Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Not an easy thing as I generally take static shots (trees don’t tend to break into jive or tap), but I found a few…

the whipping of young trees in my scrappy little front garden in the storms last month:

The movement of water: The river lapping at the easternmost border of MtLawleyShire


A swan preening at Matilda Bay

Cormorants at Matilda Bay doing cormorant things:

Peacocks at the University of Western Australia, The male proud & walking fast:


His pale wife less elegantly eating a biscuit:

Hyde Parks birds:

A trio of ibis marching to elsewhere

Coots paddling:


Swamps hens – always moving, never still:


Heron catching something:

& ducks:

Honeyeater on the water bowl I have in my garden & a wee willy wagtail singing his heart out on my fence:


& this is a young cat who was playing with me on my walk home one afternoon:

And now – the PLush-de-resistance: Fattee Cattee.  Always moving, seemingly impossible to catch.  Aren’t I lucky we’re digital now!

She had followed me two houses down:


Coming to meet me after I’ve been out, then rolling on the concrete:


And then –

Coming to get me for DINNAH!!!

I’ve included as many links as Zemanta has come up with…