Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Now, this was a difficult Weekly Photo Challenge.  Purple.  Purple?  Yes there are flowers, but not as many as I’d thought!  But I found other things with purplish swathes and shades:

In my garden:

Lavender last Spring & Iris:


Petunia and a pansy:


Inside my flat – flowers from a wedding:

& a straggly bush permanently producing these dear little flowers:

In the streets around MtLawleyShire –

Purple Lantana – a terribly destructive weed, but controlled, makes a wonderful display:

& these  – I don’t know their names:


Native wisteria (terrible photo) & purple daisy:


& this – love these flowers with their purple centres:

Wildflower from last year’s Kings Park Wildflower festival:

Jacaranda in full flower outside my university campus:

This wall is no longer visible as flats are being built in the empty space, & I actually took the photo for the fabric tree ‘planted’ there:

And then – skies.  Perth, in Winter, has pale pastel skies in the east just after sunset.  Sometimes, I can capture it:



and this the last remnants of sunset:

and this – just after sunset and don’t look too close – my little camera really isn’t that crash hot at such astronomical distances & low light: Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This Weekly Photo Clannge: Inside involved more searching than normal – my little camera doesn’t like ‘inside’ shots 🙂  But I found some over the past few years, and once I got going, ‘inside’ was not such a problem.  I ended up having to pick and choose which photos I’d include.  Interestingly, it is the more recent months where ‘inside’ is harder to find – unless you count the fattee cattee 🙂

However, here is my offering:

Inside a neighbour’s flat, their cat , who I call Mr White, watches me as I walk down to the corner to photograph sunsets (charming cat, but I can’t be seen to be friends because he is very nasty to my darling fluffy Plushie and has in the past injured her quite seriously)

Inside my courtyard last Christmas:

Inside a rose:

Inside an empty shop (used to be a much loved video rental store and the iconic building – in Mt Lawleyshire – still remains empty & terrible theories bound as to what will take over the space.

Inside an enclosure at the zoo – an echidna:

Inside my flat you will find –

sitting on Mr T. Bear (post-mouse house) or curled with Cthulhu – the cat 🙂


and some corners inside my flat (they don’t look like this any more):


and just inside the back door is my desk and wall which is where I’m sitting RIGHT THIS MOMENT 🙂

Inside the clouds:

and from my 2009 trip to England:

Inside the ruins at Whalley Abbey (Lancashire):


Inside a walled garden at Kenilworth Castle:

and finally, inside Tintern Abbey:

Not sure I really got into the spirit of ‘inside’ as I generally take ‘outside’ photos, but I hope you enjoyed my little selection 🙂


(& I will update links as they become available)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This week’s challenge: Dreaming.

Not too difficult for me, and it really is just a dream.  To live in England/Wales/Scotland – Great Britain.

So these shots are from 2009, the last time I was there.

I dream of the moors – North Yorkshire, above Whitby:

Then just their wild emptiness:


Whitby itself I loved & dream of returning:

And the beauty of Wiltshire – I dream of White Horse Hill and the views for miles:

I dream of high places and the green of Welsh fields below the moors of the Brecon Beacons:

I dream of seeing deadly nightshade growing in the Selsey Shingle, made of stones and oyster shells thousands is not millions of years old:

I dream of wandering over  the Peak District in Derbyshire, of seeing Mam Tor again:

Forest in Wiltshire, along the Ridgeway: dreaming of walking through, living in, being part of these forests – ivy covered trunks, still green shadows, the scent of air alive and thick with growth:



Trees in MtLawley Shire’s Hyde Park

I love Hyde Park, and the plane trees and the ponds, but this time, I’m looking at another area.  There’s only a hint of plane trees in this post.

From the start of my walk, along the path leading from the corner of William Street – I think this is the Moreton Bay fig I photograph the most: in situ and picked out, just in front of its massive neighbour:


wandering in the area above the ponds:


A massive Moreton Bay:

I just love the spread of these branches:


Banks of foliage – looking towards the city (there’s a city? Where?)

A path:

Looking around a Moreton Bay fig’s massive trunk:

A distinctive trunk & a tree almost wonderfully bare:


And then, the native section:

Western Australia’s iconic jarrah tree:


and bark:

Must find out what these are – they look almost candy striped 🙂

An amazingly coiled peppermint tree:

a view of the native garden with the sun adding mystery:


Oh – course, she’s not amused I was gone so long (it’s actually after I went sunsetty photo-ing).  She wants DINNAH!

I hope you enjoyed these trees.

Keira 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Not an easy thing as I generally take static shots (trees don’t tend to break into jive or tap), but I found a few…

the whipping of young trees in my scrappy little front garden in the storms last month:

The movement of water: The river lapping at the easternmost border of MtLawleyShire


A swan preening at Matilda Bay

Cormorants at Matilda Bay doing cormorant things:

Peacocks at the University of Western Australia, The male proud & walking fast:


His pale wife less elegantly eating a biscuit:

Hyde Parks birds:

A trio of ibis marching to elsewhere

Coots paddling:


Swamps hens – always moving, never still:


Heron catching something:

& ducks:

Honeyeater on the water bowl I have in my garden & a wee willy wagtail singing his heart out on my fence:


& this is a young cat who was playing with me on my walk home one afternoon:

And now – the PLush-de-resistance: Fattee Cattee.  Always moving, seemingly impossible to catch.  Aren’t I lucky we’re digital now!

She had followed me two houses down:


Coming to meet me after I’ve been out, then rolling on the concrete:


And then –

Coming to get me for DINNAH!!!

I’ve included as many links as Zemanta has come up with…

mtlawleyshire’s light-drenched Hyde Park

Yes, I should be walking, but I went for a walk in Hyde Park yesterday afternoon and caught that magic moment of light somewhere between late afternoon and sunset.  The light turns everything gold & it is intensely beautiful.  So I thought I would share some of the photos with you.

They are a different aspect of Hyde Park to what I have otherwise posted – parts look like a part, others like a patch of wilderness somewhere – but they are all in the park.









And as I walked home: the moon over Mt Lawley, glowing above the eastern colours reflected from a glow of a sunset in a clear winter sky

I hope you enjoyed them.

I must walk down at that time again…



mtlawleyshire – sunsets

Sunsets.  I have heard photography described as ‘painting with light’ – and this is precisely the case with sunsets.  They paint the familiar in shades of wonder & the unexpected.

This is almost a month’s worth of sunsets.  Due to all the storms, there have been some spectacular sunsets which I don’t think is normal for winter.  And they’re not in chronological order 🙂

And it’s clouds that structure an urban sunset, along with telephone poles, wires and rooftops – as well as foliage.




Then there is just the lightm which sometimes intimates the coming cold of night:



But the real magic is cloud and light.

These are not all on the same day, but they share teh same characteristic: venting sunset light through clouds:



Some are intensely coloured:


Some are a mixture of clear winter sky and cloud like fleece warming the earth below:





The solstice sunset:




These are dark and somehow threatening:


Some are almost colourless:


They seem more threatening, heavy, ominous:




One thing I love about Perth’s winter sunsets are the pale pastel colours in the evening skies.  These would’ve been shot facing east/south-east:


An atypical scene, taken from outside my house – I don’t normally see this spire – & Perth doesn’t have a lot of them anyway.  It was a chance shot.

This is from South Perth, looking back over the river to the city.  It was taken the same evening as all the sunsettty shots from the car that I posted in Fleeting Moment (previous post). Beside it east towards the south-east, the soft pastels of encroaching night.


This is by no means all my sunset photos.  In fact, I’ve just taken another batch, but I will sae them for another time.  Now I must cook dinner (for me, not the fattee cattee) & get back to work.

I hope you enjoyed this run of sunsets 🙂