Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Now, this was a difficult Weekly Photo Challenge.  Purple.  Purple?  Yes there are flowers, but not as many as I’d thought!  But I found other things with purplish swathes and shades:

In my garden:

Lavender last Spring & Iris:


Petunia and a pansy:


Inside my flat – flowers from a wedding:

& a straggly bush permanently producing these dear little flowers:

In the streets around MtLawleyShire –

Purple Lantana – a terribly destructive weed, but controlled, makes a wonderful display:

& these  – I don’t know their names:


Native wisteria (terrible photo) & purple daisy:


& this – love these flowers with their purple centres:

Wildflower from last year’s Kings Park Wildflower festival:

Jacaranda in full flower outside my university campus:

This wall is no longer visible as flats are being built in the empty space, & I actually took the photo for the fabric tree ‘planted’ there:

And then – skies.  Perth, in Winter, has pale pastel skies in the east just after sunset.  Sometimes, I can capture it:



and this the last remnants of sunset:

and this – just after sunset and don’t look too close – my little camera really isn’t that crash hot at such astronomical distances & low light: Continue reading