in MtLawleyShire’s own garden: flowers & fluffy cat

This is over a week & a bit in my own garden: a rose, the zygocactus flowering and, of course, the sweetest, fluffiest flower:

First, my rose.  It being the end of June, I really should’ve pruned – but I’m glad I didn’t.  And do you notice the photos?  There are 2 different cameras involved.  One my little canon, the other is the dSLR.

the bud on a bright sunny morning



& with my little canon

my rosebud




my rose_1my rose

this morning, in the brief sun before the clouds

my rose_open

this afternoon, after heavy rainstorms

my rose


A shaft of sunlight with the dSLR

a shaft of sunlight

The zygocactus: the first bud & opening flower, and then there are more.  I love how the light glows of these flowers, & I love the colour.



openfully open_1

zygocactus flowercatching light


glowingfully open_2



the next bud

& finally, my fattee fluffy cattee:

sunning & slothing and yawning…

my lovely girlsoaking up sun

wither yawning or something I said

contemplating how to get me to feed her lemongrass (she’s addicted)



this next two deserve captions!  (What was that?  Oh, nothing much…)

whatwas thatnothing much

Sunning & snoozing

in the sunsunlit Fattee

my snoozing girl

I am slowly catching up, but of course, I am still taking photos….storms and clouds, sunsets and trees, Hyde Park…all to come.



6 comments on “in MtLawleyShire’s own garden: flowers & fluffy cat

  1. Joanna Fay says:

    Gorgeous, Keira :))


  2. bulldog says:

    such beautiful photos I feel I might have seen before… FB maybe??


  3. Anita S says:

    It was fascinating to follow the progression of the flowers from buds to full bloom! And you have a very pretty kitty.


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