_1-10

bee_1-13  bee_2-9

bee_2-15  bees_lily_3

bee_2-8  bee_2-10

bees on native blossom:

bee_1-21  bee_1-24

bee_1  bees_1

bees on garden flowers:

bee_1-16  bee_2-16

bee_15  bee_24

bees on feral flowers:

bee_1-18  bee_1-23

butterfly and ladybirds


labird_1  lbird_1


2016 Wildflower Calendar – Long List

This is the ‘long list’ for a potential 2017 Wildflower Calendar.  They are pictures from suburban Perth, in conservation areas, parks and verge gardens.  They are all native wildflowers and I am going to have a hard time choosing!


I have no doubt forgotten some, but it is primarily from these I will choose 12 – or 14 (counting the cover).  aren’t I going to have fun!

Blue Devil:

wildflower_3  wildflower_7


wildflower_1  wildflower_19

wildflower_26  wildflower_24

wildflower_25  wildflower_10

wildflower_51  wildflower_58


wildflower_2  wildflower_21


wildflower_32  wildflower_54


wildflower_6  wildflower_33


wildflower_12  wildflower_39


Fringe Lily:

wildflower_15  wildflower_49


wildflower_4  wildflower_5

wildflower_9 wildflower_17

wildflower_28  wildflower_29

wildflower_14  wildflower_41

wildflower_38  wildflower_36

wildflower_13  wildflower_40

wildflower_37  wildflower_47

wildflower_27  wildflower_30

wildflower_43  wildflower_57

Great Big Blossoms:

wildflower_11  wildflower_16

wildflower_23  kpark_63


wildflower_22  kpark_54


Bottlebrush types:

wildflower_18  wildflower_46

wildflower_53  wildflower_56

Native daisies:



wildflower_34  wildflower_42


wildflower_35  wildflower_50


wildflower_48  kpark_75

wildflower_59  wildflower_55


wildflower_45  kpark_8


MtLawleyShire’s hunt for Wildflowers #2: peas, paws and pretties

The second in a post of flowers from the reserve in the northern suburbs.  There were so many flowers! I wonder if I will have time to return before they all fade.  It is getting warm and sunny in teh coming week and many of the flowers will fade with teh warmth.

These are commonly called ‘milkmaids’ – they are everywhere, on long delicate stalks.  So very pretty!

flower_1   flower_9

Cats paws – sort of like kangaroo paws, but much smaller, lower to the ground, but isn’t their colour glorious!

flower_16  flower_22

Here are the more iconic kangaroo paws.  they just glow in the sunlight!


flower_58  flower_65

some odd ones – & I do not know their names:

flower_7  flower_63

flower_64  flower_51


I believe the first of these is called a tassel flower and comes in blue as well.  Very pretty, especially when they are scattered throughout in quite large numbers.  The second I think is a type of myrtle and it’s almost finished, but so very pretty and delicate.

flower_56  flower_67

This is called a pimela.


The first two of these are definitely the same flower, the third is not, but they are all beautiful.  I should really know their names, shouldn’t I 🙂

flower_91  flower_90


Now – the peas – of various varieties and I know none of them 🙂 they grow on bushes of climb over things.  they are all rather tiny and come in so many colours!

this first one is common even in people’s gardens. Called a native wisteria.


I would love to get more photos of this one.  It is very striking!


But this one?  It’s face is colourful enough…

flower_26  flower_92

but from the back it is astonishing!

flower_41  flower_32


I hope you enjoyed this small selection.

In the coming days, I will post more wildflower photos from MtLawleyShire and other areas.


MtLawleyShire’s hunt for wildflowers #2: orchids, lilies, triggers and devils

This is the first of two posts of flowers from another bush reserve in the northern suburbs of Perth.  It was the first sunny day of this remarkable Spring and I walked quite a few kilometres around the area, delighting in all the flowers.

There were so many donkey orchids!  I do love these, so bright.  The grow on tall stems and lie flat with their delightful faces up to the sun and when you see them in large groups, they are like a golden wave.  I couldn’t get a decent photo of that but here are some examples:

flower_5   flower_6

flower_8   flower_17

flower_18   flower_19

flower_37  flower_81

flower_55  flower_80

trigger plants – these are tiny, thing little things, like stars on the sand.  And just as numerous so you can’t really walk into their midst because you’d crush them:

flower_24 flower_27

Cowslip orchids – they are fading, sadly.

flower_30 flower_31


These made me whoop out loud!  Fringed lily.  It’s the first time I had seen one, and aren’t they lovely!

flower_33 flower_34

flower_35  flower_53

Now this – this is a purple (obviously!) enamel orchid.  They are not large flowers, but not as small as you’d think and their colour makes them stand out in striking contrast to the plants around them.  They too are fading, but there are some here that look pretty good.

flower_43 flower_44

flower_45 flower_47


flower_72 flower_73

Yes – this is a flower – that tall spike is the flowering spike of the grass tree.  It also gives you an idea of the bushy surrounds.  Managed, yes, but being restored to something that resembles the area’s native flora.  The sounds of the birds was astonishing.


And this – this is a blue devil.  The picture on the left is before it opens, and then – open.  Isn’t it glorious!

flower_85 flower_87


I hope you have enjoyed this part of Part 2.  Next one coming…

MtLawleyShire’s hunt for wildflowers

First – I must apologize to all who read this. I cannot interact with other blogs.  I can reply to comments, but can’t do anymore than that.  I don’t know what the problem is, it keeps occurring on this blog and is a damn nuisance.  And the WordPress people can’t seem to fix it either.  I will keep trying though.  and I do look at your blogs.


First – despite the cold and the rain, this has been teh best season for wildflowers in one of teh parts of teh world that is rightly famous for its wildflowers.  and this year, I went looking for them in more than my usual haunts.  There are/will be posts from Kings Park and Hyde Park, but this year, I took myself and camera further and to more different places.

This post is from a tiny area of remnant and conserved Banksia woodland in MtLawleyShire itself.  Banksia woodland is what the natural area is like, and though there are no photos of banksias in this post, there will be in others.  It is a tiny area, perhaps half a hectare, but the ‘friends’ of this area are doing wonderful work in replanting and caring and maintaining all the plants.

And I found flowers.  Wonderful flowers!

Spider orchids:

This was the first time I had seen a spider orchid let alone photographed one.  I was delighted, despite the awkward angle!

flower_1   flower_2

flower_3   flower_4

flower_5   flower_6

Cowslip orchid – I have more photos of these in later posts, and again, this was the first time I had seen one.


Donkey orchids – again, there will be more photos, but I love these.  This is the first time I had seen them and so difficult to photograph!

flower_8  flower_19


This is affectionately called the ‘salt and pepper’ flower

flower_9 flower_10

This is a type of pea – there are so many varieties.  There are bushes of this little flower and I have more examples from other places.


Banksia flowers – or ‘fruit’

flower_12 flower_13

I don’t know what these are, but they are buds and I haven’t yet seen their flowers.

flower_14 flower_15

This, I believe, is dampiera – a cousin of the beautiful blue leschenaultia which will be in later posts.

flower_18  flower_26


I have no idea what this is apart from totally intriguing!

flower_22  flower_23

I don’t know what these delectable little things are, apart from pretty 🙂

flower_21  flower_17


And this? A ‘naughty’ plant – a weed, but it was the only one that held a bee still enough for long enough 😀

flower_16  bee_1

I hope you have enjoyed this first of the ‘wildflower hunting’ posts.  There are more to come 🙂


MtLawleyShire: Photo Challenge: Earth

The daily Post Challenge: Earth http://<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/earth/”>Earth</a&gt;

the beauties of the earth are many and everywhere – in the very small:

drops_1  drops_21

drops_22  drops_20

In the tiny & industrious:

bee_1  bee_2


in flowers, small:

drops_7  flower_6


Australian natives:

flower_13  flower_14




flower_7  flower_7



tree blossoms:


flower_1  flower_3

the beauty of autumn:




bird_1  bird_2

bird_3  bird_4



to the very large – storm clouds:

clouds_10  incoming_3

and the magnificence of sunsets:



sunset_16 sunset_5


I hope you enjoyed my response to the Weekly Challenge.  I am looking forward to viewing yours 🙂










more raindrops in MtLawleyShire’s garden

It was wet for the last few days.  A delight – rain!  The rain was persistent, but light, so there wasn’t that much.  Enough, however, for gathering raindrops.

Jasmine leaves in light and shadow:

garden_1   garden_2

garden_6  garden_6

drops_7  drops_12

drops_15  drops_16

even enhancing a dead leaf:


on jasmine tendrils:



garden_1  garden_4  garden_2

garden_5  drops_5

drops_6  drops_2


on spider plant flowers and buds and the dangling dead ends:

garden_3   garden_4


these could be ear rings! :

garden_7  garden_8

drops_1  drops_3

on bottlebrush leaves and twigs:

drops_9  drops_10


and on leaves of a nameless but much loved potted tree:

drops_13 drops_14

Now, if there was more rain….

Birds against a MtLawleyShire sunset

These are taken of clouds in the eastern sky –

pigeons flocking against the light of storms clouds building at sunset:


the colours are slightly enhanced, the photos ‘noisy’ but I liked the effect:


and teh structure of the clouds was amazing:

birds_3 birds_4

and ibis flying against softer clouds to the south-east:


The Ravens of Matilda Bay

The tea rooms at Matilda Bay have been remodelled and for a while, it seemed that there would be no visits from the birds, but then – some ravens came.

They sat a while in the flame tree:

bird_1 bird_2



a couple chatting:


eyeing the pickings below:

bird_4   bird_5

they sat in chairs backing onto the river, becoming silhouettes:

bird_8 bird_9


bird_14  bird_15


calling to others about the food:


bird_11 bird_12

walking the fence:


Then it was onto an abandoned table:


bird_19  bird_27



bird_20 bird_21

is it any good?


shall we use this for chips or something else?


You looking at me???

bird_24 bird_25

bird_26  bird_28

I love the ravens 🙂