Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable made me think of both Companionable and Companions.  Mine or someone else’s?  Sometimes both 🙂


Here are some companions that are companionable to me when we meet – even if for the first time: a friend’s new puppy, who wouldn’t stay still so of all the photos I took of this rather gorgeous little fellow, only these 2 were unblurred:

Cooper_1  Cooper_2

Then there is the old and the young, very companionable are these two companions of another friend (& yes, I miss a dog but please – PLEASE – never tell my beloved Fattee Cattee).

The old (he is a gorgeous boy – comes from Wales but lives in Perth now)


& the young – born here and a lovely young lad:


& the both together – companionable with each other:

b and young b

Then there are those who are companionable towards me when I go on my sunset photo walks.  This fellow comes out to sit & stand with me or, as in this photo, roll on the warm ground catching the last of the day on his tummy:


& his next door neighbour (they are definitely not companionable), Charlie, who is very companionable to me and a close companion to his mum (who is not in these photos but she is very companionable to me when we meet):



& he’s very playful.  He’s waiting for me to waggle my fingers so he can pounce:




Other companions on my sunset walks, the honey eaters:

honey eater_1honey eater_3


& lit by sunset:

honey eater

the magpies who stalking the grassy verges at dusk:




The companions are not limited to those that walk or fly.  There are trees in my neighbourhood that I’ve known for decades and whether they feel companionable to something so small & fleeting as myself, they are companions of my horizons, my landscapes, my sketching pens and pencils, my camera lens and my inner as well as out life.  Trees.  The lemon-scented gum:

lemon scented

& this, a tree I know from where I take many sunset photos, painted in sunsetty light:


In my courtyard’s little world, there are companions too, the honey eaters who make nests here:






honey eater

the willy wagtail who’s made this his territory (damn difficult to catch on camera, these little guys):

Willy wagtail

then there is, of course, my companion, companionable and gorgeous, the Fattee Cattee herself:

sunlit Fatteeplushie_2


gorgeous girl_1gorgeous girl_4


And the companion of all our nights: the moon

new moon and star_1new moon


moon_4this evening's moon_coloured by sunset

tonight's moontonight's moon_2


& this is my shot of the ‘Supermoon’ this month:

tonight's full moon

I have enjoyed this Weekly Photo Challenge.  It has been too long since I participated.

I am looking forward to seeing other entries and interpretations



(well, of course there had to be another photo of Fattee Cattee)


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  7. cynthiamc1 says:

    I love trees too, and birds, and Fattee Cattee is sublime. Well done!


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  9. Woolly Muses says:

    Thanks for visiting WoolyMuses blog.


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  11. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed meeting your companions; I particularly enjoyed seeing the Australian version of Madame Magpie; so different to the European…and of course the delectable Fattee Cattee


    • Yes – the Aussie magpie is far more ‘crow-like’ than the European – & it’s warbling in the mornings is simply beautiful. It’s also a highly intelligent bird. They mate for like. Glad you enjoyed them all, & yes, Fattee Cattee is definitely the best (even when being pestiferous for food!)


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  13. bulldog says:

    There is not one photo on this post that is not pleasing to the eye… masterfully put together.. and thanks for the odd tree throwen in to please all your followers… specially me…


    • Heh – thank you again! & they weren’t put there, the trees, just for you – they really are companions to me. I am going to be very sorry to not see them on a daily basis :-/ I will miss the trees in a very special way. All of them – the Hyde Park trees, the street trees, the lemon scented, teh ipebald, the sunset tree (in the post) – so many I will miss. I’m glad I have many photos of them


  14. Madhu says:

    Fatter Cattee is the fairest of them all 🙂


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