Trees and some flowers in MtLawleyShire

I went for a walk today, down to Hyde Park.  It is a mess, and the water levels are so low, which, considering the heat we’ve been having is not surprising, even though we have had some rain.  I’m still trying to get the hang of the new camera, so many of these trees are those I have photographed before, but not all of them turned out.  Something to do with – I think – ISO or something…sigh.  I will sort it out, eventually.  But in the meantime…

It was a very windy afternoon, so I wasn’t able to take as many flower photos as I wanted, but I was successful with some.

I don’t know what the 1st one is, the next is a hibiscus.

despite the wind  hibiscus

& I have no idea what these are, but the colour is amazing!

startling colour  more startling colour

& these are like pieces of sun fallen into a street side flower garden:

pretty little yellow  little sun

A Jacaranda with some flowers still:

still flowering

Then into Hyde Park.  This Morten Bay stands like a sentry


The path is sun-drenched, casting all in tones of shadow and light:

sun drenched  shade

striped with light  many-armed goddess

Plane Trees:

Hyde Park plane tree  Hyde Park_Plane tree_2

full green

Jacaranda and details of a Morten Bay fig:

tree shapes  an ancient wound

another fig and this other tree of massivity:

play of shadows  massivity

Details of a massive Morten Bay on the edge of the park:

detail_1  detail_2

The whole tree (almost):


various trees from the walk home:

light on jacaranda branches light on leaves


Mary Street  curling branches

& this: sunsetty light on a young Jacaranda

sunsetty light on a young jacaranda

I hope to walk tomorrow as well, so maybe there will be another post soon.

I hope you enjoyed these few flowers & trees.


9 comments on “Trees and some flowers in MtLawleyShire

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Now this is what I love from you… thank you…


  2. Neil Rickert says:

    I’m following your blog for the pictures that remind me of where I grew up (well, South Perth, actually but I had relatives in Mt. Lawley).

    Can you check your spelling – I’m pretty sure it should be “Moreton Bay fig”. It just looks weird the way that you have it.


  3. Gorgeous! Starting 2014 calendar already!


    • no – probably won’t do Hyde Park this year – I will take photos but not for a calendar. It won’t have recovered enough. I’m thinking sunsets. I’m severely curtailed by my working hours, but I should be able to get at least one decent sunset a month! Glad you liked it though 🙂


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