Easter Moon over MtLawleyShire

It is Easter Sunday and the waning moon will rise very late tonight.  So here is  Holy Week  as written in the moon, from Wednesday onwards.

Monday was all cloud so the moon was invisible to the earth-bound eye.


Tuesday – & this was the night I discovered my iso readings were off, so the photos suffered.  Which is a great pity because the clouds were wonderful. One night off full.

in clouds_3  moon in clouds

in clouds in clouds_2

in clouds_4  this evening's moon

and later:

tonight's moon

Wednesday – a working night.  But here is it: full and glorious.

tonight's moon

Holy Thursday – just risen so coloured by the atmosphere and then clear of the world: creamy white

easter moon_rising  in the clear night sky

Good Friday

In rising through a sky laddered with streaks of cloud, dusted with the golden ephemera of the lived world:

good friday moon_6 good friday moon_7

goof driday moon_4  good friday moon_5

good friday moon_3  good friday moon_2

good friday moon_1

& clear in the clear night sky

good friday's moon_9

Holy Saturday

Rising late and gold

Easter Saturday moon_1 Easter Saturday moon_2

And here, the clear night sky, late and silent:

Above the world

and now, it’s Sunday Morning.

Happy Easter 🙂

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all, from me and the sleeping girl xx

sleeping girl