MtLawleyShire: Other People’s Gardens – Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses, and apricot and indeterminate – mixed reds and yellows, orangey, pinkish-yellow – all of those.  It’s the last roses post.

I’ve read somewhere that the yellow rose signifies friendship, but in another source, it was treachery or jealousy.  I guess it depends what university you went to.  The white signifies purity, and the red rose we take as meaning love, but for the Romans, it was secrecy.

Whatever meaning we place on them, they’re beautiful and fragrant and as ephemeral as life.

Odd buds, tight and jealous of their colour:

rose_8  rose_9

Are these pink, but turned orange-gold by sunset?

rose_3  rose_4



Pink and yellow:

rose_6  rose_1



In the red orange spectrum:

rose  evening rose_1





rose_6  yellow

rose_4  rose_5


definitely yellow:

yellow rosewest perth_rose_3

yellow_2  yellow





next: flowers of different sorts…

2 comments on “MtLawleyShire: Other People’s Gardens – Yellow Roses

  1. bulldog says:

    The apricot colour is just something special… beautiful… now where’s the trees.??


    • such a delicate warm colour, apricot. I love it as well. Trees? Check my reply to your comment on the red roses post 🙂 Or I can repeat – wait a day or so. I really ought to be in bed and I’m working tomorrow night…


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