A walk in MtLawleyshire’s late afternoon

It started in my garden, with my sleepy cat waking (while purring) as I think a bird broke into her feline dreams

what  sun on tummee

I took some photos of flowers in my garden: a begonia glower and some lavender spears

begonia flower  lavender


My rose, heavy and fully open (in my garden in the afternoon, light goes quickly)

in the afternoonpink


Then I checked the flame trees around the corner.  They are looking very bare now

ready to flower

And look – the buds are ready to flower:

flame tree flower buds  ready to flower_2


Then there were clouds – we have had many days of dull skies, no sunsets, some rain, and these are the last of them.  I had great hopes for sunset – except these were in the east

clouds_1  clouds_3

clouds_4  clouds_2

clouds_6  clouds_5

Down the street are the chinese tallow trees.  Fully wintered now – & I must post some I took of them in their autumn beauty, but I love them like this also:

chinese tallow  chinese tallow_2


Birds: in this Jacaranda tree lit by late sunlight, 2 doves hide from the invasive port lincoln parrots, and a wee New Holland honey eater has a quick meal on a bottlebrush before night:

doves  new holland


A magpie lark on a telephone pole and  wee singing honey eater:

magpie lark  honey eater


I am always fascinated by light on branches:

light on branches_2  light on branches_3


and on trees:

light on branches


Then Fattee Cattee came out from the shadows to sit in the sun:


determination  sunlit_2




sunlit_3  sunlit_4


I left her there and walked to where I could see the sunset.  on the way, I saw these poinsettia, scarlet against the sky:



& roses in other people’s gardens: this glory against the sky



rose_1  rose_2

rose_5  rose_8


reds & other colours:

rose_4  rose_6


Other colours & whites:

rose_10  rose_7


rose_9  rose_3


Sunsetty clouds

clouds_7  clouds_8

& sunset was all glarey.

sunset_2  sunset_1


Evening in the east was swift & dark:

eastern sky

en fin, the moon:

tonight's moon

Oh that felt good.  It is so long since I have posted all things in their right order.  I have so much to catch up on.  So I will post Autumn out of order, and try to catch up with winter.  And there are all the moon photos as well….




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  1. niasunset says:

    so beautiful so beautiful, Blessing and Kisses for your lovely cat, Thanks and Love, nia


  2. bulldog says:

    Hey you posted… love them all… though I was only gonna see you on FB…


  3. Nice birds, cat and flowers..


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