A shrouded moon over MtLawleyShire

Enclouded even in the late afternoon, the moon tonight, three quarters full, was not to be swallowed entirely



The early evening merely pulled in more cloud:

moon_2 moon_4


from a distance, she dominates the sky:


and almost clear in the early evening, she gleams;


only to be almost swallowed by cloud in the next moment:


then the glorious light from departing day gilded her face through the light cloud:

moon_9 moon_10

moon_12 moon_13

and as light departed, despite the cloud, she gleamed stronger.  Here she is almost clear of cloud:

moon_11  moon_14

But it didn’t last, though the cloud made a lovely halo

moon_15 moon_16


and this last one – almost clear in her proper dark – tonight’s beautiful moon


Happy New Year from MtLawleyShire

I’ve been fairly light on blogging the past year.  I hope to be more active this year.

Happy New Year friends

and here, my first photo for the year: is the moon which I watched rise in the eastern sky tonight – waning and with small attendant just visible:




May it be a wonderful year in photos and life, for all.




Sky calligraphy and the moon over MtLawleyShire

Another night in mid December was another wonderful example of moon-enclouded.  The sky calligraphy looked too sparse to have an effect, though it was lovely:

cloud_1  cloud_3

to the west, the calligraphy was sunset stained:

cloud_2  cloud_4

the eastern skies were clear


but the sky calligraphy reached out


almost snared:

moon_2  moon_3

She escaped and began to take on a little colour from the dying day

moon_5  moon_7


moon_9  moon_10

moving through wisps of calligraphy stained with the ink of dying sunset:


moon_21  moon_22

then in the clearing sky, her colour deepened:

moon_20  moon_16

golden moon:

moon_11 moon_12

becoming silver:

moon_14  moon_15

a last ink-stained swirl of sky calligraphy


and as sky darkens and deepens, she shines:

moon_19 moon_24

silvered light:


and in her proper dark, in the clear sky, tonight’s beautiful moon:


In MtLawleyShire – Last Night, the Moon

Last night was a beautiful half moon and she sailed through an evening scribbled over with sky calligraphy:

cloud_1 cloud_2

Moving through the spine of a calligraphied skeleton sprawled across the sky:

moon_1 moon_2

moon_3 moon_4

moon_5 moon_6

moon_7 moon_8

Momentarily in clear sky, the late afternoon moon:


Approaching soft swathes of cloud:

moon_10 moon_11


Sailing clear of a soft clump, pursued by delicate smudges:

moon_13 moon_14

Almost clear, but not quite: early evening moon:


moon_16 moon_17

Moving through more swathes and curls of calligraphy:

moon_21 moon_19


An almost clear patch of sky where the evening moon takes on more of fading day’s light:


Drifting ends of calligraphy fail to dim her:

moon_24 moon_25

moon_26  moon_28


almost clear and brightening in the darkening sky:

moon_29 moon_18

Sky clear, darkening and she takes the sunset’s colour:


moon_20 moon_31

Then sky calligraphy blazed across the sky, entrapping her:


Deep pink wash over coming night:

moon_34 moon_35


All light faded, she illuminates the calligraphy as a pale mist:

moon_32 moon_37

But finally clear – gleaming and wondrous in her proper dark:

moon_39 moon_40

MtLawleyShire witnesses Sunset at the Beach

It’s a rare thing to venture so far from my environs at sunset time in the middle of the week – and to the edge of teh world?  The beach?  Well, the occasion was lovely and the opportunity not to be missed.  But a sunset out of MtLawleyShire!  An ‘un-urban’ sunset!  How would I cope? 😀

The afternoon moon smiled down as we made our way to one of Perth’s most loved beaches: Cottesloe.


After drinks and chat, it was time for sunset.  Elsewhere in the city, further south, there were storms.  They hadn’t happened here yet and I was sure sunset would be naught but glare.  How wrong I was.  There is something sublime watching the sun set, unhindered by the silhouettes or an urban environment, though even here, human-made silhouettes are present: the ships in Gage Roads, waiting to get into Fremantle Harbour.  And I loved the light play of cloud strips:

sunset  sunset_3

sunset_4  sunset_5


These are a little out of sequence, but I loved using the Norfolk pines that grace the suburban beaches:

sunset_1  sunset_8

sunset_weather  sunset_6

The moon was gilded by the golden light spilling across the ocean


And the sun sank towards someone else’s dawn:

sunset_9  sunset_10

sunset_11  sunset_12

I caught a seagull 🙂


And as the sun is pulled further below the horizon, the red glow of its farewell spreads:


In the darkening sky, the moon comes into her own:

moon_3  moon_4

But all the drama is far to the west:

sunset_15  sunset_31


Almost fully dark and the moon takes on the uncompromising white and black – no shades of grey or gold:


But the western sky flames:

sunset_17  sunset_18

sunset_19  sunset_21


In the eastern skies, there is the serenity of uncomplicated white in black:


and in the west, finally, the light softens and calms with the last shades of farewell from day:


sunset_20  sunset_22

A last view from a hotel window:

sunset_view_3  view

and there is nothing left in the night but the quite beautiful moon:


I hope you enjoyed my excursion to the edge of the world 🙂


Moon over MtLawleyShire

Clear skies, hot weather coming – perfect for moon shots:

the afternoon moon, pale in the bright empty sky


then as the sun sank below the trees and houses, the sky lost the brilliance:

moon_2  moon_2


Sunset was mostly glare but left a lovely glow:

sunset_3  sunset_4


and in the moon’s side of the sky, she began to shine:

moon_6  moon_5

the glow faded, pulled down to become someone else’s dawn:


the sky darkened further:

moon_8    moon_7

the fading glow and serenity in the east as light leaves the sky

sunset_6  east

so, finally, in her proper dark, tonight’s beautiful moon.



New Moon over MtLawleyShire

Barely a smear of sunset, yes, but the clear sky had the beauty of the new moon:


There is a small plane in this:


I love the gradation of the colours:


She isn’t very clear, but I love the flow of light to dark:


Her changing brightness in the darkening sky:



till finally, still gilded by sunset’s glow, she shines in the darkened sky


It is a mostly clear sky again tonight – so if there is merely sunset glare, then there will be the beauty of the young moon 🙂




Astonishing sunset in MtLawleyShire

Why was this sunset so astonishing when they are always beautiful?

Well, for one, I ran out of batteries – but fortunately, my neighbour had some. Whew! I won’t let *that* happen again.  And then there was the moon.

I didn’t think it would be at all remarkable – the cloud was quite thick

east_1  sunset_1

& the sun sent out rays as its light tried to escape

sunset_5  sunset_4

Colour was reluctant

sunset_2  sunset_3

and when it came, seemed sullen


and then…


that rose burning gold

sunset_8  sunset_10

and then I looked east – the moon rising above golden clouds:


moon_5  moon_6

moon_2  moon_3

moon_8  moon_7

more colour came into the eastern skies along with the clouds, fighting the moon

sunset_12  moon_9

east_4  east_2


in the west, the colour flared and touched the clouds that were only thick down near the horizon

sunset_9  sunset_11

the eastern skies had nothing of gentleness about them at all


east_5 east_6

in and the west, the colour deepened




soothed a little

sunset_13  sunset_14

and the scattered clouds threw the beauty far and wide

sunset_16  sunset_17

sunset_20  sunset_23

sunset_18  sunset_24



& finally – the moon

tonight's moon

It stunned me, this sunset – involving both east & west. I got quite dizzy turning around and around.

I am so grateful to my neighbour 🙂

MtLawleyShire’s sunrise and sunset

It was the hottest Perth has experienced in some time.  It peaked at 43.1.  And the night before I couldn’t sleep.  Not sure why.  So I was awake and suddenly wondered what dawn looked like in a cloudless sky.

This is the view down the main road that looks east, down the block from me.  I stood in the middle of the road to take these 🙂

dawn_1 dawn_2

dawn_3 dawn_4

dawn_5 dawn_6

The sun is coming…


In the west, the colours were softer.  This is the direction I take my sunset photos from 🙂  In this first one is a magpie on top of the telephone pole, singing in the day with its beautiful warbling:


dawn_9 dawn_10

I went back inside and Fattee Cattee was taking advantage of the easterly which would bring the heat, but for the moment, brought the night-time cool of the deserts sweeping across the river flats where Perth is.

morning girl_1

morning girl_2  morning girl_3

I stayed inside all day, & Fattee Cattee did too.  It was terribly hot.  I ventured out as the sun went down a little & saw the late afternoon moon

early evening moon_1

In the ‘cool’ of the evening, I went out to look at the sunset – it was still about 37 degrees Celsius – & this is after 7.00 pm.

sunset_1  sunset_4

sunset_2  sunset_4

Early evening moon. It looks so cool.

evening moon

I then walked down to Beaufort Street.  The east with the moon looked lovely (it had cooled down to 35 degrees by this time)

east_1  east_3

In the west, the malevolent glow of the heated day burned, signifying the heat of the say to come:

sunset_5  sunset_6


the gentler colours in the east seen through a lemon-scented gum:


And twilight lingered in the sky

twilight_1  twilight_4

The redness lingering as I walked home, taking photos and eating an icecream – more difficult than it sounds as it was still hot and the icecream melted…


Finally, darkness – no coolth at all, but still – the beauty of the moon

tonight's moon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that my problems with WordPress don’t have a nasty effect.  I can still reply to comments if you care to make them.