2017 Potential Bee Calendar – & ladybirds and butterflies

Bees on flowers – all sorts of flowers (& bees) – and lady birds and butterflies.

There were hundreds (literally) of photos to choose from. This is a small selection.  I will probably look at others as well.

Bees on lavender:

bee  bee_1-14

bee_1-22  bee_2-14


bees on native flowers:

bee_1-9  bee_1-10

bee_1-13  bee_2-9

bee_2-15  bees_lily_3

bee_2-8  bee_2-10

bees on native blossom:

bee_1-21  bee_1-24

bee_1  bees_1

bees on garden flowers:

bee_1-16  bee_2-16

bee_15  bee_24

bees on feral flowers:

bee_1-18  bee_1-23

butterfly and ladybirds


labird_1  lbird_1


6 comments on “2017 Potential Bee Calendar – & ladybirds and butterflies

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love these! I hope you can do a bees etc on flowers calendar too! 🙂


  2. Van Ikin says:

    Beautiful photos as usual and the colour-contrasts across the photos would create a really spectacular calendar.


  3. wendys2013 says:

    Well , Kiera , I think they are fabulous 🙂 Whilst just flowers are magnificent in their way I just love the life that these bring to the page 🙂 xx


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