Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This Weekly Photo Clannge: Inside involved more searching than normal – my little camera doesn’t like ‘inside’ shots 🙂  But I found some over the past few years, and once I got going, ‘inside’ was not such a problem.  I ended up having to pick and choose which photos I’d include.  Interestingly, it is the more recent months where ‘inside’ is harder to find – unless you count the fattee cattee 🙂

However, here is my offering:

Inside a neighbour’s flat, their cat , who I call Mr White, watches me as I walk down to the corner to photograph sunsets (charming cat, but I can’t be seen to be friends because he is very nasty to my darling fluffy Plushie and has in the past injured her quite seriously)

Inside my courtyard last Christmas:

Inside a rose:

Inside an empty shop (used to be a much loved video rental store and the iconic building – in Mt Lawleyshire – still remains empty & terrible theories bound as to what will take over the space.

Inside an enclosure at the zoo – an echidna:

Inside my flat you will find –

sitting on Mr T. Bear (post-mouse house) or curled with Cthulhu – the cat 🙂


and some corners inside my flat (they don’t look like this any more):


and just inside the back door is my desk and wall which is where I’m sitting RIGHT THIS MOMENT 🙂

Inside the clouds:

and from my 2009 trip to England:

Inside the ruins at Whalley Abbey (Lancashire):


Inside a walled garden at Kenilworth Castle:

and finally, inside Tintern Abbey:

Not sure I really got into the spirit of ‘inside’ as I generally take ‘outside’ photos, but I hope you enjoyed my little selection 🙂


(& I will update links as they become available)